Getty Images Ultrapacks – Simple Licensing and up to 30% Savings

Getty Imagesgetty-images-logo-small is one of the most renowned stock photography agencies. They are well known for their high-quality photos covering all topics and styles that exist, in both Commercial and Editorial licenses. (Read our Getty Images Review here)

But Getty Images is a traditional stock company, that works with different license types and pricing points that are higher than those of microstock. To buy images on demand, you must follow a longer process explaining the use you will make of the photo in order to determine the price. If you have been discouraged from buying Getty Images photos because of this, you're not alone.

But this will change now. Getty Images has introduced the new Ultrapacks, a faster and simplified purchasing option that applies up to 30% discount over regular image prices while saving you time.

Interested? Get Getty Images Ultrapacks now! Want to know more about this product? Keep reading!

Getty Images Ultrapacks: Pay Upfront, Use Whenever you Want

Getty Images Ultra Packs Screenshot

Getty Images Ultra Packs Screenshot

The new Ultrapacks are pre-made packs of images that you can buy on demand. They offer great benefits for buyers:

  • Buy an Ultrapack, pay for it upfront, and download images whenever you want. No extra fees nor periodic charges.
  • Save up to 30% in image price
  • Access to over 50 Million Commercial photos and videos, and Editorial images.
  • Get a simplified custom license
  • Get extra rights to use your photos
  • Don't worry about expiration dates. Ultrapacks never expire.
  • Choose the volume size that meets your needs. Ultrapacks come in 5, 10, 15, and 25 images each, for Low, Medium, and High Resolution. More options upon request.
  • Download more images at once with this simplified licensing system.

With Ultrapacks, you can pay upfront for a determined series of rights to use a certain number of images, that you can then choose from a selection of their library.

Eliminating the hassle of doing the selection, customization of a license, and payment process for each photo individually, Ultrapacks allow you to work more efficiently. With this system you can download more images at once, saving time and effort.

Another great feature in Ultrapacks is that they never expire. As long as you log in to your Getty Images account once a year, every year after the purchase, your Ultrapack will stay active in the account and ready to use whenever you want. Log in once and you won't have to worry about expiration dates at all!

Ultrapacks are almost as good as a Getty Images Promo Code!

Keep reading to know more details on the benefits of using Ultrapacks.

Benefits of using UltraPacks: Save Up to 30% in Image Price

Each Ultrapack applies discounts to the price per image too. The larger the pack, the greater the discount.

For example, the smallest 5 image pack of Low-Resolution images costs $800, cutting 8.5% from regular image price and saving you $75.

Does this sound good to you? Then head over to Getty Images and buy your Ultrapack today!

Getty Images Ultra Packs Price

Getty Images Ultra Packs Price List Screenshot

But a 10 image Low Res Ultrapack of $1500 is saving you $250 from the regular price. The largest 25 image Ultrapack for High-Resolution images cuts as much as $3000 from regular price!

Ultrapack High Resolution Packages

High-Resolution packs are the most expensive within the offer, but High-Resolution images are the most versatile and convenient option, as the image quality assures they will be fit for multiple uses. Low and Medium Resolution packs are cheaper, but the images you download might not be suitable for some uses, quality-wise.

Access to a Huge Collection of Commercial and Editorial Images

Getty Images works mostly with Rights Managed (RM) licenses. This means that the price you pay for each photo depends on the use you want to make of it. The Royalty-Free licenses (the ones that most microstock agencies use) imply that you pay a one-time, flat fee for a wide range of standard rights that allow you to use the image in different ways.

The new Ultrapacks give you access to over 50 Million images that include all their Creative (i.e commercial) Royalty-Free photos and videos, and to most of their Editorial Rights Managed offer (you can learn more about their great celebrity editorial offer here).

Given Getty Images gallery is well known in the market for the width and high quality of their selection, you can find images for your every need.

Get a Custom License that Simplifies Pricing and Covers your Needs

Another great feature in Ultrapacks is that they come with a custom license that adds more rights to the photos you buy, allowing wider uses. Plus they simplify Getty Images pricing with a structure of flat per-image prices.

Images bought with Ultrapacks can be used in print, digital, broadcast, and social media.

And there's no limits on print runs or impressions, no monetary limits on indemnification, and access of multiple users to the downloaded images. At Shutterstock, iStockphoto, and other microstock agencies these rights are sold in Extended licenses for higher prices, but here you get them for the same (and discount!) price.

Commercial-use photos and videos that you buy with Ultrapacks are bound to Getty Images' Royalty-Free license. It allows multiple digital or physical uses, and the right to use the images in your projects forever.

Editorial photos bought with Ultrapacks come with a custom Editorial Rights Managed license, allowing editorial usage only (you cannot use the photos commercially nor in publications' covers) for 15 years.

Why Getty Images?

This company is one of the most renowned in the stock photography industry and there are lots of reasons for that.

The quality and variety in their content mean you can cover all your stock imagery needs in one place. And the new Ultrapacks make the buying process faster and easier, while also saving you money.

Besides quality and variety, the style of the images adds an important benefit to their offer. Getty Royalty Free images have a defined style that makes them feel warmer and less “stocky”.

These photos have consistently performed better in websites and other placements than images from other cheap stock photo sites, and are a great resource if you or your clients are looking for high quality, warm and engaging images.

And Getty Editorial images include photos from almost every relevant entertainment, fashion, and sports event, and all kinds of worldwide news events. They have P R photos, candid images, and even studio shots in their great selection of Editorial photos.

See how companies are using Ultrapacks in this video below:


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Ultrapacks FAQ

Now you know Ultrapacks is a great deal to buy high-quality stock imagery at Getty Images. But do you still have doubts regarding how can you use Ultrapacks to get the imagery you need? Here we answer the most frequently asked question:

What is included in an Ultrapack, what kind of media can I buy?

Ultrapacks, as explained, are discount volume packs starting at 5 downloads. Ultrapacks downloads are limited to the collections mentioned above: Royalty-Free Creative (Commercial) photos and videos, and most of Editorial Rights Managed photos. But within those collections there are no restrictions on what type of media you can buy. With the same Ultrapack you can download RF photos, RF videos, and Editorial photos indistinctly, and each media asset corresponds to one download. As long as the asset you want is included in Ultrapacks' reach, you can download it.

Do I have to use up my entire Ultrapack right away?

No. You can if you want to, but you don't have to. The Ultrapack you buy, and its correspondent downloads, are accredited in your member account. Every time you choose to download an image or video using your Ultrapack, the download is taken out of your Ultrapack. The remaining downloads are still in your account. As long as you log in once a year, they're still valid to download more assets whenever you want.

Can I buy an Ultrapack if I already have one still active in my account? 

Yes. Different Ultrapacks can coexist active in your account at the same time. You can buy Ultrapacks in different volume sizes and different image resolutions at the same time, or overtime. When you want to get an image or video, you will have the option to select which Ultrapack you want to use to download it, and the download will be cut from the Ultrapack you selected. As long as you log in once a year, all your Ultrapacks will be valid.

If I downloaded an image using my Ultrapack downloads and I used it in a project, can I download the same image again?

Yes, if you have already downloaded (licensed) an image, you can download it again for as long as it's available at Getty Images, and these downloads will not be counted out of your remaining Ultrapacks downloads.

If I download an image with a Low-Resolution Ultrapack, can I get the same image but in High Resolution?

No, because Ultrapacks are tailored by image resolution, and higher resolutions are priced higher too. If you download an image with a Low-Resolution pack, you will get the low-resolution version of said image, and you cannot upgrade it. To get high-resolution images, you need to have a High-Resolution Ultrapack.

For this reason, we advise getting High-Resolution packs. They are more expensive than Low and Medium resolution options, but this way you make sure the images you get are compatible with pretty much any uses you could have in mind. With lower resolution images you might be paying less, but you're stuck with that resolution and the limitations in usage that come with it. High Resolution gives you more value for your images or videos.

If you have more questions on Ultrapacks, go to Getty Images for more information.

Get Additional Benefits

In addition to all of the above, Ultrapacks have some very good extras:

  • Buy as many Ultrapacks as you want and use them whenever you want. No expiration dates nor extra fees.
  • Custom license improves the buying process and lets your team or clients access to the photos downloaded, and assign or attach notes to each image, simplifying your workflow.
  • Purchase directly from the website in a few simple steps, or contact a sales assistant for larger volume and greater discount options.

You can buy more than one Ultrapack at the same time or overtime. This means you can buy Ultrapacks of the same or different size and resolution on the same day, or buy one today and more in the following days. Each Ultrapack will be added to your account and you can choose which one to use when you're downloading an image or video. And remember, they never expire!

As we said, Ultrapacks let multiple users (your team or your clients, for example) access to the downloaded images. At most of the other stock or microstock agencies you must pay an additional fee for this. It's a great resource to have your team working on the images simultaneously or to show your clients the images you've selected before start working with them.

You can also “assign” Ultrapack images to another customer. And with the built-in reporting feature you can even mark each individual image to a certain client or person, by attaching a note that gets downloaded in CVS format along with the image.

Ultrapacks come in 4 different volume sizes from 5 to 25 images each, that you can easily select and buy online at Getty Images site. However there are larger packs for 50 and up to 250 images available upon request. You can buy a pack larger than 25 images (with 30%+ discount), by contacting a sales assistant on their website.

So whatever are your needs in stock photos, Getty Images has you covered with their new Ultrapacks, a great alternative to Getty Images Promo codes then comes with great benefits for buying photos more efficiently. If you want some cheaper images to check out our iStock photo coupon.

What are you waiting for? Get your Getty Images Ultrapack now!

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