Shutterstock is one of the ‘Big 6’stock photo agencies on the internet today and refer to themselves as simple, elegant and user friendly. With a long history of stock image selling and buying, Shutterstock caters to designers and corporate accounts that require large inventories of stock photos. For this reason their buying model is subscription only. In recent years they have expanded their client base to include users with smaller needs and added an on-demand subscription option that does not require a large investment, or a high amount of downloads for the photos to be inexpensive.

Shutterstock Review Summary Shutterstock is a subscription plan only stock agency with their on-demand subscription being an inexpensive intro to their photo buying servies. They are one of the ‘Big 6' stock photo agencies and their image library proves it with over 15 million images to choose from. The addition of their footage website makes Shutterstock a media marketplace not just a stock photo agency but keep in mind that these websites are separate and subscriptions can not be used for both sites. If you are looking for something a bit different in your buying options, check their sister website Bigstock, as this portion of their business offers credit purchases and requires a smaller investment for services. If you want to benefit from their free photos, check out the our free image gallery or sign up for Shutterstock today to benefit from this free offer.
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