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Where to get the Best Stock Photos for Instagram? Top List!


Are you on Instagram? That is the question, and you better answer yes. For the sake of your business, you must have a great Instagram profile. Know what that means? Awesome images. The best stock photos for Instagram will make or break your account’s success.

It’ll take a lot of photos. A lot! Producing an image from scratch every time you want to update your account takes time, effort and money. But luckily stock photos can save the day in social media too! There are several outlets where you can find the perfect photos for Instagram posts, at very affordable rates.

But what are perfect photos for Instagram? Why to even bother having Instagram for business? You’re about to find out!

Copyright 2018 klublu / Photocase, all rights reserved.

Love this image? Learn more about Photocase‘s awesome photos for Instagram, plus StockPhotoSecrets Shop great offer in affordable, Instagram-ready images, below!

Instagram for Business: Why and How

I won’t sit here and tell you what you already know about reaping social media benefits for your business, but there are reasons why Instagram is one platform you definitely want to be on. So, let me give you the why’s for having your business on Instagram:

  • It’s one of the most popular social networks at the time. Considering how massive these platforms are, that says a lot. But numbers speak it even louder: At the end of 2017 there were 800 million Instagram accounts, with 25 million of them being businesses. 39% of all Internet users are on Instagram. Who wouldn’t want to have a way to reach over a third of all the Internauts instantaneously?
  • It’s a highly visual platform. While most social networks include images and videos, text content is as or more relevant.  Instagram is all about images, photos (and videos) are the main focus. It’s great for marketing, as visuals are one of the most effective marketing tools.
  • It’s the go-to network for young demographics. Latest stats point that 59% of Internet users in the 18-29 are on Instagram. For the 30-49 segment it’s still an important 33%. More likely than not, the Instagram users base is withholds your target audience.

And that’s basically why you must have an Instagram account, if you don’t yet, for your business. However it’s not a matter of just upload photos to Instagram, no: you want to make sure you’re doing Instagram right. Social media marketing has its particulars for every platform, and here’s a bit of how to use Instagram like a pro:

  • Use the perfect images. This is an absolute key. Instagram is one of today’s visual trend-setters, ever praiser of the “authentic photography” style. The perfect Instagram image is one that looks realistic, natural, organic. Our photography trends 2018 report will surely help you find the trendy style that suits you.
  • Use the right amount of images. Studies throw that business Instagram users post between 1 and 3 times a day. That’s the average rate to stay relevant and keep your following engaged, according to experts. If you don’t have the time, resources, skills and money to dedicate to social media, no problem: stock photos will sort you out. We have some really cool options for you below!
  • Create a visual narrative. It’s not a matter of choosing pretty photos and send them live. Your Instagram pictures must express a goal, have a defined style, and follow a cohesive narrative. Do not neglect the Instagram stories feature! it’s a very good resource for micro-narratives and specific campaigns.

Having learned basic Instagram tips on its perks for businesses and the basics of Instagram marketing rules, it’s now time to get hands down to work and find cool stock photos to use in your next Instagram image.

Copyright 2018 nanihta / Photocase, all rights reserved.

Stock Photos for Instagram: Where to Find Them

Of course you can produce your own photos for Instagram. The Instagram app includes a camera function with lots of preset filters and other quick editing tools, after all. You can snap them with your iPhone, use the native Instagram filters and try your luck. Or hire a pro to custom shoot an image every time you need to share one…

But you’ll need 7 to 21 images per week if you want to please your Instagram followers and keep up with the competition. The time, hassle and money it’ll cost to custom shoot so many pictures can be better invested in other fronts, as you use awesome stock photos for Instagram posts. And what's best to stick to agencies included in the Best Stock Photo Sites ever? Here's the best: 

Photocase: The Instagram-perfect Stock Photo Agency

PhotocasePhotocase is a Berlin-based, unique stock photo agency that has just the perfect images for Instagram. This company started out over a decade ago as a photography sharing community, and it’s this common trace with Instagram what makes their collection such a great fit for that platform. More details are in our Photocase review.

Photocase’s library is purposely small compared to other agencies, because they have a super tight curation process that is the base of their premium service: they only include high quality, unique and authentic images. You won’t find picture perfect, overly produced stocky shots in here, but you will have plenty of choices for artsy, modern, natural-like photos (like the ones that illustrate this article, and also this selection specially curated for you). And that’s exactly what you want for your Instagram account!  

Copyright 2017 nanihta / Photocase, all rights reserved.

Being premium, Photocase photos are sold a la carte or with credits. Priced according to size, they cost between $10 and $20 individually, and less than $6 each when using credit packs. They all come with Royalty Free license including right to use in social media.

If you’re looking for top-notch, unique imagery for your Instagram, Photocase is your friend! And you'll love to know we have an special Photocase Coupon Code with 3 FREE credits plus 25% off in your purchase!

StockPhotoSecrets Shop: Budget Friendly Instagram Pictures

StockPhotoSecrets-Logo-WhiteThe StockPhotoSecrets Shop is a stock photo agency aimed specifically at small and medium sized businesses, thriving to cover all their image needs at budget friendly rates. And that includes of course photos for Instagram and all social media channels you use!

The Shop’s collection has over 4 Million high resolution images, with thousands of freshly created shots added each month. The style follows trends and variety keeps only improving, so you will find plenty of choices in modern, authentic styled photos that are ideal to share in your Instagram stories or to post in your account (like the ones accompanying this article). 

Copyright: Ingram Images – Stockphotosecrets

When we say budget friendly, we mean it. StockPhotoSecrets Shop has super affordable prices and different buying alternatives for every budget. Let’s note here that photos come at all available sizes, up to XXL (high resolution) at no added cost.

Image packs you can buy on demand are from $39 for 5 downloads, monthly subscriptions start at $35 for 25 images per month, and the special 99club gives you 200 downloads for just $99 a year (see more info in our 99club review). So you can get high res images ready to be posted on Instagram for jas little as $0,49 each!

If you want to make it big on Instagram without breaking the bank, you should definitely check out StockPhotoSecrets Shop! The 99club is an exclusive deal, you should seize it while it’s still around!

More Alternatives in Photos for Instagram

You will also find various alternatives with photos suitable for Instagram use in our dedicated article covering Authentic Stock Photos, so do check it out!

Instagram + Authentic Stock Photos: A Match Made in Business Heaven

Ironically enough, authentic stock photos are gaining ground in the photography industry since years fueled by the Instagram style: more and more buyers needed the right kind of photos for their accounts, and so more and more agencies begun sourcing, producing, and selling it.

What you now have at your disposal is an ideal resource to use Instagram for business painlessly: you can buy professional, perfectly styled and legally safe photos at very affordable prices, and have them ready to liven up your Instagram posts and stories in no time.

By doing Instagram right, you will be tapping on an ever-growing pool of business opportunities. A follower base can be translated into what you’re looking for: more traffic and conversions, new customers, professional connections, collaborations, stronger online presence… you name it.

Copyright: Ingram Images – Stockphotosecrets

Be an Instagram Star with Awesome Stock Photos

Our job is done, ball is on your field now! You know the basics, you have the resources. Time to plan your Instagram content, get yourself some really cool stock photos, and start building up your Instagram business profile. Some last tips:

  • If your business or your audience is mostly European, go for Photocase. Their collection is a perfect visual representation of the modern, vibrant Berlin style.
  • If you have a limited budget or want to work on the low-cost end, choose StockPhotoSecrets Shop. It’ll give you cheap images without neglecting quality and variety.
  • And don’t forget to check other great alternatives in our Authentic Stock Photos article!

Which one will be your Instagram ally?


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