New stock photo conference in Spain – Microstock Point 2013

If you are a new photographer or a photographer looking to make more money with your images, you may want to attend the new stock photo conference Microstock Point 2013 held in Málaga, Spain May 10-11, 2013. This new conference will introduce the concept of microstock photography to new contributors, show photographers how they can sell their images through stock photo agencies online and show by example how you can make money in the stock photo industry.

Microstock Point is the first stock photo conference in Spain

Photaki, Arte Fotographico and Lucia Apertura have joined forces to bring the profitable model of microstock photography to Spain. This stock photo conference is geared to beginners and highlights the keynote presentation by Victor Torres, a popular stock photographer who has successfully built a career online through various stock photo agencies. Victor will outline how to sell images online, how to earn extra money through online photo contributions and turn the web into an income machine instead of a social or research resource.

The 2 day line up is impressive, and the organizers are sharing their expertise and knowledge with photographers who want to enter the profitable business of microstock. For years photographers in the United States and other countries have made their income through stock photo agencies. Spain sees an opportunity for its citizens and other Europeans to share in the income potential on the internet.

What to expect at Microstock Point 2013

Organizers are requesting participants to bring their cameras, their computer and have a basic understanding of Photoshop. Day 1 will be the presentation by Victor Torres, the author of and contributor to many online stock photo agencies. He will review how he began contributing to the microstock platform and how he continues to profit from this online income source.

Day 2 will be classes for participants who want to learn how to prepare photos for submission, how to make their photos the best they can be for stock photo agencies and the process of enrollment and upload to online stock photo agencies. This is hands on and a fast track course on how to be successful in the stock photo industry as a contributor.

If you are a photographer looking to make more money, enter a new photo market and learn how to excel in the microstock industry, Microstock Point is for you. Learn from those who know and those who have successfully made a career in stock photo submissions.

Check out the details and enroll in the conference,  Microstock Point 2013.

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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