What Is Reportage Photography?

Reportage Photography: The Art of Storytelling

Reportage photography, or what’s also known as documentary photography, is a photographic style that captures a moment or event in a narrative fashion, i.e., images that tell a story.

Reportage, for example, depicts a story or event in a report-like fashion. Unlike traditional styles of photography, reportage photographs are often less formal and portray their characters in a pose-free way that occurs naturally, not staged. However, in wedding reportage photography there is often direct intervention for images like group photos of the entire wedding party, and portraits of the bridge and groom.

Photo reportage is quite common on stock photo agency websites, and mainly depict photos of reporters and photographers shooting at an event. Here are the benefits of buying a royalty free stock photo from a stock photo agency.

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Reportage Style

Reportage style stemmed from photojournalism and is a means of storytelling through pictures and occasionally words (usually in the form of captions surrounding the images). And just like photojournalism, it relies on the subtleties of a subject to capture its true beauty in an everlasting form.

This style can be used for any event or occasion; parties and celebrations, fundraisers or galas, or even weddings. For weddings, some engaged couples would rather have their wedding photographer capture their special day in a natural documentary-like style rather than the more traditional and staged classic wedding photography. The main reason for this is that it focuses on the key points of the special day rather than usual and stereotypical points of weddings in general.

For example, after the ceremony when it’s time to cut the cake, a traditional wedding photographer will ask you to stop and pose in order to take photographs. A reportage wedding photographer, however, will take photos whilst the happy couple cut the cake naturally as the scene unfolds, without being interrupted by asking you to pose and change positions.

Reportage Techniques


But do not be put off by the simple-sounding approach of reportage photography, there’s more to it than just standing in the background taking photos of everything. A good reportage photographer will spend a great deal of time familiarizing themselves with your itinerary and venues in order to capture a sense of perspective, understand how the event is going to work chronologically, and find the best perspectives to shoot from.

A professional photographer will use their expertise and perfected techniques to optimize the light and backdrops available for every location of your wedding or event to ensure your day is documented in all of its beauty and glory.

The photographs produced from this very artistic form of photography are often raw, candid, and full of emotion, which is why the reportage style is perfect for weddings and events.

Why Reportage Photography is important


The point of reportage photography is to tell a story with pictures. A story has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and much like any event that takes place like a wedding, a conference, or a corporate event, reportage has all the recipes of a story.

Couples and families hire documentary style wedding photographers because they want to remember their special event from beginning to end candidly, i.e., they want to be able to see and relive the events that happen on this very special day without it looking ‘too posed’.

Wedding reportage captures the entire story of the day, from the bride getting her gown ready to the bride’s dance with her father. Reportage photography is important because it is a great way to tell a visual story.

From movies to documentary photography, we all love stories and being able to see a visual story unfold during an event really makes it special for any viewer of the work, especially clients.

What’s reportage have to do with stock photography?

Reportage in stock photography is aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses like marketing, event, and advertising agencies that need these sorts of images for their clients. Many clients require reportage-based photos for their creative projects, so it’s great to have access to royalty free stock images.

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Reportage in a nutshell

As you have clearly read above, reportage is a derivative style of photography stemming from traditional photojournalism. It is shooting an event like a wedding or corporate event in a style that shows the beginning to end in a visual way.

Wedding reportage photography is by far the most popular today, with many photographers offering this in their wedding packages. Reportage photography, in a nutshell, is the art of storytelling through taking pictures over the entirety of an event.

Reportage needs for small- to medium-sized businesses from a stock photo agency is usually for the purpose of illustrating their services or to satisfy the need of a client’s creative project.

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  1. Reportage photography are amazing yet they are very tough to handle. We as a photographer take lots of pictures and do not even think that whether or not this picture will tell a story. We take photos that we like but in this case we have to be very careful about the fact that the photo has to speak to the audience.

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