Depositphotos Review – A Comprehensive View (+25% Discount)

Depositphotos is a well-established stock photo agency and it’s amongst the top companies in the market. With over a decade’s history of great customer service, they offer a large library of royalty free stock photos and wide pricing options to fit in everyone’s budget needs.

They sell images on demand with credit packs at $2,99 – $4,90 each. And they have even better prices with subscriptions: you can hire them monthly or annually, and there’s different volume plans that let you get high definition photos for between $0,99 and $0,21 per download. Depositphotos is a very reliable and convenient stock photo agency, so you should definitely know more about it.

You can discover awesome photos right now, just enter your desired topic in the search field below and hit the button to bring up images in said topic from Depositphotos!


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Updated May 2017

Depositphotos is an established stock photo agency that offers a wide and very varied catalog of stock photos, vectors, and more, at very cheap prices and with convenient buying options. This company was originally founded in Ukraine and later moved headquarters to the United States, and has been consistently among the top stock photo agencies in the space since its launch almost a decade ago. They have a strong international focus for their customers, and they are known for the quality of their customer service and their interesting bonus offers, free giveaways, and various perks for users.

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Their approach is not very different from other stock photo agencies. Their highlight is their prices and buyer bonuses.  Subscriptions and image download packs are inexpensive, and they are always working to make their site and services better.

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Depositphotos Basics (Update May 2017)

  • Over 60 million images (and counting)
  • Images added weekly
  • Depositphotos has been online since November 2009
  • File types sold on Depositphotos are stock photos, vector files, and videos
  • Accepts payment by PayPal, Moneybookers, and Webpay
  • Royalty-free and Extended licenses only


  • Searchable by: Categories (too many to mention) keywords, photographer, color, size, orientation, and two filters; adult content and licensing. Now they include reverse image search and other advanced features, which you can learn in our Depositphotos Search Engine update.
  • Image Download Packs for on-demand buying, and monthly and annual subscription options
  • New Flexible Plan for small buyers: 10 images a month
  • Languages including English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese,  Polish
  • The FAQ is extensive and easy to search

Image Download Packs and Subscription Based Buying Options

Depositphotos has made sure that their pricing sets them apart from other stock photo agencies. Image download packs and subscription options have a low buy-in and make the price per image cheap, 22¢ to $4,90 for one image without size restrictions (up to HD).

on demand > Depositphotos Review - A Comprehensive View (+[coupon_discount] Discount)Image Pack buying option:

  • Image Download Packs come in predetermined sizes only
  • Packs from $49 to $299 (you can get them cheaper with our exclusive Depositphotos Coupon Code)

Image Pack Pros

  • Cheap prices and the minimum purchase is $49 for 10 images
  • Downloads let you get images in any size available, up to HD, at no extra cost
  • Extended licenses are purchased in separate packs
  • Transparent and easy to understand

Image Packs Cons

  • No custom packages available

Subscription Services

Subscription > Depositphotos Review - A Comprehensive View (+[coupon_discount] Discount)

Depositphotos offers various subscription plans according to the volume of images you need and how much you are willing to invest. All their plans have a monthly and annual option, and they differentiate from other agencies because their annual subscriptions are billed yearly. All their plans have monthly download limits. Lately, they introduced their new Flexible Plan, an option for a very low volume of images (10 per month), but at a super low price ($9,99 monthly) and with bonus discounts for extra downloads.

Subscription Pros

  • Flexibility in subscription options
  • Subscription services are cheap and require little investment
  • Buyers can gain Depositphotos bonuses through their subscription purchases

Subscription Cons

  • Extended licenses have to be purchased with dedicated image packs

Image Searching Tools

Depositphotos Search Tool > Depositphotos Review - A Comprehensive View (+[coupon_discount] Discount)

Depositphotos has improved its search engine in the past years, and they now offer an advanced searching feature that includes keyword searching, filters, and image recognition technology for reverse image search.

Their library is organized by categories in the most popular and sought-after topics and styles, and all their images include relevant keywords. You can sort search results by best match, most sold or recent, as well as by file type and licensing status. Moreover, you can filter your findings according to category or contributor, you can exclude keywords too, and you can choose by accuracy, orientation, number of people, image size, and even color. Plus, there's the reverse image search feature that lets you use any image you provide as a search parameter to find similar, licensable stock photos.

Learn more about Depositphotos' New Search Engine here.

Some things to keep in mind

  • Categories are their first search preference with an extensive list of categories and subcategories
  • There are exclusion filters in the advanced search option

Licensing Options

Depositphotos has royalty-free licensing options including extended licenses.  Extended licenses are sold under their own image download packs, starting at 1 image for $89. Previously they had different, stand-alone licenses for each extended usage right, but now they have unified them into one extended license that includes all the uses of the Standard license plus unlimited copies and use in items for resale or free distribution. They also have a multi-seat extended license available, for when you want more than one user accessing the account and the downloads.

Licenses can only be purchased on-demand only, with image download packs, and their individual price decreases the more licenses you buy at once. Their prices are very competitive for the market.

They have a very useful licensing comparison board to help you determine which license you need. Check it out.

The Depositphotos Summary

Depositphotos is cheap. Cheap, cheap, cheap. They focus on appealing to the mass market by selling images for little and gaining through bulk purchases and high membership enrollment rates.  As a stock photo agency they are good, provide comprehensive information, bonus services, and work with their buyers and contributors to enhance their site. They are very well positioned in the market and after 8 years in business, they are trustworthy as well.

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There is nothing flashy or difficult about this website.  It is all about pricing and buying options so that buyers will try them out.

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