How can I create a fake photo?

In this day and age, creating fake photos is not only easy – so many people take advantage of the technology. For many, it may be just fun, but for others, it is a tool for scams and deception. While we don't advocate deception, we do think that altering photos for creativity and humor is a fun and exciting activity.

Shutterstock Generate – Legally Safe AI Image Generator

FREE* $29
*Up to 10 images for one month with a Shutterstock Free Trial
Shutterstock Generate is an AI image generator powered by Dall-E and trained with Shutterstock content, capable of producing fake photos from text descriptions (even just one word) that are accurate and legally safer than other options out there.
And if you use the exclusive Shutterstock Free Trial, you can get up to 10 AI-generated images for free!
If you're into creating fake people photos, Generated Photos is perfect for you. They offer AI-generated people images in a collection named Generated Humans. These are people photos created on the basis of your needs for age, gender, and ethnicity among other details. They look real, but they're fake, which also makes them perfect for safe, commercial use. This is one of the best AI photo tools around!
You can now get lifetime access to Generated Photos for a small fraction of the cost, so do check it out!

Picsart AI Image Generator + AI Photo Editing

Picsart is a creative design hub that recently incorporated a cool AI image generator where you can turn any text prompt into an original image, and further fine-tune it using the platform's AI-powered photo editing features. It's a great resource to create fake photos.
You use it for free, albeit with limited access, or you can try the Gold (premium) membership with full access for free for 7 days!
Another cool tool to try is DALL-E, an AI image and art generator by OpenAI that gives you full commercial use rights on the images you create, which are essentially fake photos.
Here you can learn all about DALL-E and how to use it.

If you own Photoshop, you may have already experimented with all the photo alterations you can do. For those who don't own software like Photoshop, there are other options out there that will allow you to play with photos. and provide great websites where you can upload a photo and create images like you are on Michael Jackson's album cover or spending some time with Robert Pattinson.

Regardless of the software you use, you can combine some of your own photos with stock photos to create a surreal image that you can share with friends and family. There are other websites out there that will allow you to create fake magazine covers and morphed pictures. As long as you are up-front with your images and don't try to pass them off as original, your fake photos may be very successful as far as the number of people who view them.

Your desire to create fake photos might be exciting and fun for you. But making sure that others aren't tricked to believe what they see in the photo is real will make your photo more successful and not vulnerable to any legal action. Photoshop and similar applications are a lot of fun, especially for those with a creative mind, but it is important that you use it sparingly, tastefully, and responsibly.

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