Shutterstock Launches Editorial Subscriptions On New Shutterstock Editorial Website homepage

Shutterstock keeps expanding its editorial service by unveiling a new Shutterstock Editorial web hub with brand-new, flexible Editorial subscriptions. 

The new website hosts the agency’s entire catalog of editorial-use-only imagery, including breaking news, sports, celebrity, culture, and archival content, it comes with AI-driven search and prediction features, and the new subscription plans have monthly and annual options. 

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The New Shutterstock Editorial Website

It’s not the first time Shutterstock has relocated its editorial library. Initially, this offer was available for corporate clients only; later, they made it available for all users within the main Shutterstock website. And now, it’s all on its own Shutterstock Editorial domain. 

The Editorial web page contains the entire catalog boasting over 90 million assets across entertainment, breaking news, sports, and archival, sourced from Shutterstock editorial contributors, strategic library acquisitions such as Splash News last year, and distribution partnerships with big profile content providers. The agency pushes up to 700,000 new images every month, as well. 

Regarding search functionality, the platform has a search engine to find content through keywords. Still, it adds smart features, such as curated collections personalized for individual users and filters and predictive image results based on a user’s search history, among others. 

Access to the site is available upon registration; you must enter your publication or website and your name and info and wait to be contacted. 

You can register for Shutterstock Editorial here!

shutterstock editorial registration > Shutterstock Launches Editorial Subscriptions On New Shutterstock Editorial Website

Shutterstock Editorial Subscriptions

For the first time, Shutterstock is introducing subscription plans for editorial downloads.

While we don’t have details on pricing points at this time, we know from the agency’s announcement that this is a bespoke subscription service with two main options: 

  • Essential, which is hired month-to-month
  • Elite, which runs on an annual basis

Plus, on-demand buying is still available. 

Like this, Shutterstock is putting top-notch editorial imagery in a flexible and customizable service at the reach of every player in the Editorial ecosystem. 

Newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, and anyone needing last-minute and high-quality editorial content can benefit from the new Shutterstock Editorial subscriptions. 

Have you used Shutterstock Editorial before? Will you try the new subscriptions? Let us know!

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