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The tech-driven stock photo agency Shutterstock takes another step further embracing visual AI with today’s launching of a Creative AI suite integrated into its massive image library. 

With the new AI editing features, you can now customize any image on Shutterstock’s catalog and make it your own with virtually infinite creative possibilities. 

We have all the details of this new tool, so read on!

Shutterstock Built-In Creative AI Features

shutterstock creative ai features > Shutterstock Adds Creative AI to Its Library to Let You Make Stock Your Own

Today, Shutterstock launched six new generative AI features built-in directly in their large stock photo library that lets you modify any image in the depository with just one click and great results to craft the perfect visual for your needs. 

These new features (already available in beta) include: 

Magic Brush – Use the brush to select an element or space in the photo and one-click erase or use a text prompt to describe what you want it replaced with or added in that spot

shutterstock creative ai magic brush > Shutterstock Adds Creative AI to Its Library to Let You Make Stock Your Own
Shutterstock Magic Brush in use with “replace” mode

Variations – Generate three different versions of any stock image to explore possible compositions 

Expand – Zoom out and automatically fill in a larger frame with more details that complete the original image

Background Remover – Remove and replace the background in a photo, keeping the main subjects and using text prompts to summon the perfect background (this feature will be available soon)

shutterstock creative ai magic brush replace > Shutterstock Adds Creative AI to Its Library to Let You Make Stock Your Own
Shutterstock Magic Brush generative AI replacement example

Crop – Smartly change the shape of your image to match your desired frame, modifying size, ratio, and focal point

Filter – Change the style of an image with a filter from a selection provided 

These new features add to Shutterstock Generate, the AI image generator based on Dall-E launched earlier this year and soon to be updated with the latest version of that generative AI model, which is now also integrated into Creative AI. Plus, the new AI design assistant announced a few months ago is soon coming to the platform.  

The features are all accessible from each image's page, and you can simply hit the download button when you're ready to license the final result – each download of an AI-generated or AI-edited stock image is one regular download from any Shutterstock image plan or credit pack.

Customizable Stock Images with AI

This exciting development turns Shutterstock’s 700 Million image library into an infinite pool of custom pictures readily at your fingertips.

Without requiring design skills or learning complicated software, any Shutterstock user can now modify professional stock images in a few seconds, with smooth results, to license and use in their graphics. In the words of Shutterstock’s CEO Paul Hennessy, it’s “as if they were directing the photoshoot themselves.” 

This functionality is similar to that of Adobe Firefly integrations into Photoshop –which is also combinable with Adobe Stock for AI-editing of stock photos– and means new creative possibilities for those looking to license stock imagery that is picture-perfect for their needs and on-brand. 

Add the fact that Shutterstock has a strong commitment to developing ethical generative AI resources and, among other measurements, trains its AI image generation tool with its own authorized content and compensates contributors for the use of their work in training and in new image generations. Plus, the company’s AI-generated and AI-edited pictures are under royalty-free license and legally backed for commercial use. 

It’s a well-rounded offer and an exciting new opportunity to find exactly what you’re looking for in a stock photo library. 

Are you ready to try Shutterstock Creative AI? Share your results!

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