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Announced today, Shutterstock rolled out their new Flex 25 plan, a low volume subscription with access to multimedia downloads, for single users. 

While the Flex subscriptions have been around for a few months, it was until now a bespoke deal through direct contact with the agency. Flex 25, however, is a standard offer and is available to all customers as of right now, and you can get it at a discounted rate with our special Shutterstock Coupon Code!

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Included in the announcement are the introduction of their first Creative Workflow tools and a new music search function, for Enterprise customers. 

If you use stock videos and stock audio assets in addition to photos in your projects, you really need to read this!

Flex 25 Plan: Stock Images, Stock Footage and Stock Music All-In-One

The Flex 25 plan is a hybrid between a subscription and a credit pack. It's essentially the same as the Flex and Flex Premium custom plans that were available upon request since April and September 2021, respectively.

It gives you 25 credits per month, to download stock photos, vectors, videos, and audio tracks at your discretion. And you can get it for: 

Shutterstock Flex 25 Plan Pricing > Shutterstock Launched Flex 25 Multimedia Plan + New Features
  • $69 a month, on a month-to-month basis
  • $49 a month, with an annual commitment

How many items you can get, depends on the media type. In the Flex scheme, assets are priced like this: 

  • Images: 1 credit each
  • Video clips: 8 credits each
  • Audio files: 4 credits each

So the max you can download would be 25 images, or 3 videos, or 6 music tracks. Of course, you can mix it up and download all media types according to your monthly quota. If you run out of credits before the next month rolls out, you may complement with on-demand packs. Do keep in mind that unused credits do not roll over to the next month.

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Get a 15% off on Shutterstock's mixed-asset subscriptions to download stock images, stock videos, and stock music at once!

Last but not least, all content downloaded with Flex 25 is under Standard license, suitable for commercial use, and there are no restrictions regarding image size or video resolution. 

Shutterstock Flex 25 Pitch > Shutterstock Launched Flex 25 Multimedia Plan + New Features

Multimedia download memberships seem to be the next thing in the industry. Players like Storyblocks have introduced them a while ago, but it is only this year that both iStock and now Shutterstock, two of the undeniable leaders in the space, have adopted them. 

New Developments in Shutterstock Enterprise Service

Finally, Shutterstock also communicated today the launching of new features for Enterprise customers. 

The first two are the beginning of what will be their Creative Workflow suite, intended for small businesses and up to global enterprises to improve creativity and collaboration. The new Catalog feature allows customers to concentrate their creative assets in one hub, sharing, tagging, commenting, and approving content together all in one place. And the Plan application, as the name indicates, is a content plan and calendar tool for teams. 

Lastly, there is also a new Music Match Tool, an AI-powered, reverse music search feature that lets you find stock music similar to a song you already know. Pretty cool and handy!

It seems Shutterstock has all the intention to give Adobe a run for their money, as they release all these product updates almost at the same time as the aforementioned company rolls out their own. 

Are you excited to try a multimedia subscription? Then give the Flex 25 Plan a go and let us know what you think!

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