Dreamstime is working hard to protect the rights of their contributing photographers

Dreamstime has just added more tools to respond to copyright infringement complaints, a new system that automatically acts on copy right infringement complaints instead of the manual system that is used by stock photography agencies currently.

Dreamstime has been a supporter of community since it opened it doors and that community includes the photographers, designers and image creators, contributors to their database of photos, vectors and images that are uploaded by photographers and designers from all over the world.

Meet the Infringement Reporter

The new program is called the Infringement Reporter, which will enable contributors to notify website owners of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violations. The DMCA was developed in response to the challenges image and content owners face as the internet grows expodentially.  Finding content abuses is much easier with the text search and added functions that Google, Yahoo, Bing have for their customers. Photo and image copyright abuses are harder to find.

With Google’s new image-recognition search tool and others introduced in the last year, it is easy for photographers and designers to find where and how their images are being used online. Finding the images is now easier, but informing the user of any copyright violations is much more difficult.

Dreamstime highly supports their contributors and found an easier complaint process when an image creator, photographer or designer has discovered their images have been used without the proper permission, or protocol of image use under the copyright acts. This new program that automates the complaint taking the complaint out of the hands of the creator and making it more enforceable, more objective and takes the burden off the photographer to point fingers as it was previously done.

This new tool is also a great way to educate the public of the correct use of images, the power of copyright laws and teach the correct way to use images. This includes the rights needed to legally use an image, how to obtain those rights, the ease of obtaining rights and that the process is affordable.

Dreamstime is a great community for stock photo contributors and stock photo buyers. See what other services and buying options they offer at their stock photo agency when you read this Dreamstime Review.



Amos Struck

Amos Struck

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