The 60 Most Downloaded Images in 2018 from Top Stock Photo Agencies Compared

As we approach the end of the year, it’s inevitable to wonder what kind of photos people preferred in the last 10 months. Which ones of the many Photography Trends 2018 that we reported picked up the most? Have you been using the same style of images as everyone else? This list of the top 10 most downloaded images in 2018 answers all that and more!

Now you can cross-compare the most downloaded photos of 2018 with the trendiest images of this year, as our latest Photography Trends 2023 Report is out!

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The 10 Most Downloaded Images in 2018 from Top 5 Stock Photo Agencies

Below you’ll find a list of the 10 most sold images in five of the best stock photo sites on the web. If you wish to buy them, all you’ve to do is click on them and be directed to their page, where you will also be able to explore more similar content. We even added useful agency reviews for extra details, and even cool special offers to get them at a cut price!

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Stock Photo Secrets Shop Most Downloaded Photos in 2018

StockPhotoSecrets Logo White > The 60 Most Downloaded Images in 2018 from Top Stock Photo Agencies Compared

Our Stock Photo Secrets Shop is the ideal image supplier for small and medium-sized businesses. Check out all we offer in the Stock Photo Secrets Shop review! For more context, check out Stock Photo Secrets Shop's Photography Trends 2018.

See our 10 most downloaded images below:

#1 – Business Meeting in Open Plan Office 

Business Meeting Open Office
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage

#2 – Office Table with Four People Hands Working

Office Table Hands Working
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage

Notice how the top 2 best-selling images are business-themed? Discover the reason and find the best business stock images right here!

#3 – Happy Mother and Baby Laying on a Meadow

Happy Mother Baby Meadow
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage

#4 – Businesswoman Holding a Plant Crop 

Businesswoman Plant Crop
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage

#5 – Wood Board Texture

Wooden Board Texture
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage

#6 – Businesspeople Smiling in Open Plan Office

Businesspeople Smiling Open Office
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage

#7 – Human Heart Made of Fruits and Vegetables

Human Heart Fruits Vegetables
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage

#8 – Business Meeting

Business Meeting
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage

#9 – Concerned Teen with Depression in a Tunnel

Teen Concerned Depression Tunnel
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage

#10 – Happy Senior Couple Walking Together

Happy Senior Couple Walking
Copyright: Stock Photo Secrets / IngImage
photocase logo w > The 60 Most Downloaded Images in 2018 from Top Stock Photo Agencies Compared

Photocase is a niche German stock photo agency for artsy images with that unique Berlin vibe. Know them better in our Photocase review, and grab our special Photocase Coupon Code with 5 FREE credits and 10% off in your purchase! And do check Photocase's Photography Trends 2018 predicted earlier this year for more info.

Here are their 10 most downloaded photos in 2018:

#1 – Faith and Spirituality Concept with Architecture, Sky, and Birds

Faith Spirituality Concept Architecture Sky Birds
Copyright: kallejipp /

#2 – Natural Landscape in Perspective with Gnome and Mountains

Nature Landscape Perspective Gnome Mountains
Copyright: coralie /

Love this image? It's the perfect example of the new weird stock photos trend that is so popular in social media!

#3 – Minimalist Illustration with Thinking, Growth and Success Concept

Minimalist Illustration Thinking Growth Success
Copyright: Marie Maerz /

#4 – Statue Representing Justice over a Blue Sky

Statue Justice Blue Sky
Copyright: denhans /

#5 – Young Woman Speaking through Megaphone

Young Woman Megaphone
Copyright: FemmeCurieuse /

#6 – Man Using VR Technology Concept

Man Using VR Technology
Copyright: rclassen /

#7 – Work and Safety Concept with Laptop and Padlock

Work Safety Concept Laptop Padlock
Copyright: PolaRocket /

#8 – Paperboard Cutouts of Happy People in Cartoon Style

Paperboard Cutouts Happy People Cartoon
Copyright: /

#9 – Freedom and Fun Concept with Women Flying with Balloons and Umbrella

Freedom Fun Women Flying Balloons Umbrella
Copyright: Pippilotta* /

#10 – Stylish Man with Pixelated Face wearing Hat

Stylish Man Pixelated Face Hat
Copyright: complize /

Shutterstock Most Downloaded Photos 2018

shutterstock logo new s > The 60 Most Downloaded Images in 2018 from Top Stock Photo Agencies Compared

Shutterstock is one of the biggest stock photo agencies in the market, famous for their titanic library, they tech functions and their popular stock photo subscriptions. You can learn all about them in our Shutterstock review, as well as unlocking great discounts with our Shutterstock Coupon Code with up to 15% off in your purchase! For more insightful info, have a look at the Photography Trends 2018 Shutterstock identified later this year.

Here are their most popular images in 2018:

#1 – Colourful Geometric Background with Fluid Shape Composition

Shutterstock Most Downloaded Colourful Geometric Background Fluid Shapes
Copyright: Plasteed /

#2 – Abstract Ocean with Natural Luxury Texture, Marble Swirls and Agate Ripples 

Shutterstock Most Downloaded Abstract Ocean Marble Agate
Copyright: CARACOLLA /

#3 – Rear View of Business Coach Facing a Group of People

Shutterstock Most Downloaded Business Coach Group People
Copyright: g-stockstudio /

#4 – Beach Seamless Patterns with Tropical Vegetation

Shutterstock Most Downloaded Beach Pattern Tropical
Copyright: berry2046 /

#5 – Red Russian-Themed Pattern with Modern and Traditional Elements

Shutterstock Most Downloaded Red Russian Themed Pattern
Copyright: badwiser /

#6 – Futuristic Infographic with 3D Wave Points 

Shutterstock Most Downloaded Futuristic Infographic 3D Waves
Copyright: amiak /

#7 – IT Specialist Holding Laptop and Talking at a Data Center

Shutterstock Most Downloaded IT Specialists Data Center
Copyright: Gorodenkoff /

#8 – Portrait of Young Brunette Woman Smiling Cheerfully

Shutterstock Most Downloaded Portrait Young Brunette Woman Smiling
Copyright: WAYHOME studio /

#9 – Human Brain Concept with Creative and Logic Hemispheres

Shutterstock Most Downloaded Human Brain Creative Logic
Copyright: Kirasolly /

#10 – New York City Skyline at Sunset

Shutterstock Most Downloaded New York City Skyline Sunset
Copyright: ventdusud /
adobe stock logo 1 > The 60 Most Downloaded Images in 2018 from Top Stock Photo Agencies Compared

Adobe Stock is a stock photo service provided by Adobe, that is fully integrated into Creative Cloud platform and offers millions of photos, illustrations and 3D files at very convenient prices with the added value of being available right within your favorite design apps. Find out more about them in our Adobe Stock review. And don't hesitate to grab our Adobe Stock Free Trial with 10 FREE images to use for one month! It'll be useful for you to also review Adobe Stock's Photography Trends in 2018 published earlier.

Check out their most sold images for this year:

#1 – Team Brainstorming in Sunlit Office Space

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded Team Brainstorm Sunlight Office
Copyright: mooshny / Adobe Stock

#2 – Heart Bowls with Colourful, Healthy Food

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded Heart Bowls Healthy Food
Copyright: marilyn barbone / Adobe Stock

#3 – Couple Driving Into the Sunset in Convertible

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded Couple Driving Sunset Convertible
Copyright: EpicStockMedia / Adobe Stock

#4 – New York City Daytime Aerial View 

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded New York City Aerial View Daylight
Copyright: TTstudio / Adobe Stock

#5 – Christmas Tree Branches on Plain Background

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded Christmas Tree Branches Background
Copyright: Leigh Prather / Adobe Stock

#6 – Man Tying Red Sport Shoes

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded Man Tying Sport Shoes
Copyright: ivanko80 / Adobe Stock

# 7 – Espresso Coffee Cup with Beans on Vintage Table

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded Espresso Coffee Cup Beans Vintage Table
Copyright: Romolo Tavani / Adobe Stock

#8 – Closeup of Christmas Tree Branch with Lights

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded Christmas Tree Branch Lights
Copyright: Konstiantyn / Adobe Stock

#9 – Seamless Pattern with Watercolor Tropical Leaves

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded Seamless Pattern Watercolor Tropical Leaves
Copyright: natali_art / Adobe Stock

#10 – Dalmatian Puppy with Splashes of Paint and Colourful Easter Eggs

Adobe Stock Most Downloaded Dalmatian Puppy Paint Easter Eggs
Copyright: jstaley4011 / Adobe Stock

Depositphotos is a well-established stock photo agency with a long history of great customer service, that offers millions of high-quality photos, illustrations and more, all under a Royalty-free license and with flexible pricing options. To learn more, visit our Depositphotos review. And don't forget to use our Depositphotos Coupon Code to get 5 FREE images plus a 15% off in your purchase! Have a better idea of their most sold images by checking the Photography Trends 2018 Depositphotos listed earlier this year.

Let's have a look at their most downloaded images for 2018:

#1 – Two Businessmen Discussing a Project

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Businessmen Discussing Project
Copyright: pressmaster /

#2 – Cairn Terrier Puppy Running Towards the Camera

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Puppy Running
Copyright: Bigandt /

#3 – Sheep and Lambs Looking at the Camera

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Sheep Lambs
Copyright: baronb /

#4 – Portrait of Girl Smiling Outdoors

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Portrait Girl Smiling Outdoors
Copyright: AntonioGuillemF /

(Pssst… Recognise her? She's the “girlfriend” in the famous “disloyal boyfriend” meme! Learn more about these viral images and the creative opportunities in them in our article about your Favourite Stock Photo Memes!)

#5 – Happy Child Playing Outdoors with Homemade Plane Costume

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Happy Child Playing Outdoors
Copyright: Yaruta /

#6 – Blooming Flowers in Pastel Tones

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Blooming Flowers Pastel
Copyright: AntonMatyukha /

#7 – Red Kitten Sleeping Peacefully

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Red Kitten Sleeping
Copyright: alenkasm /

#8 – Landscape Scene from Countryside in Tuscany, Italy

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Landscape Countryside Tuscany
Copyright: zoomteam /

#9 – Leaves Pattern Macro Background

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Leaves Pattern Macro Background
Copyright: valentinar /

#10 – Portrait of Young African Woman Smiling

Depositphotos Most Downloaded Portrain Young African Woman Smiling
Copyright: mimagephotos /

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Photos 2018

dreamstime300 > The 60 Most Downloaded Images in 2018 from Top Stock Photo Agencies Compared

Dreamstime is a well-known stock photo agency with many years in business, offering a large library with millions of royalty-free stock images at affordable prices. If you want to know them better, read our Dreamstime review! But now let's see what their most popular photos in 2018 are:

#1 – Artificial Intelligence, Communication and Technology Concept

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Artificial Intelligence Communication Technology
Copyright: Vs1489 /

#2 – Happy Family

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Happy Family
Copyright: Igor Mojzes /

#3 – Wood Texture Plank 

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Wood Texture Plank
Copyright: Vladimirs Prusakovs /

#4 – Wireless Communication Concept with City Overview

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Wireless Communication City Overview
Copyright: Busakorn Pongparnit /

#5 – Business Meeting with Diverse Team Brainstorming Ideas

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Business Meeting Diverse Team Brainstorm
Copyright: Kantver /

#6 – Many Hands from Diverse People Joining Together in Circle 

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Hands Diverse People Together Circle
Copyright: Mauricio Jordan De Souza Coelho /

#7 – Male Speaker at Business Conference

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Male Speaker Business Conference
Copyright: Kasto80 /

#8 – Golden Retriever Dog Jumping Through Autumn Leaves

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Golden Retriever Dog Jumping Autumn Leaves
Copyright: Leoba1 /

#9 – Groom Putting Wedding Ring on Bride's Finger

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Groom Wedding Ring Bride
Copyright: Maffboy /

#10 – Business Meeting or Presentation in Modern Office Space

Dreamstime Most Downloaded Business Meeting Presentation Modern Office
Copyright: Vadymvdrobot /

Most Downloaded Images FAQ

What kind of stock photos sell best?

The best-selling style of images varies from one year to the next, but overall, images of people (or lifestyle photography) are an all-time best-selling genre in stock photography.
Other concepts like landscapes, flowers, and beaches are also consistently popular.

What is the most viewed image in history?

While it's hard to establish this with precision, many experts consider Bliss, by Charles O'Rear, to be the most viewed image in history, as billions of people have seen it. This is the image that Microsoft selected as the default desktop wallpaper for Windows XP. This isn't really a stock photo, though, as Microsoft bought the rights to the image in 2000, rather than a license to use it.

Inspire your Upcoming Designs with This Year's Most Downloaded Images

And that was our list of the top 10 most downloaded images in 2018 from the best 6 stock photo sites in the market!

You will notice there are a lot of similarities in the photos across the different agencies, with authenticity, natural lighting, diverse models, modern workspaces and tropical nature being the most relevant common topics.

Now you are equipped with insider knowledge to choose the most popular type of photos for your upcoming designs. Which styles and subjects will you try first? We'd love to know!

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