Where can i buy sports photos?

Before searching on stock photo agency websites for sports photos, determine your need and how you wish to portray the sport. If a sports celebrity is needed to endorse your product, a stock photo agency is not where you want to conduct this search. This licensing agreement is obtained through other means and conducted with the sports celebrity you wish to use. But you will discover that a sports celebrity is not required to achieve results.

PRO TIP: Sports images are now all about inclusion, mostly focused on body types and ethnicities. Make sure you get the perfect, inclusive sports images with our list of the best diverse stock photos and where to find them. 

What sports photos are on stock photo agencies

Generic sports photos are available for download and purchase on stock photography agency websites. If you need to highlight a sports action, a sporting activity (like hockey, football, soccer, or basketball), need a unique photo to support some sports news or have a how-to website for sporting activities, stock photo agencies are an easy and cheap way to obtain sports photos.

Sports stock photos are newsworthy

If you have a sports news website or daily blog, obtaining sports celebrity photos is difficult and generally not within budget. Generic sports photos from stock agencies can build a similar impact on your sports news media site. People like action shots. Sports photos, which are non-celebrity photos, can gain reader attention for a fraction of the price.  News is the news and though a photo is important, the information you want to have viewers read will be viewed if the content is newsworthy.  The photo catches their eye and the content holds them.  For example.  If you have news about Tiger Woods, a great golf sports photo can be as eye-catching as a photo of Tiger.  Your headline will get their attention, a great stock photo without Tiger Woods will intrigue them and the article will be read even though you do not have a sports celebrity photo.

Want help find such a photo? We got you. This is a search feature for Dreamstime below, and we already entered a specific keyword to find Tiger Woods images, all you have to do is hit the button and see what results you get!

Use sports stock photos for news, reviews and editorial articles from Dreamstime to drive your sports themed article to the right viewers.  A celebrity photo is not required to get your point across.

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