Shutterstock will accept Multi-Language Model Releases

Shutterstock has been making the news lately and they just released their new foreign language model releases list. Over 14 languages are listed in the new model release page with additional languages accepted from other stock agencies releases. This proves that Shutterstock is serious about its global reach and wants to include more contributors from all over the world. You can also check out our list of the top stock photo modelsstock photo models.

Shutterstock will accept their multi-language model releases and other stock agency releases

Shutterstock understands that you may have a contract signed with a model created by another stock photo agency. Don't despair, it is highly likely that you can use that model release at Shutterstock as well. Many contributors only want to have one release signed for their models. Could you imagine asking your model to sign over 20 contracts if you contribute to more than one agency? That would be tough, so Shutterstock has found a solution. They have read through and approved many of the top stock agency releases and put the approved agency releases on a list. If you have this signed, you will not need to have a specific Shutterstock release signed as well. Check out the list and see which agencies are approved and in what language.

Shutterstock works with their contributors to find the best and easiest way to make photo submissions profitable

Shutterstock understands the business, and they understand their contributors. Working with Shutterstock as a contributor is easy, more relaxed and in the end more profitable than some other agencies. They know that contributors are not exclusive and they want their contributors to earn enough so they can continue to contribute! This is what has defined Shutterstock as a great stock photo agency, and will continue to make them a great stock photo agency.

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