Best Stock Infographics for Marketing – Full Resource List

Data visualization is very important in business, not only for internal operations but also for marketing purposes.

Infographics are great to turn boring data into colorful, dynamic, and bite-sized graphics. Stock infographics are awesome because they save you time and money, but also because they are:

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  • Visually appealing – And this is a big thing, as 40% of people respond better to visuals than to text
  • More memorable – Humans remember 80% of what they see and do, versus 20% of that they just read
  • Easier to understand – People following instructions with graphics and text do 323% better than those who follow text directions only
  • Highly shareable – Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3x times more than any other visual

Infographics aren’t something anyone can create just like that, but thanks to stock infographics and design templates, you have everything you need to make your own charts effortlessly. 

Spark Your Marketing Strategy with Modern Infographics

Infographics are trending in marketing campaigns for years, and you just learned why: they’re an effective, impactful way to make data visible. 

Use them strategically to deliver meaningful information: 

  • Get shared: Any aspect of your brand or business concept that you want to put out there has a higher chance of spreading around social media if you make it into a modern design infographic. It even has viral potential!
  • Illustrate a process: if your product or service has a series of actions to follow, you can use steps infographics on your landing page to make the process look simpler, and also better understood. 
  • Tell a story: a timeline infographic is a cool way to tell your brand’s success story or business timeline and make your website’s  “About Us” more interesting.
  • Highlight info: are there aspects of your offer that customers cannot miss? Just-in detail, do you want them to read right away? Key elements of your brand you need them to remember when they see your presentation? There are infographics designs for every occasion.
Don’t count out infographics for the more “traditional” uses! Business infographics are still super useful to show company results, illustrate workflows, propose ideas, and more. Education infographics are a staple in most academic fields, too. Learn more about presentation templates with infographics in our guide for PowerPoint images

Create Infographics Easily (Even If You’re Not a Graphic Designer)

Infographic Makers (Templates Included)

If you don’t know vector editing, a better solution is to use a user-friendly image editor and infographics templates to create original charts easily. 

These are the infographic makers we love – they all have a free version as well as paid upgrades (and if you want, check these photo editing free trials to see if your favorite tool has a way to test the paid versions for free): 

Canva homepage

Canva is THE design tool for non-designers, making visual content creation accessible for those with no training. Their simple interface and friendly features make it dead easy to select from a large set of infographics templates and edit them to your preferences within seconds! 

You can design infographics for free with the Canva free version that lets you access a nice selection of resources, but if you want full access to all premium templates and features, you should get a Canva Pro membership, which is paid but really affordable and comes with unlimited downloads. Even better? You can now use our special Canva Pro free trial with extended 45 days access!

Want to know more? Check out our Canva Pro review. 

Canva infographics > Best Stock Infographics for Marketing - Full Resource List creative cloud express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (Adobe Spark)

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (Adobe Spark) grabs the most popular uses for professional Adobe tools such as Photoshop, Premiere, and Illustrator, and makes them simpler and user-friendly. This includes creating infographics on the fly! 

Read our Adobe Creative Cloud Express (Adobe Spark) review for more info.  

Visme homepage

Visme image editor assists with the creation of images, presentations, and more, including infographics. Their collection of templates ranges from simple to intricate, allowing you to visualize complex data, and is fully customizable through a drag-and-drop editing concept in their free infographic maker feature!


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Shutterstock Editor homepage

The Shutterstock Editor is intended to make simple but beautiful designs for social media and similar uses. It allows editing Shutterstock infographics quickly and easily, as it's integrated into their library and accessible with one click.

shutterstock infographic editor > Best Stock Infographics for Marketing - Full Resource List


Snappa is an image editing app capable of creating any visual you imagine. Its infographic maker is very useful, combining professional-designed templates with simple but effective editing tools to end up with a tailored graphic a result. 

snappa infographics > Best Stock Infographics for Marketing - Full Resource List

Fotor homepage

Fotor image editor aims at helping users create beautiful visuals on a whim and without the design skills needed. Their infographic creator follows this premise, starting from a selection of pre-made templates and working your way through simple edits to make it your own. 

A major turn-off in infographics is that even the simplest of them require a considerable level of graphic design skills if you want them to look professional. 

But there are a few ways around that. 

fotor infographics > Best Stock Infographics for Marketing - Full Resource List

Stock Infographics

On most big stock image sites, you will be able to find stock infographics, designed by talented artists. These basic design templates that you can then personalize with your own data. They come in vector format (EPS or similar) and are entirely customizable without losing quality; just open the file with vector-compatible software –such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, for example– and you’ll be able to modify all the infographics elements to your liking. 

ISS 30606 33035 1 > Best Stock Infographics for Marketing - Full Resource List
Pet vaccination, step infographic. Copyright: IngImage/, all rights reserved

Here’s our list of recommended sites to download royalty-free stock infographics: homepage

Stock Photo Secrets 

Ours is a service geared towards small and medium-sized businesses, and this is reflected in both our flexible pricing and our large offer of high-quality, stock infographics for every occasion! homepage


Their titanic library hosts tens of millions of modern, marketing-ready infographics –as well as all kinds of design elements– awaiting to be tailored to your needs. homepage


A highly curated catalog of both exclusive and budget images couldn’t be complete without a big selection of fully editable infographics ready to download and use. 

Adobe Stock

Adobe’s very own stock image service counts with a wide array of vector infographics, from simple to super complex, all very trendy in style. 

123rf logo 590x235 1 e1585923956735 > Best Stock Infographics for Marketing - Full Resource List


A reliable stock photo agency that offers not only photos and illustrations but also infographics in editable vector format to personalize to your needs. 

What about free sites? It’s no secret we do not recommend free images for anything commercial purpose and infographics isn’t the exception. But reliable sites like Pexels and Pixabay have a nice selection of free vector infographics. 

Best Design Tips for Perfect Infographics

Finally, we’d like to give you these proven design tips from experts to make sure you choose your stock infographics wisely and customize them to perfection: 

#1. Colors 

Colors have a meaning, and they trigger responses in viewers. You need to use it to your advantage. 

Don’t overdo: have a minimum of two colors and a maximum of 5. Make sure you have at least one complementary, high-contrast color to use as an accent, to highlight important bits. 

Most infographic makers have pre-made color palettes which are a great resource. 

More on this in our full guide to color combinations. 

#2. Fonts

Just like with colors, the font style has to pop on screen, be legible, and be consistent in the overall design. You can have one for headlines and main text, and one for secondary content. But make sure they complement each other. 

See our royalty-free fonts breakdown. 

#3. Customization

Keep your brand identity present in your infographics. From your colors and fonts to your tone and voice, everything should be customized to represent your brand in a subtle but unequivocal visual way. 

Learn how to boost your brand image.

#4. Visual Elements

Complete your design with multiple graphic types. Pie charts, flow charts, timelines, steps, checklists… if it fits, use it! And don’t be afraid to include additional media: stock photos, illustrations, icons and more can be easily added to your template. 

#5. Medium Optimization

Consider where your infographic will be shared and make adjustments and design decisions accordingly. If it’s going to be posted on your social media channels, you should go for a simple and fun style with not too much info or graph elements. If it’s included in a company brochure, it can be more complex and refined. 

 Power Up Visual Data with Stock Infographics

Nothing can stop you now from tapping on infographics to turn your business’ most relevant data into marketing material! 

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