20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Did you know that Canva can significantly aid a kid’s learning and skill development while providing entertainment, too? It’s true; there are excellent Canva projects for kids!

Teachers and homeschooling parents can benefit from Canva’s educational resources, but there are also lots of entertaining activities for little designers to tackle on this platform. 

Next, we give you ideas to exploit Canva’s online creation tool with kids.  

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See how teachers are using Canva to engage their students and teaching design skills in this demo video by Canva:

Why Canva for Kids: Creativity and Skill Learning

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Canva is a user-friendly design software tool whose central premise is democratizing design and making it accessible for everyone. And that includes the youngest ones! 

There are many benefits to having your kid or student use Canva: 

  • It provides a creative outlet with endless possibilities to explore their artistic side. With this free tool (and even better with the premium Canva Pro), kids of all ages can create anything from cool posters of their favorite characters to hang in their room to didactic presentations for climate change awareness to present at a science fair.
  • It lets them learn about graphic design, a particular job skill for their future since the world is more visual and digital every day. Canva provides user-friendly tutorials, templates, and functions that make learning to create visuals a fun, hands-on, and progressional experience.

Students of all ages should embrace Canva as a tool to spike creativity, aid education, and entertain young minds!

Canva for Students > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

And if you're a teacher, make sure to check out Canva’s free resources for educators!

Canva for Teachers > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

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Fun Projects for Kids 

These are projects that children of all ages can try at home to learn while having fun. 

Make a Schedule 

canva schedule templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Younger kids need structure, and daily routines are a staple for smooth-running family life. Instead of making the schedule yourself, why not let the small ones of the house take part and create it themselves? 

They can use a simple template from Canva with a schedule table and customize it with their activities, dates, and times. 

They can even make different schedules: a summer schedule, a winter break schedule, and a school year schedule, or make schedules for the whole family, for example. 

Keep a Progress Spreadsheet 

canva spreadsheet templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

In the same spirit as schedules, it’s also a good idea to let young ones create and keep progress spreadsheets to keep track and account for their achievements: daily exercising, their progress on a sport they are practicing, or the completion of their house chores, are just some examples. 

There is a Canva template for every purpose, and it’s effortless to customize it creatively to make individual progress visible and inspiring. 

Make Birthday Invitations and Birthday Cards

canva birthday invitation templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Few events are as meaningful and exciting for children as their birthdays. If you plan to throw a birthday party for your little one, let them have their input and use Canva to design their unique birthday invitations, or even create event posters to decorate the house for the occasion! 

Within the birthday theme, Canva has lots of templates for greeting cards, so they can use the tool to create a one-of-a-kind birthday card to gift to their friends and family on their special day!

Create a Comic Book

canva comic book templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

If your kid has an interest in writing and storytelling, using Canva to create their own comic book is an excellent idea to improve their skills and keep them amused. 

Use Canva’s free resources (speech bubbles, images, graphics, visual art elements) and, of course, the dedicated templates; plus, they can also scan their hand drawings and add them to the comic book. 

Your youngins can challenge their creativity and create fantastic stories to share with others. 

Edit Social Media Videos or Funny GIFs

canva gif templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Tweens and teens love messaging and social media. Giving them a way to create their own silly GIFs to share with their friends is a fun way to let them learn about graphic design. They can use their picture and add funny GIF elements. 

If you want them to sharpen their visual creator side, help them create short videos to share on social media! A short film in under one minute of footage, a photo slideshow adding elements of visual sparkle, music, and more. 

They’ll love it. 

Projects for Students

Canva has excellent technology features and resources for students, so using Canva for school is a big yes: their work will look amazing, and you’ll be teaching them more than one skill at once. 

Prepare a Class Presentation

canva presentation templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Canva lets students create stunning presentations. Instead of Google slides or Powerpoint, ask your pupils to design a slideshow presentation to present in the classroom. Let them add elements like photos and text to make it interesting. 

As Canva works collaboratively, this is also something they can do in groups!

Design a Science Infographic 

canva infographic templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Infographics are an excellent resource for teaching information-heavy subjects with many complex terms, like science. 

Have your students add visually interesting infographics as part of their homework, and they’ll learn the content and how to organize information visually, all at once! Canva has pre-made designs for everything, even the periodic table of elements!

Create a Diagram

canva diagram templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Creating visual diagrams is a practical way of laying down information about processes, which students often see in school. If your students design a diagram explaining the water cycle, for example, they’ll better understand the content and have fun with the creative side of the project, too!

Make an Event Poster for the School

canva event poster templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Getting students engaged is also about having fun and bonding, and Canva works excellent to do this through creativity. For instance, if there are upcoming school events, you can let pupils make cool posters to hang around the school to promote them. This way, they’ll feel part of the school community.

Just use the search bar on the Canva menu, and you’ll see there are endless poster ideas and templates they can modify, and they can also use a blank canvas to let their imagination flow. Remember, this is a collaborative tool so the whole class can work on one design! 

Write a Fun Practice Resume

canva resumes templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Your class might still be far from the day they’ll need to find employment, but it’s never too early to teach them the basics of the process. 

Have your students write up a good resume or LinkedIn profile. On Canva, you’ll find lots of pre-made designs for CVs and LinkedIn visuals that a student can have a lot of fun customizing according to their aspirations for the future and later sharing their results with their classmates. 

Projects for Homeschoolers

If you homeschool your little ones, Canva provides valuable lesson ideas and resources to make education at home interactive and exciting for kids and adults alike. 

Create the School Logo

canva logo templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Who says your at-home school cannot have its own unique badge? Sit with your pupils and use the Canva logo maker to design a unique logo and slogan for your tiny school! 

If you want to go all in, you can make the logo have a transparent background and download it as a png file to stamp on shirts or to make stickers to put on their books, all with Canva!

Write a Letter from a Historical Figure

canva letter templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

When learning history or social studies, a creative and out-of-the-box way of understanding events and their participants is to get into the minds of said figures at said time. 

Canva has cool letterhead and formal letter designs that your kid can edit and add text or even an image to write a message as if they were the historical figure in question. It’s fun, and it’s educational, all in one. 

Make a Graph or Chart 

canva charts templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Are your little ones visual learners? Use Canva to teach them to turn lesson content into graphics and visualize data in charts; it’ll help them focus. Multiple designs are ready to be personalized, making this easy and entertaining. 

You can later use the graphic created in different lessons or hang it as a sign on the wall for reference as you progress on the topic. 

Design a Map

canva map templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Maps are a valuable educational aid for many subjects, from geography and history to social studies and natural science. Canva has multiple world map graphics that you can customize and turn into a presentation slide, a poster, or a graphic to include in a report. You can illustrate how climate change affects different regions of the globe and highlight the primary resources of each country or continent, among many more ideas. 

Craft a Book Cover for an Original Story

canva book cover templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Writing original stories is always a good way to exercise grammar, storytelling skills, and imagination. Why stop at the text? 

Tell your kid to grab one of Canva’s many book cover templates and design an original book cover for their literary creation, complete with the main image, title, and their name as the author. 

They’ll love it!

Projects to Share with Kids

Here are some tips and ideas for Canva designs you and your little designers can share. To liven up a lazy afternoon, bond as a family over holidays, or learn graphic design together!

Put Together a Photobook

canva photo book templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Who doesn’t love a family album? Using Canva’s expansive collection of photo collage templates, you and your child can turn the best photographic memories into a fabulous photo book the whole family can enjoy and learn basic photo editing skills while doing so!

Design a Recipe Card 

canva recipe card templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Do you have little chefs at home? They’ll love to design a recipe card or even an assortment of cards for a custom cookbook with the help of Canva. 

Be it using the recipe designs or the many food elements available –images, icons, graphics, and more–they can have a blast getting their favorite recipes into really eye-catching cards. 

Make a Personalized Child Book

canva child book templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Like most parents, you have a “baby book” where you annotate every milestone your little one reached and every other cute, memorable thing they did as they were growing up. 

Canva has all the elements to design a custom child book; it doesn’t have to stop when they depart from the baby years! 

You can spend quality time with your child by making a personalized book that tracks their childhood as a visual biography and updating it over time. 

Compose an Activity Worksheet

canva worksheet templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Nothing a parent dreads more than a bored child! Canva has a handy resource to make sure no moment is dull around your home, as its templates library is full of fun activities for kids: puzzles, letter soups, find-the-word, Sudoku, and much more. 

You and the kids can design activities to challenge each other with or make a worksheet book for your child to amuse themselves when boredom hits. 

Edit a Youtube Video

canva youtube video templates > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Is your youngin more into video content? Or maybe you have a future YouTuber or TikToker in your hands? 

A great way to turn that interest into an entertaining and skill-learning activity is by producing a video together. You don’t have to put it up on YouTube or any social media, but it’s good fun and practice to learn video editing. 

Canva Video has not only a super friendly editing tool but also video templates, stock footage, and more resources to come up with pro-styled videos that will make your little ones feel like the next up-and-coming director. 

Canva education points > 20 Cool Canva Projects for Kids

Canva for Kids: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s quickly answer readers' most common questions about Canva for kids. 

What can kids make on Canva?

What can’t they make with Canva would be the question! Canva has templates and project ideas in all shapes and forms. Projects for school work, to have fun, and to develop graphic design skills, among many more. 

Is there a Canva for kids?

Canva is a very kid-friendly design tool, as it’s aimed at beginners with zero design experience, and its interface is straightforward and clear. While there isn’t a Canva version especially for kids now, Canva itself is perfect for kids to use. 

What can students do in Canva?

Students can get a lot done in Canva to advance their school work and combine graphic design and image editing learning with all the other curriculum content. Schedules, spreadsheets, posters, presentations, and resumes are a few examples. 

Which project could you create using Canva?

Canva’s library has thousands upon thousands of templates, and any of them can become your kids’ next project. Anything from social media graphics to activity books can be created easily. 

And that’s our list of twenty design ideas you can try with your child on Canva! Which ones are you going to propose to them first?

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