DMLA Conference 2022 Coming this October – AI, NFTs & More Changes in Visual Content Licensing

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We have exciting and important news to share with you all: the DMLA (Digital Media Licensing Association) announced their upcoming, virtual International Media Licensing Conference taking place from October 24th to October 28th, 2022. 

This four-day event themed “Our Expanding Impact” will be packed with what they promise is their best lineup of keynotes to date, and it’s set to discuss the new challenges in digital media licensing, stemming from the latest innovations in visual content. 

AI technology, machine learning, synthetic media, blockchain, and NFTs, are some of the topics that will be covered in this important event. 

The best part? The Early Bird Tickets for individuals are already available, at a super discounted price. 


Read on to learn why this conference will be so important!

The DMLA and Its Impact on the Industry

The Digital Media Licensing Association was established in 1951 with the core mission of advocating for copyright protection on behalf of its members, and for 70 years they’ve been a leading voice in the visual content licensing industry. 

They have helped create best-practice standards, they give creators resources to protect their copyright, and they have actively supported bills and other legislation that help protect copyright. Such as the CASE Act, HR #3945 which is currently in the House of Representatives in the U.S., and intends to form a simplified tribunal within the U.S. Copyright Office to handle small copyright claims. For example. 

The association has expanded its advocacy and coverage, accompanying the media licensing industry as it evolved – with the dawn of the Internet, massive access to the web, the boom of social media, and more. 

As the visual content field keeps evolving, the entity is now set to work on ways to protect copyright and ensure best practice standards around the new mediums and channels. That is the core goal of the upcoming 2022 Conference. 

DMLA 2022 International Media Licensing Conference: Into the Future of Visual Content

The 2022 International Media Licensing Conference by the DMLA is an online event and will take place from October 24 to October 28, 2022. Everyone is welcome to attend, be they members of the association or not (pricing for tickets vary depending on this, more about it below). 

Appropriately titled “Our Expanding Impact”, the purpose of this conference is to address the multiple changes needed in media licensing after the introduction of new technologies in the visual content world, mainly AI and blockchain but also many more topics related to relevant changes in the world we live. 

The institution has slowly started revealing some of its speakers ahead of the event. For example, we recently learned that legendary photographer and author Rick Smolan, CEO of Against All Odds Productions and co-creator of the famed “Day in the Life” book series, will be a keynote speaker. Smolan will be sharing his latest insights from his acclaimed book “The Good Fight: American’s Ongoing Struggle for Justice”.

About visual content specifically, things like synthetic media (images generated through AI technology, also known as AI-generated images), machine learning, NFTs applied to visual content, the Metaverse, and more will be the main topic of various panels and roundtables. 

There will also be media-specific talks (for images, footage, etc.), spaces covering monetization and business opportunities for creators, a segment dedicated to buyers, and more. Plus, the legals will also be addressed, including updates on the Case Act, for example. As a bonus, they plan to include an opportunity for in-person networking.  

Overall, this event promises to be very complete and insightful about the future of media licensing. 

We think anyone who plans to be involved in the stock media industry, be it as a buyer or a seller, would find value in attending. 

The whole ticket options will be available closer to the end of the month. But the Early Bird offer, with a 15% discount, is already out for the individual, All-Access passes – this ticket gives you access to all sessions, panels, and keynotes, plus to videos after the conference. Additionally, if you’re a member of the DMLA you unlock a 20% discount extra. 

You can get your Early Bird ticket right here. 

Other tickets, such as individual sessions, bundles for 6 sessions, and corporate access, both for members and non-members, will be released on July 28th, 2022. However, you can check the pricing for all tickets and more details right here. 

Will you attend the DMLA Conference 2022? Let us know!

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