Photospin Closed! Find 6 Great Photospin Alternatives

If you have been a stock photo buyer for a while or liked to explore smaller agencies, you might have heard of Photospin. It was a stock photo agency with a decades-long history in the market, with remarkably low prices for stock images (learn more in our Photospin review). But as we just discovered, they closed this week. This is surprising news, but don't be sad: we have a cool list of 6 Photospin alternatives to buy great Royalty Free stock images online.

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Why Photospin Closed

We don't know more about this closing than what the company communicates on its website, which is not much. They only state that as of Monday, August 27th of 2018, the agency has shut its doors after none less than 20 years in business. They cite financial difficulties as the reason behind the shutdown, and they finish with a warm, appreciative message for their clients.

While this is not really a lot of information, what we do know is that this decision seems definitive. The reason why we thought you would appreciate exploring various alternatives to Photospin to find the right place to buy stock photos online now they're gone. Discover them below!

Top 6 Photospin Alternatives to Buy Stock Photos Cheap

Here's our list of what we think are the best stock photo alternatives to Photospin. And know they're good: all offers are included in our huge list of the Best Stock Photo Sites ever. Find your match!

Stockphotos Logo Tight is a stock photo agency specifically aimed at small and medium sized businesses, and all its offers seek to cover their image needs within their budget and with the best service in high-resolution photos. You can learn more in our review. They have three different deals that make for great Photospin Alternatives:

Club Easy

Their star product is the Club Easy plan, which offers 200 image downloads in one year for only $99! That means only $0,49 per photo, an incredibly low price if you consider you get:

  • Your choice from over 8 million photos, illustrations, and fonts
  • And up to 100,000 new files are added monthly
  • Up to XXL size images at no added cost!
  • With no daily or monthly download caps
  • BONUS: 100 more image downloads in your first year, totalizing 300 images for $99.
  • A Royalty Free license valid FOREVER (even after your plan expires!)
  • Special discounts on Extended Licenses and Premium Images
  • BONUS video downloads and image upscales at no added cost.
  • Auto-renew to secure this low-priced deal for as long as it exists

You can find all the info about this deal and subscribe to Club Easy here.

And here's the great news! We have a special treat for you! Our exclusive coupon gives you 10 free extra downloads on your subscription!

Club Plus

The next offer is Club Plus. It gives you 500 image downloads in one year for $199, which equals to $0,39 per image! One of the lowest prices for stock photos you'll find, and with the most flexible benefits:

  • Access to over 8 million files, including photos, vectors, and fonts
  • Updated with up to 100,000 new archives every month
  • Download in up to XXL size for the same price!
  • BONUS of 250 extra downloads during the first year, for a total of 750 images for $199
  • No daily or monthly download limits, download whenever you want during one year
  • Perpetual use Royalty Free license: all photos are yours FOREVER (even after your subscription ends!)
  • Bonus discounts on additional products like Extended licenses and Premium content
  • Bonus video downloads, image upscales, and vehicle templates for free

The Club Plus deal gives you more than twice the downloads than Club Easy for only a fraction of its price. It's an excellent offer if you need lots of photos all the time.

More great news here! The coupon that adds 10 extra image downloads to your plan for free also works with Club Plus!

Club Ultimate

Last but not least, for those who need lots of images, there is the Club Ultimate subscription, which grants 1,000 image downloads a year for just $299 – that's only $0.29 per image! This plan has the best (lowest) per-download rate, and with it, you get all of this:

  • Your pick of 8 million high-resolution stock photos, vector graphics, and fonts
  • Access to up to 100,000 new images every month
  • Get them in up to XXL size at no added cost!
  • One-time BONUS of 500 downloads in your first year of membership for a total of 1,500 images for $299
  • Royalty Free license with perpetual use: all photos you downloads are yours to use FOREVER (even after your plan expires!)
  • Bonus discounts in Extended Licenses and Premium Photos
  • Bonus stock videos, image upscales, and vehicle templates at no added cost.

This plan is so low priced that your pocket will be pleased. How's that for a Photospin Alternative?

Want to hear great news again? Our special coupon will give you 10 free downloads on top of your Club Ultimate subscription!

List of more Photospin Alternatives

iStock Essentials Collection

istocklogo300 > Photospin Closed! Find 6 Great Photospin Alternatives

Renowned stock photo agency iStock has very good offers as an alternative to Photospin. One of the best fitting ones is that of their Essentials collection, which hosts millions of high quality, budget images that are non-exclusive and Royalty Free, and have been carefully selected. You can buy them either on demand or with subscriptions, and they're very economic:

  • On-demand with credits: Between $8 and $12 each depending on credit pack you buy
  • Subscriptions: From $29 to $159 according to number of downloads (from 10 and up to 750 per month) and monthly or annual hiring – per-image price between $2,90 and $0,26. 

And we have something that is even better: our exclusive iStock Promo Code that (for a limited time) gives you a great 15% off in credit packs and subscriptions!

For more info on the agency, check our iStock review.

This sums up in a super low-priced and high-quality Photospin alternative. So make sure to sign up for free at iStock and explore their Essentials Collection!

Shutterstock Subscriptions

shutterstock logo new s > Photospin Closed! Find 6 Great Photospin Alternatives

Shutterstock, an uber popular stock photo agency, is a great alternative to consider to replace Photospin as your image supplier. They're well known for their rockin' subscription plans, and their titanic library of over 220 million Royalty-free images. Prices are very convenient:

  • Plans for between 10 and 750 downloads a month
  • Monthly plans from $49 and up to $249
  • Annual plans for $29 – $199 per month
  • Per image prices between $2,90 and $0,27

If you think this is low prices, you'll love to learn you can make them lower by using our special Shutterstock Coupon Code, with up to 15% off in your purchase!

For more details on their services, go to our Shutterstock review.

This agency aces stock photo subscriptions and has a lot of bonus services like a free online image editor and intelligent image search, among others. It's certainly a Photospin alternative worth knowing! So do sign up for free at Shutterstock and discover their millions and millions of photos!

Adobe Stock Plans

adobe stock logo 1 > Photospin Closed! Find 6 Great Photospin Alternatives

Adobe Stock is a stock photo service by Adobe, which most remarkable feature is to be fully integrated into Creative Cloud platform. It's a very good Photospin alternative if you love to work with Creative Cloud applications such as Illustrator CC. Plus it has over 60 million images, and very affordable plans with monthly download limits:

  • Plans for between 3 and 750 downloads per month
  • From $29,99 to $249,99 respectively
  • Price per image falls between $2,99 and $0,26
  • Smaller plans include rollover of unused downloads

If you're liking Adobe Stock, we have more good news: you can try it for free, thanks to our cool Adobe Stock Free Trial that gives you 10 FREE downloads for one month!

To know more about the service, read our Adobe Stock review.

If you or your designer works with Adobe's cloud-based tools, this offer is a great fit. Make sure to check out Adobe Stock and see what kind of photos they have!

Photospin will be Missed, Alternatives Shall be Embraced

If you were a customer to Photospin or liked to have their service at just one click away, we're sure you'll miss them as much as we will. They were around for 20 years and it's sad to see them go.

But life goes on, and you still need cool, affordable stock photos for your business and your projects. So don't hesitate to try out and adopt the alternative to Photospin that works best for you!

Which one are you trying first?

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