Stock Photo Secrets’ Low Volume Review

Low Volume Review – Stock Photo Secrets’ ‘Hidden Gem' Subscription

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Special and limited time: 50 bonus downloads at no extra cost
Get 50 bonus image downloads at no extra cost with your first annual subscription!
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If you are a business that needs hundreds of stock images per year, then our Low Volume, limited-time only Subscription is the “hidden gem” you've been looking for. With our Low Volume membership, you get 600 premium royalty free stock photos, vectors, and fonts for just $199. You get triple the number of stock image downloads than our 99club Subscription (200 image downloads for $99) for just $99 more. The Low Volume subscription comes equipped with 600 XXL images for $199 (€179), which is only $0.33 per image (€0.30 per image)!

The Low Volume subscription was created specifically for small- to medium-sized businesses who need hundreds of stock images per year, but at an affordable price.

Low Volume Subscription Basics

  • Access to over 4,000,000 premium stock images
  • Includes High Res Photos, Vectors & Fonts (no Videos)
  • 600 XXL downloads each year
  • Royalty Free License
  • Use your images FOREVER
  • Subscription is only $199 with NO additional fees!
  • NEW: Auto-renew: secure the low price deal for as long as the offer exists

To learn more about the Low Volume subscription, click here. 

Low Volume Details – What is a Low Volume Subscription?


The Low Volume subscription is a special offer is tailored to small- to medium-businesses such as marketing and advertising agencies, design firms, etc., that typically need hundreds of stock images every year for their creative projects. Many small businesses rely on memberships like the Low Volume subscription, in order to run their companies. And that's where the Low Volume fits in perfectly, for businesses who need stock on a tight budget.

The subscription gives you access to our large stock image collection of over 4,000,000 royalty free stock photos, vectors, and fonts (no videos).

3 Reasons You Should Join the Low Volume Subscription

There are more than a few good reasons why you should buy a Low Volume subscription, but we think these three reasons alone are what you really need to kno.

  1. You get 600 XXL high-resolution stock images for just $199 (you can print at A3 size at 300dpi, or even 6’ x 6’ at 72dpi)
  2. When you buy a Low Volume subscription, we will manually remove the daily image limit so you can download all 600 images whenever you want without any restrictions
  3. You will save $600 dollars! Without a Low Volume subscription, 600 images on Stock Photo Secrets would cost $799 (€719), or $1.33 per image (€1.20 per image)!

The Low Volume subscription is one of the most cost-effective stock memberships for $199, especially for a large amount of stock you get with the deal. The Low Volume used to have a 50 image per month download cap, but we've decided to lift this restriction manually when you sign up so that you can download as many stock images as you'd like.

Low Volume Price Breakdown

Image Search & Collection

Stock Photo Secrets image search

The Stock Photo Secrets image collection has 4,000,000 stock images that are accessible with any subscription level, whether it is 99club or Low Volume. Our stock image collection is constantly growing, with up to 80,000 new stock images added per month.

Our image search works the same as most stock photo agencies, but one thing we noticed in the image details is that the image search is now showing images from the same series, but you can still find similar images from the same contributor or photographer. While our photo search cannot do either of these functions, we are hoping to improve this sort of functionality in the future.

The image search on Stock Photo Secrets allows you to search photos, vectors, and fonts and has a lightbox feature to save and store images you want to take a look at later. What is a Lightbox?

Check out what kind of images you can find with a Low Volume subscription!

Low Volume Licensing Options & Usage

Our Low Volume and our 99club subscriptions both come with standard license agreements, but any image you download can purchase an Extended license, but more about extended licenses below.

One of the most important things to check when considering a stock photo agency are the terms of use and licensing agreement. This is absolutely critical to ensure you understand how you can use their images, as well as determine whether or not a stock photo agency’s license agreement will work for you and your business.

Also, there are often restrictions on how long you can use stock photos from different stock agencies. The great thing about the 99club is that once you've downloaded an image, you can use it forever without much restriction. So if you wanted to use it on more than once in one of your Facebook pages, you are free to do so. Read How Stock Photos Can’t Be Used on Facebook.

Low Volume Standard License Agreement

Our Low Volume standard image license is pretty straightforward, and an easy rule of thumb to remember is that our Standard license agreement is great for general use, but for anything you want to resell commercially like a t-shirt or postcard, you will need to buy one of our Extended licenses (which costs $30 per image more for 99club members; $60 for non-members).

With a standard license you can:

  1. Use the images as a part of commercial or advertisement purposes in magazines and newspapers or as design elements for a video game or CD-ROM
  2. Use the images online in electronic publications, social media or websites but NOT in connection with any website template or software product for distribution or resale by others
  3. Use the images as part of marketing, advertising, or promotional materials, including print advertisements, mailers, handouts, and packaging (with a print run up to 300,000)
  4. Use the images for all forms of vehicle livery and signage
  5. Use the images in editorial features in any media (including newspapers, books, and periodicals)
  6. Use the downloaded images after the subscription period ends

Standard License Reproduction Limits

There are some limitations to how you can reproduce stock images with our standard license agreements.

Here are some real-world examples and limitations that will better help you understand what you can and cannot do:

  • Print up to 300,000 copies on printed packaging
  • Can be used in printed books, magazines, and newspapers up to 300,000 copies
  • Can be used in social media, emails, ebooks, advertising and marketing materials up to 300,000 times

Extended License Agreement

stock photo secrets extended license

An extended license agreement is perfect for commercial use, for example, reselling  creative projects you intend to make money with like a t-shirt or web template. With a Low Volume extended license, you are able to have unlimited use for resale purposes like these for just $30 extra dollars for Stock Photo Secrets' subscriptions, and $60 for non-members.

You can easily buy an extended license during the image search by clicking on the extended tab of the selected image.

What You Get With An Extended License

  • Unlimited runs on prints and wall decor
  • Unlimited runs on T-shirts & apparel
  • Unlimited runs on mugs, calendars, games, greeting cards, web templates

Here is a licensing comparison table that shows you how Standard and Extended licenses stack up against each other.

Stock Photo Secrets Comparison Table

We also offer $10,000 in legal protection on our stock images so you are protected legally if someone tries to claim their copyright has been infringed upon. In the highly unlikely event of this happening, because our contributors are fully aware of our licensing terms and have agreed to them beforehand, we make sure that we offer you extra protection to leave your mind at ease.

Why You Should Join Our Low Volume Subscription

The Low Volume membership is perfect for small businesses that need lots of images per year. Low Volume offers you the change for $99 more to get three times the images (600) as our 99club membership deal!

Not only is our image collection filled with high-quality, premium royalty free images, you get to use them forever once you’ve downloaded them (even after your membership expires).

Our special offer Low Volume subscription has no additional fees and no monthly download restrictions. You can download as many images as you want per month (which will be done manually when you sign up).

Review of Low Volume Subscription


The Low Volume subscription from Stock Photo Secrets is one of the most affordable stock photo subscriptions that gives you hundreds of stock images to download per year without restriction. If you are a small- to medium-sized business that needs lots of stock images but you are on a tight budget, then our Low Volume subscription is the perfect option for you. Our image bank is growing every month and each new stock image being added is improving the size and quality of our image collection.

And as an extra bonus, the Low Volume allowance of 50 image downloads per month has been lifted so that you can have access to all 600 of you stock images without any monthly caps. If you wanted to download all 600 images in a day, you could.

As an EXTRA BONUS, when you sign up today for a Low Volume subscription, we will remove the daily download limit from your account so you can download as many stock images as you want!


  • All images, vectors, and fonts from our 4,000,000 images are included
  • 600 XXL downloads each year (only $0.33 per image!)
  • A special offer for businesses with lots of stock image needs
  • You can use the images FOREVER
  • Subscription only $199 with NO additional fees!


  • No image rollover, i.e., after one year any unused image downloads will be lost
  • Cannot find image details in image search from series photos from a photo shoot
  • Only available for a limited time

Sign up today to get 600 XXL images for $199, without any restrictions!

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