How to Get the Luminar AI Free Trial – Free AI Photo Editing for 7 Days!

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Luminar AI is a powerful photo editing software designed to simplify the photo editing process for those who lack the time or the skills to manipulate images professionally but want the professional finish only that kind of editing provides. 

Like many other premium-level tools, Luminar AI is a paid service, and you must pay a fee in order to use it. But if you want to try out Luminar AI before investing money in it, there is a 7-day free trial you can take advantage of. 

In this blog post, we’ll explain how to download and unlock the Luminar AI free trial and its benefits. 

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Let’s go!

Step by Step to Download the Luminar AI Free Trial

First, let’s talk about how to download Luminar AI with a free trial. It’s quite simple, follow these steps: 

  • Click here to go to the special Luminar Trial page (button below)
  • Hit the “Try it now” free download button
luminar ai free trial home > How to Get the Luminar AI Free Trial - Free AI Photo Editing for 7 Days!
  • Next, select the button for your operative system (MacOS or Windows PC) and hit “Try for free”
luminar ai free trial os select > How to Get the Luminar AI Free Trial - Free AI Photo Editing for 7 Days!
  • Enter your email address in the pop-up screen and click on “Get a download link”
luminar ai free trial email for download > How to Get the Luminar AI Free Trial - Free AI Photo Editing for 7 Days!
  • You will receive an email with a download link that, when clicked on, will download the Luminar Neo installer on your computer.
    Note: The installer might also automatically download when you enter your email, so check your download folder before checking your email inbox. 
  • Run the Luminar Neo installer, accept the terms and conditions, and let it install the software (this may take a few minutes)
  • Open Luminar Neo on your computer 
  • Register using the same email address you used to download the installer and a password. Once registered, sign in. 
luminar ai free trial register > How to Get the Luminar AI Free Trial - Free AI Photo Editing for 7 Days!
  • Done! You’ve activated your Luminar Free Trial; you have one week of free access to all its features. 

Highlights of the Luminar Neo Free Trial 

This one-week free download trial has a lot of perks worth knowing about. Here are the best Luminar Neo features of the free trial offer: 

Full Access to Premium Features and Extensions – The trial version lets you use all of Luminar Neo’s features, including the AI-powered functions and pro-level extensions, without restrictions and completely free of charge. The only limitation is that the trial offer is for one device only (whereas the paid plans let you use Luminar on multiple devices). Overall, it’s a really great way to test the waters with the software and see all it can do before buying a subscription. 

It Doesn’t Ask for Payment Info – Unlike the trial offers for other photo editing apps –like the Photoshop free trial, for example– the Luminar AI free trial doesn’t require you to enter payment information like a credit card at all. All you need is a valid email address, and you’ll be able to activate and enjoy the trial version of Luminar for free for one week. So you don’t have to worry about unwanted charges. 

Once the free trial period ends, you must buy a plan to continue using the software. Fortunately, we have an exclusive Luminar Neo promo code with a discount on all plans! 

Enjoy the power of AI photo editing with a 10% discount! Valid for all Luminar Neo plans

If you don’t want to become a paid user, uninstall the software after the trial ends. 

It Includes Round-the-Clock Tech Support – During your trial period, you will have access to Luminar’s dedicated technical support team, just like you would as a paid user. 

luminar ai free trial premium features > How to Get the Luminar AI Free Trial - Free AI Photo Editing for 7 Days!

Why Using Luminar Neo AI Photo Editor is a Great Idea

Now that you’ve downloaded and unlocked the Luminar AI free trial let’s discuss its benefits. 

Luminar Neo is one of the best photo editing software tools out there. Developed by Skylum, this app is designed to make photo editing easy and intuitive. It uses artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies to edit images automatically and with awesome results. While other photo editing software providers have started to include AI-powered tools in their offer, Luminar was one of the pioneers. 

Unlike other tools with complicated interfaces, Luminar is simple to use and aimed at everyone, not just professional photographers and graphic designers. You don’t need to be an expert in photo editing to seize the editing power of Luminar AI features and get great results.

Let’s review some of the best Luminar AI tools:

Useful AI-Powered Tools

Luminar Neo uses artificial intelligence to analyze your photos and perform automatic edits on them based on the content of the photo (type and style of photography) and your input. And it has so many AI-built features: 

Enhance – Automatically manage over a dozen adjustments to improve your photo’s quality 

Relight – Light up dark images in post-processing with just one click

Sky Replacement – Seamlessly replace the sky in landscape photos

Skin – Retouch skin and remove blemishes and other imperfections from your portraits easily

Erase – Remove unwanted objects from photos smoothly

There are many more landscape, wildlife, and portrait tools to ensure a beautiful photo, such as Structure AI, and Composition AI; the list is long. 

Useful Plug-Ins and Extensions

Skylum Luminar software comes with great, pro-grade extensions (included in your subscription) to handle specific and somewhat complex tasks in photo editing and get better graphics easily. 

Upscale AI automatically improves the resolution and quality of your photos. Background Removal AI gets rid of photo backgrounds in one click. And there are several more. 

Plus, the software includes a plug-in for Photoshop and also for Lightroom Classic, two of the most popular traditional photo editors from Adobe. If you already use one of those apps, adding Luminar is the perfect combination for your photo editing workflow. 

luminar ai free trial more features > How to Get the Luminar AI Free Trial - Free AI Photo Editing for 7 Days!

Easy of Use

Luminar is designed to be user-friendly, even if you’re not a seasoned photo editor or graphic designer. The software has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to edit your photos, and you don’t need to spend hours learning how to use it.


By automating most of the photo editing process, taking care of boring tasks quickly, and being user-friendly, Luminar AI lets you save hours of valuable time. This makes it equally useful for pro photographers who can spend less time editing and more time taking photos and for beginners who don’t need to invest time in learning how to use photo editing tools.

Affordable Pricing

Luminar Neo is an affordable option for anyone looking to improve their photos. 

Prices are very competitive, starting at just $11.95 per month for a month-to-month subscription and going as low as $6.58/mo if you pay a whole year in advance and even just $4.96/mo if you’re willing to pay for two years upfront. And that’s without counting our special Luminar Neo discount code. 

Enjoy the power of AI photo editing with a 10% discount! Valid for all Luminar Neo plans

Considering its great AI-powered tools and many extras, it’s great value for money.

If you’re interested in trying out Luminar, the 7-day free trial is a great way to get started. 

You can easily download and unlock the free trial by following the simple steps outlined in this blog post. And once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits of using Luminar AI to edit your photos.

Plus, once the free trial week is up, you can seize the opportunity to get a Luminar subscription with a special discount using our Luminar Coupon Code!

We totally recommend Luminar AI for a free trial to see if its impressive tools are a good fit for you!

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