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Contributors to stock photo agencies have two tasks, create great images and photos and use keywords to help buyers find the right photos. This can be a challenging task. Photos are easy, but keyword development is not everyone's gift. A group of businesses and students have created a stock photography tool for contributors and photographers that will make keywords easier. akiwi is in beta and will be a godsend to photographers and contributors looking to find the best keywords and save time when uploading and tagging their photos to stock photo websites.

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akiwi is an easy to use and gives you immediate keyword results

akiwi keyword tool screenshot

akiwi uses a drag-and-drop platform, where an image contributor drags their photo or image into the keyword-generating tool. Once the painting is dragged to the system, similar images pop up and the contributor is to pick an image that most closely relates to their photo.

akiwi - choose similar photos and add keywords

The chosen image then generates keywords that best describe the image. If you know what your main keyword is, write this in and let akiwi find more relevant keywords to your list. Results are instant, can be saved to a clipboard and contributors can edit keywords as they see fit.

akiwi copy keywords to clipboard

In an SPS test, akiwi found over 15 keywords for an image that were relevant, useful and easily used, all in 15 seconds.

The development team for akiwi


This project was a joint venture headed by Pixolution but assisted by HTW Berlin (University of Applied Science) and Fotolia. It is magical and easy to use. The site calls it a semi-automatic keyword search tool, but in our example, we would call it automatic. Note that the images used in this tool are not stored, nor do the owners of the site use or license the photos for their use. The team effort is intriguing, and the results, are even more intriguing.

Keyword tools have been developed for online searches, but this seems to be the first for image keyword development for stock photo contributors. It is easy, practical, and resourceful. Keywords for image searches are different from online searches, which is what makes this so unique. Check it out and see what keywords come up for your images and if you like the fast results you receive on this new tool.

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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