How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

So, you’ve set the date, chosen the venue and asked the best man to give a speech – it’s time to choose your wedding photographer. Don’t be convinced that your sister’s boyfriend has a friend that’s a natural with a camera. Your wedding photographs will last forever and you’ll want them to be perfect, so make sure your photographer is professional, competent and highly recommended.

Have a look online, ask friends and family and arrange a few meetings with photographers you like the sound of. But remember these few simple tips to help make the final decision a little easier…

Don’t confine yourself to a set package

Although package deals can be cheaper, it may mean you have to compromise on the family portraits or the reception photographs of your guests enjoying the celebrations. Instead have a chat with your photographer and see how flexible he can be. If you’re photographer won’t consider your wishes, move on to someone who will.

Check for trusted testimonials

Whether its word of mouth recommendations or plenty of online testimonials, check that other people have been happy with the work of your chosen wedding photographer.

Remember to book early

The best wedding photographers get booked up early, especially during the busy summer season so try to book yours early. If you find someone you like, get your deposit paid to reserve them for your date.

Don’t scrimp

Your wedding photographs will not be cheap – on average they cost about 10% of your wedding budget. But you get what you pay for, and you only get one chance to take the photographs you will treasure forever, so make sure you’re decision isn’t based around price.

Check who owns the rights to your photographs

Most wedding photographers keep the copyright to your photographs, so although you own your chosen prints and albums – the usage rights and the rights to print and share your photographs belong to the photographer. If you think you might want extra prints in the future then make sure you find a photographer that will give you the rights to your wedding photos as part of their service.

This can be difficult to find – but they are out there. Mark Dolby is a Leeds based photographer that provides his customers with the rights to their photographs so they can use them however they like!

And finally

When you meet with your photographer remember that they must have the confidence to guide your guests and pose them, so don’t be put off if they have an authoritative manner – but ultimately they are part of your big day so it’s essential that they are friendly, that you get along with him and you think your guests will respond well to his direction.

Mark Dolby is a professional Wedding Photographer In Leeds, visit his website for some great examples of his work –

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Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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