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Shutterstock is bound to the future, confirmed by today’s announcement of their new platform for artificial intelligent insight and data, Shutterstock.AI, and the acquisition of three relevant AI services. 

Through this subsidiary and the newly acquired technologies, Shutterstock will be developing predictive content discovery tools to help creatives find the perfect visuals for their audiences and their goals faster, and easier. 

Here's a quick overview of what they plan!


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Shutterstock’s AI Acquisitions for a Multi-Focus Intelligent Hub

Per their announcement, Shutterstock has spent around $35 million to buy leading AI platforms Pattern89, Datasine, and Shotzr. And they are already building data-based, intuitive solutions for visual content on the basis of these services, which are: 

  • Pattern89: scalable predictive performance solution for marketing, that avoids A/B testing and enables real-time campaign monitoring.
  • Datasine: professionally-developed algorithms to analyze and optimize ad campaigns
  • Shotzr: intelligent data analysis from human responsiveness to images to help select the most engaging visuals for social media and digital campaigns

See what’s coming in Shutterstock.AI and request a demo, here!

Shutterstock.AI to Find Better Content Through Data Analysis and Fuel Next-Gen Computer Vision

Their idea is to start by offering data assets from their enormous stock library –that now rises to 400 million assets between stock images, videos, music, and 3D models– to help creatives identify the best visuals for their projects. 

They will also team up with companies in multiple fields to create the foundation of future computer vision technology, adding Shutterstock’s AI-processed data to train and improve tools for prediction performance, image recognition, and other digital solutions for businesses. 

If you’re interested in this development, you can assist Shutterstock and Amazon Web Services (AWS) webinar on computer vision trends and technology on August 5th, 2021!

Shutterstock, AI and the Future of Digital Creative Workflows

Shutterstock has always been a tech-forward company, constantly at the forefront of tech developments for visual creatives, which are at the core of their client base. 

Interestingly, while this move further cements the agency in the tech space, it also shows something interestingly new, as they are now targeting companies needing AI solutions as a whole, as well as those who look for more effective ways to navigate and select stock imagery. 

This is consistent with what we see in the industry, with many players exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence for digital images and creative workflows. One such company is Generated Photos, which offers an innovative approach to people images with their AI-generated photos of people – in other words, fake people photos that look realistic. And there are many more AI art-generating tools out there. 

It’s exciting to see Shutterstock taking this step with Shutterstock.AI, and what that means for the future of digital content creation!

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