The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints!

Despite business happening a lot more in the digital world now, print marketing materials are still effective, and thus, very much in use. 

But small businesses can really struggle to get it all done: the costs add up, and a lot of time goes between commissioning a design and having the print in your hands. Going the DIY path is only doable if you have pro-level design skills, which is usually not the case. 

Design templates for prints a great cheat trick! They cut on those costs without losing out on beautiful designs, with the plus of being much faster ready. And there are little to no design skills involved!

Print Marketing Materials That (Still) Do the Trick

Our lives are so digital that soon our Smartphones will have their own Smartphones. But a lot of “old school” print materials for marketing, advertising, and branding are very much still in use, and many are a must-have for businesses, especially for e-commerce.

The most popular? Here: 

  • Business cards – The good ole’ pocket-size card with your logo, contact info, and social media channels, is good branding with very little effort. You can combine it with other stationery items such as letterheads, all with the same design. 
  • Coupons – These little print buddies are ideal for customer retention and customer satisfaction, especially if you have a brick-and-mortar shop.
  • Flyers/leaflets – Another classic that can be given out in person or sent inside packages. Flyers are useful to introduce customers to the rest of your products/services; leaflets are perfect to give more info about your brand (as a physical version of the “About Us” page).   
  • Thank you cards – Not as traditional for commerce, but surely great for customer appreciation. Consider including a personalized thank-you card with every shipment. It seems small, but it does a lot for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty! Additionally, greeting cards are a nice touch to include for special holidays. And stickers can be a fun, branded gift for customers. 

Templates for Prints Save Money, Time, and Resources 

Like we said, creating print materials can be a problem if you run a small business and don’t have graphic design skills. You have to pay to have the materials printed but also to have them designed, and graphic design services are expensive. Then the wait for the design to be ready can be long.  

Stock templates for prints are an all-around perfect solution. They're pre-made designs for print materials that you can download, customize and use for your business. 

Why are they such a great cheat trick: 

  • Predesigned by pros – Your visuals will be professional quality, created by artists who know their craft
  • Available instantaneously – Template’s accessibility can cut your project times down to half!
  • Fully editable – All your materials tied to brand image, easily
  • Created to spec – There are templates for every print need (brochures, newsletters, etc.) so designs are according to print dimensions and intended use
  • Commercial-use approved – You don’t have to worry about whether it’s ok to use this design in your marketing efforts, a royalty-free license covers you legally to do so
  • Reusable – Once you license a template, it is yours to use forever, in as many designs as you wish
  • Low priced – Stock templates save you a lot of money compared to designer rates

Are you ready to try creating visuals yourself? Make sure to read our 102 pro tips for DIY visual design!

Stock Photo Agencies with the Best Print Templates

There are a few agencies that stand out for the quality, variety, and functionality of their printable templates –and designs for every occasion including social media templates, too.

They sell templates in vector file format —EPS, PSD, or similar–, where every element can be edited individually as well as a whole design, without losing image quality. Keep in mind, to edit these you will need a vector-capable tool such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. 

Below you’ll find a list of our recommended sites to download templates for prints in vector format.

Stock Photo Secrets Shop 

SPS print templates > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints! homepage

Our Stock Photo Secrets Shop specializes in stock media for small businesses, combining high-quality graphics and flexible, affordable pricing. We have a cool selection of flyer templates, business card templates, plus designs for posters, coupons, and much more. 

See our Stock Photo Secrets Shop review for more details.

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Shutterstock print templates > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints! homepage

Shutterstock is a leading stock photo site thriving to cover all creative commercial needs. Its gigantic catalog hosts millions of stock templates for multiple print purposes, ready to be customized. You’ll find anything from name tags and label templates, to flyers, gift cards, and trifold brochure templates. A great plus is that you can edit them easily with the Shutterstock Editor that is one click away.

Find out more in our Shutterstock review.

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And make sure to get the Shutterstock free trial, too!


iStock print templates > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints! homepage

iStock’s high reputation in stock media comes from its curated library that folds into budget-friendly visuals and high-value pictures. Here you will find templates for all your prints and according to your budget. 

All details on the agency in our iStock review.

And cool savings with our special iStock promo code!

Adobe Stock 

Adobe Stock print templates > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints! homepage

Adobe Stock is a strongly creative-oriented stock image service, ideal for Adobe lovers. Its large collection of vector templates can be seamlessly edited in Creative Cloud apps, and they have dedicated collections for specific Adobe tools –InDesign templates, Illustrator templates, etc.

Discover all the perks in the service in our Adobe Stock review.

Test it out with the Adobe Stock free trial!

Design Tools with User-Friendly Templates

As useful and versatile as vector templates are, using them requires decent vector editing skills. But if you have no idea what these tools are, don’t worry!

There are several graphic design tools online aimed at non-designers, that make creating visuals breezy simple. And they include templates that are easily editable within their own platforms. 

All you have to do is go to these websites or apps, select a template that will open on the dedicated editor, and then just customize them through simple clicks, drag-and-drop, and add/remove functionality. 

The tools below have great templates for prints and are super user-friendly… and most of them are free! 

Adobe Spark 

Adobe Spark print templates > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints!
www. homepage

Combining the power of Photoshop and Illustrator with an intuitive and simple layout, Adobe Spark is the go-to image editor for non-designer folks. It's very rich template library is no short of choices for print designs, and it only takes a few seconds to have it tailored to your needs. 

Everything you need to know is in our Adobe Spark review.


Canva print templates > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints!
canva 2 2 > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints!

Canva pioneered the “design for non-designer” concept, and its simple yet effective editor is hugely popular. Of course, it includes a ton of fully editable templates for print materials and awesome customization options. 

Complete information can be found in our Canva review.

Plus an exciting Canva free trial available!


Pixlr print templates > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints!
Pixlr > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints!

Pixlr, an online graphic design tool, unfolds into two versions of a user-friendly editor: Pixlr X for quick designs, and Pixlr E for advanced editing. Both come with access to a large pool of print templates ready to customize and use, like business cards and flyers.

There's a free version of Pixlr, and the premium service starts at $7.99 per month. But you can now unlock 30 days of premium access including the full templates library for free with the Pixlr free trial!

Get full premium access for both Pixlr X and Pixlr E image editors + graphic design templates, for free, for the first 30 days. Cancel anytime.


Fotor print templates > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints! homepage

Fotor is a web-based image editor to create visual designs on the fly. As part of the service, there is a large template library full of print designs to choose from and personalize for your brand. 


Visme print templates > The Best Cheat Trick for Marketing Materials: Templates for Prints! homepage

Visme looks to bring graphic design solutions for the non-savvy user through a user-friendly editor and a multitude of templates ready to be customized and used, including designs for print marketing, from gift certificates to business cards. 

Beautiful Prints Instantly with Stock Templates

Stock templates are the ultimate trick to have all the print marketing materials you need and without breaking the bank. 

If you know your way around Illustrator, vector templates offer great versatility and visual impact. If you never heard of such tools, user-friendly editors with templates included are your best friends. 

Either way, you can now be sure that professional print designs are just a few clicks away. 

Header image: All templates are copyright by IngImage/, all rights reserved

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