Discover Our New Monthly Plans and Image Packs at StockPhotoSecrets Shop!

We have exciting news from StockPhotoSecrets Shop! We have improved our offer, adding great value monthly download plans and new image packs to buy on demand.

This is a long awaited update to our service, and we are very happy to say it is now a reality for all our customers!

Our new monthly subscriptions have super low prices and awesome benefits for buying and using stock photos. And our new image packs are a great way to buy exactly as many images as you need at once, no-strings-attached. As always, StockPhotoSecrets Shop has something for every buyer's need! That's one of the reasons we are listed amongst the Best Stock Photo Sites!

Check out our new Monthly Subscriptions and Image Packs here!

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New Monthly Subscriptions

Until now, our star offer at StockPhotoSecrets Shop was our yearly subscription, 99club. While this plan had many advantages (which you can find in our 99club review), it was annual-based, and involved a long-term commitment, although it was a once-a-year payment.

Our new Monthly Plans are designed to provide plenty of image downloads, at really great prices, but on a month-to-month payment structure, and with a monthly download limit:

  • 25 images for $35 per month
  • 50 images for $55 per month
  • 500 images for $105 per month

Whether you need a few images or hundreds every month, we've got you covered!

SPS Shop Monthly Plans > Discover Our New Monthly Plans and Image Packs at StockPhotoSecrets Shop!

Awesome Benefits in Monthly Plans

But the price and number of images is not the only great thing about our new offer. New monthly subscriptions come with cool benefits:

  • Access to our library of over 4 Million photos, illustrations and fonts
  • No daily download limit: Download from 1 and up to your entire allowance whenever you want within your month's plan
  • Download images at any size available, at no added cost
  • All images come with Standard Royalty Free license, allowing use in commercial projects
  • Rollover unused downloads, up to 3 months: Never lose in image downloading
  • Auto-renew: Ensure your monthly plan for as long as you want, without doing anything. We will renew your subscription automatically every month, for the same price
  • Cancel anytime: Cancel your subscription whenever you want, no questions asked

All these features are thought to make sure you will squeeze the juice out of your plan and you will never be missing out on money nor services.

Never Miss out in Downloads!

Say that you get a 25 images plan, but in your first month you only downloaded 15. Does that mean you have lost 10 already paid images? Not with us! This only means that you will have 35 downloads available in your second month –25 from your monthly plan, plus the 10 you left unused the previous month–. Up to 3 months, you can simply take the downloads you didn't use over onto the next month's allowance.

In the same way, you can use up all your 25 downloads on one day, or span it along the month in any way you want. If you need lots of images, you can save yourself a lot of money by hiring a monthly subscription and downloading all your images at once.

The core benefit in this subscription is that it's monthly, and you don't have to commit for longer than that. However, the auto-renew feature enables you to secure your downloads allowance and the cheap price for as long as you want: unless you cancel (which you can, anytime), your plan will be automatically renewed every month!

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Images in Any Size and Yours to Use FOREVER!

With Monthly subscriptions, each download corresponds to one image, in any size available. So you can get small images for your web or for social media, as well as high resolution for your projects, at no added cost.

Plus, all images are under our Standard Royalty Free license, which gives you multiple usage rights, including in commercial projects. There are no time nor geographical limitations, nor any added fees. Once you download an image, it is yours to use FOREVER.

Our images can be used in anything from the design of your website, to flyers or digital banners, to presentations, to your social media posts, just for mentioning a few.

Of course, our annual plans are still available. The very popular 99club, and other higher-volume options. But Monthly subscriptions open up to a whole new set of options for you to buy high quality, professional images, at very affordable prices.

New Image Packs

SPS Shop Image Packs > Discover Our New Monthly Plans and Image Packs at StockPhotoSecrets Shop!

Another fresh product in our offer are the new Image Packs, that give you a determined amount of image downloads, paid upfront, that you can use whenever you want:

  • 5 images $39
  • 25 images $149
  • 100 images $360

Image packs never expire, so you can buy as many as you want, stock them up in your account, and use them whenever you need! It's a simple and very straightforward way to get images on demand, without committing to a subscription.

Why are We Doing This?


As always, at StockPhotoSecrets Shop me and my team strive to deliver the best and most complete service to our customers, and we take our client's feedback very seriously. Monthly subscriptions were a very recurrent suggestion on our platform, and we have made it a reality for all of you to be able to get cheap and high-quality stock photos in a convenient, month-to-month basis.

Another point we wanted to improve is flexibility. Monthly plans give you a great deal of this in terms of download limits (you can rollover unused downloads for up to 3 months), and in terms of payment commitment, as we offer you an auto-renewable, yet cancellable plan that lets you decide whether you want to be in or out, from month to month.

What Do You Think?

We welcome you to give our new offers a try! We are sure you will find a great relation between the super affordable prices, the quality of the images, and a number of benefits.

Get your Monthly Subscription here.

Do you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions? We value your feedback and would love to know how our new plans and packs work for you. Drop us a comment!

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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