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The well-known stock photo agency 123RF is boosting its AI visual offer with its website's newly launched AI image variation feature. 

This new function lets users instantaneously create composition variations from an original image, expanding creative horizons on the platform. 

123RF’s AI-generated images are fully covered by their commercial-use license, and image variations still compensate the original images’ copyright holders. 

We have more details next. 

123RF AI Image Variations with One Click

AI Image Variations is a new feature that joins 123RF’s text-to-image generator –launched two months ago– to give customers more ways to fulfill their creative needs faster and easier. 

Image Variations is available within every image page in the agency’s catalog, and you can try it for free –all you need is to be signed into your account, which you can create for free as well–. 

It is very straightforward: you click on the “Create variations” button, and within a few seconds, the software will show you two AI-generated images that modify the original one in different ways. It can be altering colors, moving objects, adding visual effects, etc. 

The AI-generated variations are available for downloading and licensing with your subscription or image credits, just like a regular image. 

123rf ai image variation sample > 123RF Launched a One-Click AI Image Variation Feature
Sample of AI image variations from 123RF's website

123RF License for AI-Generated Content

A highlight of this service is that these AI-generated images –just like the ones from the AI image generator on the website– are all under 123RF’s Generator License. 

This is essentially a royalty-free license with commercial use coverage, which gives them greater legal safety than other options out there, including a $25,000 indemnification fee. 

However, there are important considerations: 

  • The agency does not guarantee you’d ever be able to claim copyright over AI-generated visuals or trademark them
  • By using their service, you’re giving them permission to use both your text prompts (when applicable) and the resulting images in any way they wish 
  • They also can’t promise your results will be unique or satisfactory given the evolving nature of the AI technology powering them
  • Finally, they hold you accountable for any possible illegal or wrongful uses you make of the tools and the images 

Still, having a proper commercial-use license from a respectable image licensing company is way better than not having it when it comes to using AI-generated pictures commercially. 

123RF’s Ethical AI Protocols for Image Licensing

Another important point in this development is 123RF’s policies that focus on fair treatment for creatives. 

When it comes to Image Variations, for example, the artist responsible for an image still receives royalties when an AI-generated variation from their original work is licensed on the platform. 

This aims at making sure artists are fairly compensated for their works’ involvement in the AI-powered offers and that the licensing of AI-generated visuals is ethical and respectful of intellectual property rights. 

123RF plans to keep rolling out AI-based features during the third quarter of 2023, so this is only one of hopefully many new offerings their platform will integrate. What do you think of 123RF AI image variations? Do you find them useful? 

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