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Shutterstock has recently introduced Creative Flow, their user-friendly design and asset management platform, into all Shutterstock Enterprise plans. 

This way, corporate clients can now benefit from all the AI-powered, creative workflow features that Shutterstock has developed, including their AI image generator, as part of their membership. 

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Shutterstock Enterprise + Creative Flow 

So far, the Shutterstock Enterprise service has offered brands and agencies with large teams and equally significant visual needs subscription plans with an unlimited number of seats and access to Shutterstock’s entire catalog with 460 million images, videos, music tracks, and 3D assets. 

Now, they add full access to Shutterstock Creative Flow to serve corporate clients’ creative necessities further. 

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Shutterstock Generate (AI image generator) in Shutterstock Enterprise

Creative Flow is an expansion of Shutterstock’s platform, which hosts a variety of AI-driven design tools and creative-assisting resources, including millions of professionally-designed templates, a user-friendly image editor, suggestions of best-performing content for specific purposes –through AI-powered prediction technology–, centralized cloud storage for your visual projects, a content management and publishing tool, and even an AI image generator –Shutterstock Generate– that lets you generate entirely new and licensable images as well as customize elements in pre-existing stock images. 

Speed Team Workflows and Simplify Creatives’ Tasks with Creative Flow

The agency hopes that accessing Creative Flow helps enterprise teams to accelerate their processes by providing non-designer members with user-friendly creative applications that let them participate in or even complete parts of the projects they previously required direct involvement from the creative/design/marketing departments. 

Simultaneously, they say that professional designers can benefit from Creative Flow’s features by using these simple-but-effective tools to quickly assemble and publish (or schedule) social media posts and other small but repetitive projects. 

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