Exploring Canva Pro Lifetime Deal & 4 Alternative Best Prices [UPDATED]

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If you love Canva and its user-friendly yet powerful graphic design tool, then you’re likely leaping at the chance to subscribe to Canva Pro –the premium version of the service– and looking for the best offer to do it. 

If you think a Canva Pro lifetime deal would be ideal, you’re not alone. Now, Canva does not have such a deal, but you should explore great alternative offers! 

Today we’ll talk about the best ways to get a Canva Pro lifetime subscription, the benefits of Canva Pro over Canva free, and how to get the most out of your Canva Pro membership. 

Let’s get down to business!

Quick Overview: What is Canva Pro

Canva is an all-in-one, user-friendly graphic design platform with everything you need to create beautiful and professional-styled visuals from scratch without design skills. 

Canva Pro is this platform's premium, paid version, which offers many extra and more powerful features: 

 It’s ideal for businesses, brands, freelance professionals, and anyone needing first-class visual materials.

For more details, you can read our Canva Pro review.

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Canva Pro Lifetime Subscription: What Is It

As you probably guessed, a “lifetime subscription” isn’t literal, and it might not necessarily last for the entirety of your lifetime. This term refers to subscriptions that let you pay once and gain access to the product or service forever (or, more accurately: for as long as said product or service is available). 

Many users like lifetime purchases because the one time fee is usually lower than the cost of periodic payments and because you get to forget about renewals and expiration dates. 

There was a time when graphic design applications had lifetime buy options available. Adobe’s apps like Photoshop or Illustrator were one-time purchases before Creative Cloud came along –you only had to pay extra for upgrades to the newest versions–and more recently, Topaz Labs used to have lifetime licenses for their AI image editing tools. However, neither of them has lifetime deals available any longer. And almost no design software provider offers similar offers today. 

Canva has never had a Canva Pro lifetime subscription in the sense of paying once and using Canva premium features forever. You can subscribe for life, though, just that you must pay periodic fees per month or year (more on this below). 

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Canva Pro Free Lifetime Deal: Education and Nonprofits

The closest to a real Canva Pro lifetime subscription is the company's special offers for specific purposes—namely, educational and nonprofit uses. For customers that want to use Canva for these purposes and who meet the firm’s criteria, they give them a full Canva Pro subscription for free for as long as they wish. 

Want to know if you qualify? Read on. 

Canva Pro Free Lifetime Access for Teachers and Students

If you’re a teacher or student wanting to use Canva for school, you can unlock Canva lifetime access to the Pro service with all the features included, free of charge. 

All you have to do is sign up for a Canva for Education account using a legit email address issued with your institution’s domain. You must also be a certified teacher, librarian, or support learning assistant, among other certifications accepted. 

Canva verifies each sign-up, and once cleared, you’ll gain access to the Pro version of Canva for free for as long as you want. You can then invite your students and other teachers to your Canva workspace to work together. 

Additionally, students can access free Canva resources specially thought for studying and learning. 

Here are some cool ideas for projects for kids to do with Canva!

canva for nonprofits > Exploring Canva Pro Lifetime Deal & 4 Alternative Best Prices [UPDATED]

Canva Pro Free-Forever Deal for Nonprofits

If you run a not-for-profit organization, you can benefit from Canva’s program that assigns free Canva lifetime subscription plans to nonprofits. 

You must complete an online form and wait for approval to get one of these special subscriptions. 

The eligibility guidelines detail that your organization must be recognized as a charitable or a nonprofit organization by the local regular in the country where you are registered, be operating on a not-for-profit basis, and be for the public benefit. 

Keep in mind there’s also a list of the activities that the Canva program will not consider for free Canva Pro subscription, including legislative, political, governmental, and professional sports, financial services, and business development, among several others. Schools are also among the excluded categories, as they need to refer to the Education program. 

Canva Pro price and sum up > Exploring Canva Pro Lifetime Deal & 4 Alternative Best Prices [UPDATED]

Canva Pro Annual Plan: Best Alternative for a Canva Lifetime Membership

Now for the regular folk, those who want to use Canva Pro features to beautify and boost up designs for their businesses and brands, the best investment to get continuous access to Canva Pro is a Canva Pro personal, annual membership with unlimited, lifetime access. 

For only $54.99 per year (which breaks down to $4.60 per month), you enjoy all the premium features in Canva Pro with unlimited access: download as many images and graphics as you wish, create as many new designs as you want and use all the tools and benefits as many times as you need. The annual plan can be renewed for as long as you like, hence the lifetime aspect being covered.

This cost-effective offer for less than five bucks a month gives you a service packed with advanced design features and an extensive library of pro-grade content. Plus, it lets you save money in the long run, compared to the monthly plan (that we’ll see in a moment). 

More details about the different offers are in our Canva Pro Pricing guide!

Canva Pro Free Trial: Free Features of Canva Pro for 30 Days

It’s important to note here that the annual subscription for Canva Pro comes with a cool one-month free trial: you get the first 30 days of the yearly subscription for free –and you can cancel risk-free and free of charge within that time window, too. 

This is a very good opportunity for those who want to test the waters before committing to pay for a whole year. 

Canva Pro Monthly Plan: Great Option for Limited Budgets

If you can’t fork out the cost of an annual plan right now, or if you don’t think you’ll need Canva Pro for as long as a year, the next best alternative to get a Canva lifetime subscription is with a month-to-month membership.

The monthly subscription for Canva Pro goes for $6.49/mo, and you can renew it for as many months as you wish (so the lifetime concept is also covered). While it costs more than the annual one, it has the added flexibility of deciding whether to pay for it every 30 days. Plus, the platform lets you pause and resume it after three months. And you can always upgrade to an annual membership at your will. 

The monthly plan includes everything in the Canva Pro subscription: unlimited downloads, premium photos, and graphics, additional workflow tools, etc. 

canva free > Exploring Canva Pro Lifetime Deal & 4 Alternative Best Prices [UPDATED]

BONUS: The Canva Free Version is Also a Lifetime Offer

Finally, we’d like to note that Canva has a free-for-all version available upon free sign-up. This free service has limited features compared to a Pro account: the free media libraries are smaller, some of the best AI-powered features are unavailable, and the benefits aren’t as extensive. But it’s still useful for occasional users, beginners, hobbyists, or anyone who needs great visuals but can’t afford Canva Pro. 

The free account has no time limitation, so it’s also a free, lifetime deal. 

If you're unsure about which version to use, check our Canva Pro vs Free analysis!

Getting the Juice Out of Canva Pro

Let’s now see all the awesome services you get with a Canva Pro paid subscription and how to use them to maximize your investment.

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AI-Powered Magic Features

Recently, Canva has been integrating great features built on AI technology to automate and simplify tasks, expanding your creative horizons. You should definitely make use of these AI-powered features to craft the best visuals ever!

  • Background remover – If you want to create transparent backgrounds or remove backgrounds to replace them with others, the Magic background remover is ideal as it identifies backgrounds in any image and removes them with just one click
  • Magic Resize – Change the dimensions of your design to as many different sizes as you wish with one click of your mouse. It’s perfect for social media graphics, for example
  • Magic Edits – One of the latest additions, these are different AI-based edits you can make with text descriptions and/or quick clicks
    • Object removal and replacement: delete an object from a picture smoothly or replace it with another, AI-generated one (for example, convert a revealing top into a modest blouse)
    • AI image generation: generate entirely new images using a text description and a few preset conditions to get the exact picture you imagine
    • AI copy: Get suggestions on copy to use in your content, such as headlines, comments, and more
    • AI design assistant: use this feature to summon and execute image editing tasks through written instructions

It’s impressive how advanced a service you can get for less than five dollars a month, don’t you think?

Brand Kit Canva Pro > Exploring Canva Pro Lifetime Deal & 4 Alternative Best Prices [UPDATED]

Brand Kit

The Canva Pro Brand Kit is one of the most useful features for businesses and brands, as it lets you keep all your brand identity elements stored in one place to apply them to your designs automatically. Your logo, brand colors, slogan, custom graphics, and more are managed from one folder. You can also turn custom designs into reusable templates for your brand. And even have multiple brand kits for your different brands. This feature saves valuable time when making your visuals look professional. 

canva pro multimed downloads > Exploring Canva Pro Lifetime Deal & 4 Alternative Best Prices [UPDATED]

Unlimited Downloads for Premium Content

Canva Pro has extensive libraries hosting millions of high-quality assets available only for Pro subscribers. The assets are varied in media types and content styles. You will find

  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • Icons
  • Videos
  • Stickers
  • Audio

And much more, covering the most popular themes and topics. The best? You can download as many of these files as you wish at no added cost! And they’re all cleared for commercial use. 

Here you can learn about the Canva Pro license and what it covers.

Design Graphics, Presentations, Videos, Websites, and More

One of the greatest things about Canva Pro is that it’s a well-rounded platform that covers the design of pretty much anything you could need: 

  • Social media posts
  • YouTube content
  • Marketing materials
  • Prints for multiple uses
  • Web design

And now even has a feature named Whiteboards, an endless canvas space where you can share designs, brainstorm ideas, collaborate with others, and later transform into a final visual piece. Brilliant!

Canva Pro Lifetime Deal FAQ

Now we’ll answer all the most common questions about the Canva Pro lifetime deal. 

Can you buy Canva Pro for Lifetime?

No. You can subscribe for life but must pay periodically (per month or year, according to your choice).

What is the lowest price for Canva Pro?

The lowest price for Canva Pro is with an annual subscription ($4.60 per month)

Is Canva free forever?

The limited, free version of Canva is free forever, yes. 

Is Canva Pro legit?

Absolutely. Canva is a very serious and trustworthy company with a well-earned international reputation. Here you can see some of their impressive metrics.

Have you decided which Canva Pro subscription you are using to secure lifetime access to this great design platform? Let us know your choice!

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