The In’s and Out’s of the Shutterstock Premier Platform

Different businesses have different visual needs. While startups and small businesses are a good match for the standard Shutterstock services, bigger companies with larger creative teams and greater image needs may find it insufficient and not all that helpful for their workflow.

shutterstock logo new offer > The In’s and Out’s of the Shutterstock Premier PlatformIf this is you, you’ll be happy to learn about Shutterstock‘ Premier Platform, where they offer a tailored solution for stock media and visual content creation for enterprises and large companies.

Advanced licensing options, unlimited seat access, personalised collections, improved search and a whole lot more features that simplify the creative process and reduce the cost for images for those with big image needs.

That’s what you find in Shutterstock Premier service, and what we’ll break down for you, next!

What Image Plans Are Available?

The Shutterstock Premier Program is available on both month-to-month and annual subscription plans. The monthly plan gives you the financial flexibility to only pay for the service during the months you actually need it. Simply turn off the auto-renewal option in your account settings, and you’re good to go.

The annual plan, as the name implies, means that you are purchasing a year-long commitment to This means that you are effectively paying for 12 months of the service, so it is perfect for you if you need images regularly. It might seem like a lot of money, but if you heavy requirement for images, then it will be more than worth it.

The annual image plan also offers two payment methods. You can either be billed on a monthly basis or choose to pay the entire amount upfront. The latter comes with a significant discount, however, so it’s worth looking at that option if you can fit it into your budget.

Shutterstock Premier is a tailored solution and as such the final cost per month or per year will depend on your image needs, team size and other particulars of your business. However, being an enterprise-oriented program means that, expectably, its price points are higher than those of the standard Shutterstock image subscriptions and even the regular team subscriptions  –of which you can read it all in our Shutterstock Pricing breakdown.

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Don’t let this discourage you, though! The price of Shutterstock Premier is certainly way below that of hiring photographers and researchers individually, and overall is a great value service for its cost.

The Shutterstock Premier License

If your business requires a lot more firepower than the basic Shutterstock plan –which includes Shutterstock's Standard license–, you would be wise to consider the Shutterstock Premier License. The premier version of the license gives you many benefits that the standard license doesn’t include at all, and others that are only available on the enhanced license for regular customers. The Premier license:

  • Offers unlimited indemnification and unlimited distribution
  • Sensitive use rights
  • The ability to use the content in merchandise and templates (something you would otherwise have to buy an extended license for)
  • The possibility of buying image copyright, which minimizes legal risk and effectively grants you the exclusive use of the image.

Plus, Shutterstock’s Premier License grants you access to premium content that lower-tier licenses do not. You’ll literally have your pick of the best content Shutterstock has to offer.

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The Premier Platform Advantage

When you sign up for a Premier License, the Shutterstock Premier Platform, which literally gives you access to millions of the best content the Internet has to offer, comes along with it. And since Shutterstock’s image library grows by about 50,000 high-quality, high-resolution images on a daily basis, you’re guaranteed to help you bring your visions to life.

It’s not uncommon for large enterprise businesses to have multiple departments working with each other. Within the Shutterstock PremierPlatform, you can add an unlimited number of users to accommodate all the people working on a particular project, as well as create subaccounts and manage the permissions for each account individually. This will allow you to control the access of each account, while still being able to share assets across your entire team.

Want to download multiple images? No problem. The Premier Platform allows batch downloading of up to 50 licensed images at a time, so you don’t have to download each piece of content one at a time. And if you feel like adding custom metadata to this content, the premier platform will let you do that, too, all while staying under the legal protection of Shutterstock.screenshot shutterstock premier product capabilities

Personalized Service from Shutterstock Experts

Shutterstock’s Premier Platform also has a dedicated research team. These experienced on-hand curators can provide you with the guidance you need when it comes to finding the right Shutterstock images for your specific visions and creative projects. Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for just yet? They can also help inspire you by giving you ideas and options. With the Premier Platform, you’re not only getting access to Shutterstock’s images but also to the personal, dedicated service of its experienced curators.

Shutterstock Premier’s service doesn’t end with its curators, however. When you sign up with the Premier Plan, you also have a personal account manager, who can assist with any questions, problems, and issues you may have with the platform.

And the best part is that these account managers are region and language-specific. We all know the hassles of dealing with centralized customer service. They don’t speak your language and aren’t familiar with your needs. With your over own account manager, you’re guaranteed to have a more seamless – and pleasant – exchange.

Perfect for Large Teams That Require Collaboration on Various Projects

While Shutterstock isn’t the only royalty-free image provider out there, the Premier License and Premier Platform place them a cut above the competition for large teams that need access to creative assets.screenshot shutterstock premier teams

In an extremely visual world where images can make or break your marketing, Shutterstock Premier can help your team deliver on the vision you want for your brand and business in a way that no other service can match.

However, if you wish to learn about your options, have a look at our multi-user subscriptions breakdown with the 4 best offers out there!

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