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Shutterstock Free Trial: Grab 10 Images Today [Risk-Free]

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Shutterstock is one of the biggest and most popular image banks around the web, but its massive library of high-quality stock images is locked under a paid threshold. If you keep wanting to try them without cashing out and downloading photos free from Shutterstock, you may wonder: is there a Shutterstock Free Trial?

Try Shutterstock for 1 Month and get 10 Images for Free! Cancel anytime!

Exclusive! 25% discount on Shutterstock 30-Credit Pack!

Unlock a cool exclusive 25% discount on credit packs for 30 credits on Shutterstock! Get up to 30 Images, 1 Standard Video, and 7 Music Tracks.

Why yes, there is! The stock photo giant has a new 30-day trial for free available for everyone to download free Shutterstock images, and we bring it to you right here! If you were wondering how to get Shutterstock free, this is the ultimate way to get your Shutterstock image download sorted at no cost! There is no watermark on these images and the Shutterstock image quality is the best on the market. No need for a Shutterstock Image watermark removal – it's all included.

In addition, you can also get one free photo and one free vector image every week from Shutterstock's website, with no strings attached. Plus, the Shutterstock Free Trial is one of the ways to get Shutterstock Creative Flow for free! So many options to get Shutterstock image downloads for free. Cool, huh?

Read on as we give you the full scoop on these two ways to get free royalty-free images without a watermark from Shutterstock!

Shutterstock Generate: Legally-Backed AI Image Generator

*Up to 10 free AI-generated images with the Shutterstock Free Trial
Shutterstock Generate is an AI image generator that lets you create new, custom images synthetically based on text descriptions you input.
The images are under a Shutterstock license and built on the base of authorized and legally cleared content from Shutterstock's library, which makes them safer to use.
Shutterstock Generate is a paid service, but with the Shutterstock free trial, you can get up to 10 free AI images in one month. Try it today!
shutterstock free trial steps new > Shutterstock Free Trial: Grab 10 Images Today [Risk-Free]

And did you know Shutterstock has one of the best multimedia download plans around? With these subscriptions, you can download Shutterstock images, videos, and audio tracks, all at once!

UPDATE 2023: Offset, the agency's premium stock photo service, is now integrated into Shutterstock's main platform, and its entire collection with 1.2M+ premium images is available directly on the Shutterstock site, starting at $249 per image. Discover the Offset collection right here!
Plus, They added subscriptions to Shutterstock Editorial service! Here you can learn more about the new editorial content subscription plans.

Shutterstock Free Trial: 10 Free Images for 30 Days

The new Shutterstock Free Trial lets you download up to 10 stock images (and vector images alike) for one month, free of charge. It is essentially giving you the first month of an annual Shutterstock subscription for free, for you to test the waters with their service and image quality while getting Shutterstock images free download. The Shutterstock image download options are limitless with over 500 million images.

Shutterstock has a variety of subscription plans available, but only the annual, 10 images a month plan comes with a free trial deal to download Shutterstock free images. However, nothing stops you from using this trial period to get Shutterstock images for free and later switching to a free account just for browsing, a monthly subscription, upgrading to a higher-volume annual plan, or even going for an on-demand pack should you wish to download images beyond your trial –in that case, make sure to take advantage of our cool Shutterstock Coupon Codes for discounts in photos vectors and illustrations:

Or access your Shutterstock Free Trial right now!

Try Shutterstock for 1 Month and get 10 Images for Free! Cancel anytime!
Unlock a cool exclusive 25% discount on credit packs for 30 credits on Shutterstock! Get up to 30 Images, 1 Standard Video, and 7 Music Tracks.

How to Get the Shutterstock Free Trial

It's very easy! Just follow these steps:

How to get Shutterstock for free:
1. Click on the Shutterstock Free Trial banner below
2. You reach Shutterstock's Free Trial page, where you click the “Start your trial” button
3. Create your free account.
4. Complete the billing information. (You won't get billed)
5. Hit the “complete checkout button”.
6. Done! You now have 30 days to download up to 10 images of your choice from Shutterstock.
Try Shutterstock for 1 Month and get 10 Images for Free! Cancel anytime!
Unlock a cool exclusive 25% discount on credit packs for 30 credits on Shutterstock! Get up to 30 Images, 1 Standard Video, and 7 Music Tracks.

A quick tip: Alternatively, you can access the free trial from Shutterstock's plans page, where you can see all the subscriptions and image packs available. Here, you must select the annual subscription for 10 downloads a month, and you'll see the red sign disclosing the free trial. Our way is faster to access free stock photos, though! Here is the Shutterstock pricing page.

Important: This is an annual plan, after the first month, you will be charged the regular $29 a month price automatically –this is why you must enter your credit card info to unlock the trial. To avoid any charges, you must cancel your Shutterstock subscription plan within the initial 30 days of activating it. If you want to continue downloading images past the trial date, simply stay subscribed.

What's included: The free trial lets you download any 10 high-quality images or vector images from Shutterstock's catalog of over 400 million files for 30 days. Any stock image you download comes with their Standard License, meaning these are royalty-free images, suitable for commercial use, and legally verified. They are also all high resolution and suitable for professional use, be it digital or print, and you can see all these details on the image page.

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Extras: Besides access to royalty free image downloads, with this trial, you unlock full access to other perks in Shutterstock's service, such as your own homepage with personalized suggestions, their curated collections, and the premium version of the new Shutterstock Create cool photo editor pro for editing images and create visuals on the fly.

About stock videos: This 30-day trial is for a Flex multimedia subscription, but it does NOT include stock video downloads. In Shutterstock, stock videos are priced at 25 credits (with a Standard license), and this trial offer only comes with 10 credits. This agency's multimedia subscription plans for 30 credits a month and up do let you download stock footage clips, but they do not have a free trial available. You can also buy Shutterstock stock videos separately and on-demand, but there is no free trial exclusively for video.

How to Cancel the Shutterstock Trial for Free

If you don't wish to pay for a Shutterstock subscription after your free trial is up, you need to cancel the plan before the trial period is up.

You can do this easily, though. Here is how:

  • Log in to your Shutterstock account
  • Go to the Plans page
  • Click on your current plan
  • Select “Cancel plan early”
  • Done! You will see a notification on the screen that your plan has been successfully canceled. Additionally, you will be asked to select a reason for the cancellation (but it does not affect the cancellation itself)

Remember that as long as you cancel within the period that the trial is active, you will not be charged a penny, and you get to use your 10 free downloads until the end of the month anyway!

Important: Shutterstock bills the upcoming monthly subscription about 48 hours before the previous month expires. This means that to avoid being charged automatically for the next month, you must cancel your trial at least more than 48 hours before it's due.

However, if you missed that window and were automatically charged, but you wish to cancel the trial, you can contact Shutterstock directly to request a cancelation. As long as the original 30 days of free testing are not expired, they will help you with free cancelation.

What Happens if I Stay Subscribed After the Trial Ends

If you are happy with the service and the number of downloads and want to keep the paid plan, you can simply stay subscribed. As they already have your payment information, once the trial period ends, you will continue paying $29 monthly for another 11 months. As we mentioned before, the possibility to upgrade or modify your plan is also there.

Note: Shutterstock subscriptions automatically renew whether they're month-to-month or annual, like in the case of the free trial. So make sure to unselect the auto-renew option in your user account if you do not wish to continue your plan for another year automatically.

Plus: You can cancel a paid Shutterstock plan anytime you wish, but cancelation fees may apply. In the case of the annual 10 downloads a month plan, the cancelation fee will equal the amount of savings from the regular month-to-month price that you accumulated through your subscription.

price shutterstock > Shutterstock Free Trial: Grab 10 Images Today [Risk-Free]

Bonus: Shutterstock's Weekly Free Stock Images & Free Collections homepage

Another way to obtain free stock photography from Shutterstock –that doesn't involve entering your credit card information– is through their long-running offer of weekly freebies. Every week, the agency releases one free stock photo and one free vector file that you can find on their website and download totally free of charge, with no further commitment. 

On the same page, they offer free collections of content. Some are purpose-oriented, such as zoom backgrounds, and others are curated around themes, like nature images, medical images, etc. Just clicking on these collections' titles, you will find the download link to get all the files.

To be able to download this free content, all you have to do is sign up for free on their platform, and you will be granted access to these free downloads.

Here's how to do it:

  • Sign up for free at Shutterstock
  • Go to the free images page 
  • Click the download button below the image or vector / Click on the box or name of the collection you want and then on the download button
  • Done! The file(s) will be downloaded to your computer immediately
DB6A62E3 05FE 4F2D 8E1F 8557744828B0 > Shutterstock Free Trial: Grab 10 Images Today [Risk-Free]

Tip: The free image and vector given away for free get renewed every Tuesday, and new photo collections are added periodically as well, so visit the page repeatedly to catch the new freebies as they come.

Plus: Signing up on Shutterstock is free, and it gives you more than just free downloads. You can save photos to your personal collections, download watermarked comps to test-edit images before purchasing, and keep track of all your activity, including download history.

A note: You can use the 30-day trial and the weekly giveaways simultaneously!

The company tries to vary the themes and genres included in their weekly free files, and they come with a Standard License, so they're perfectly safe to use. This is just another way to access Shutterstock's stock images without having to pay for them, and the highlight is with this method, there is no need for cancellations or further payments. licensing

Heads up! If you are hunting for more freebies from stock photo agencies, check out our full list of stock photo-free trials! There is more than one powerful alternative in there!

If you are looking for info regarding stock video licensing, check the Shutterstock Video License comparison, as Shutterstock now has both Standard and Enhanced video licensing available!

Shutterstock Images Without Watermark for Free

The Shutterstock Free Trial is so great because it gives you professional, royalty-free images from Shutterstock without the protective Shutterstock watermark, including their valid license, without having to pay for them. It is the only legal Shutterstock mage watermark removal function by using that trial.

See, Shutterstock only releases the high-resolution, non-watermarked version of their images after you pay for them, be it through a subscription or an image pack. But with this trial, you can download the images in the highest resolution available, with a valid royalty-free license that covers commercial use, 100% free. These images are safe to use in creative projects for your business.

And unlike other methods to get Shutterstock images without watermark, with this one, you also get to choose which 10 images you want from their library, with over 406 million. You can use the search bar and its advanced search features to find and download your favorite images. It doesn't get any better than this.

Did you think their library size is impressive? Check out the Shutterstock statistic report for more relevant numbers! You can also find Shutterstock alternatives here. We also have some more free image resources listed here which is a list of the best free stock image websites.

Shutterstock's Free and Legally Sound Images

A key benefit of using the Shutterstock Free Trial is that you get images with a royalty-free license, enabling use in commercial-oriented projects (like marketing campaigns, websites, or social media graphics), and all images have been thoroughly reviewed, including model and property releases when necessary, by a team of professional reviewers.

This makes Shutterstock images infinitely safer, legally speaking than regular free photos you can download from other sites that populate the web.

By using Shutterstock photos –that, thanks to this trial, you don't have to pay for– you are avoiding the legal risks of free images, such as copyright infringement, right of privacy infringement, and more.

Shutterstock Free Trial FAQ

Is Shutterstock a free image website?

No. Shutterstock is an online stock photo agency that sells royalty-free licenses to download and use stock imagery. Its photos aren't free, you have to pay for them.

Is there a free version of Shutterstock?

You can sign up for a user account on Shutterstock for free and navigate the entirety of the website and its libraries of stock images, videos, and music for free, even without an account.
But to download content from Shutterstock, you have to pay. There is no free version of Shutterstock, except for the special and limited-time offer for Shutterstock's free trial.

Are there free images on Shutterstock?

Yes. You can find two weekly free pictures on Shutterstock's homepage and also unlock 10 free image downloads for one month with the Shutterstock free trial

How do I get 10 free images on Shutterstock?

By signing up for the Shutterstock Free Trial right here. This offer lets you download your choice of 10 Shutterstock free images with a Standard license for 30 days.

Is Shutterstock Free Trial really free?

Yes. The Shutterstock free trial period gives you free access to Shutterstock, including 10 image downloads, during 30 days, and it's completely free of charge.

Can you cancel Shutterstock before free trial ends?

Yes. If you don't wish to stay subscribed and begin paying for your plan, you can cancel your subscription plan before the free trial period ends, and you won't be charged a dime.

Is Shutterstock easy to cancel?

Yes. You can cancel your free trial right on your Shutterstock account settings, on their website, and you can always contact the company directly for this, too. While you have 30 days to download your free stock photos and you can cancel anytime, we recommend canceling the plan early –at least five days before the expiration of the free trial– to make sure no billing has been issued and you won't see any charges.

How much is Shutterstock after free trial?

If you wish to move to a paid subscription after the free trial ends, you must stay subscribed. Shutterstock will automatically charge you for the plan on your selected payment method. The free trial will sign you up for an annual subscription for 10 downloads per month, with a monthly subscription fee of $29.
Alternatively, you may also upgrade your plan to one with a bigger volume of downloads (at higher price points), or switch to a monthly plan with no annual commitment, for example. Shutterstock has really low prices.

Get Awesome Stock Images for Free at Shutterstock

shutterstock free trial steps new > Shutterstock Free Trial: Grab 10 Images Today [Risk-Free]

So there you go, two great options to download stock photography for free from one of the most popular agencies!

Which free trial do you like the best? Are you going to try them both? Share your thoughts in the comments.

When you're ready to invest in stock media for your projects, you might want to explore the new Flex plans by Shutterstock! They're cool multimedia subscriptions for you to download from 25 images (photos vectors and illustrations included), one stock video, 6 music tracks, or a mix of all.
All files downloaded with a Flex plan are Standard License, and there is no restriction in image size or video resolution.
You can get the Flex 25 plan for $89 a month or $59 a month with a one-year contract. You can get it even cheaper with our exclusive Shutterstock Coupon with 15% off!
Discover the Shutterstock Flex 25 plan here!
Get a 15% off on Shutterstock's mixed-asset subscriptions to download stock images, stock videos, and stock music at once!
Screen Shot 2021 10 26 at 19.49.37 > Shutterstock Free Trial: Grab 10 Images Today [Risk-Free]

And happy designing!

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