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If you need beautiful visuals, but graphic design sounds like an alien language, you’ll have it easy to fall in love with Canva. A platform that integrates a user-friendly image editor with millions of graphic design assets to create visuals easily, Canva is a match made in heaven for small business owners, social media marketers and influencers, and bloggers.

There is a free version open to everyone, and there is Canva Pro, the premium segment for those who use Canva for work –or for professional projects– and need more visual power. 

Canva Pro users access a much larger pool of images, graphics, templates, fonts, and a whole set of premium features that assist with marketing and other common business-oriented uses for Canva designs. 

This upgrade requires paying for a membership. And for some people, it’s not that easy to tell at first glance whether it makes sense for them to spend on a Canva Pro plan or stick to the free version. 

Today, we are analyzing Canva Pro pricing and what you get for your money, to help you decide if it’s worth it for you.

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Canva Pro Pricing: Monthly or Annual Membership

One great thing about Canva Pro pricing is that it is straightforward. There is only one membership, but you can opt between subscribing month-to-month, or for a whole year. Logically, the yearly subscription has the best deal in terms of cost, but both options are very affordable!

Month-to-Month MembershipAnnual Membership
$12.99 per month$9.99 per month (billed annually at $119.99)

If you are willing to pay for a whole year in advance, you will save $35.89. It’s a cool deal, but it makes sense if you really will have the demand to put the service to good use for as long as 12 months. 

If your business doesn’t quite require visuals that often, or you don’t know how much you’ll be into creative projects in the coming year, going for a monthly plan makes a lot more sense, and it’s still very low-cost. 

The great news, however, is that at Stock Photo Secrets, we bring you an exclusive discount for Canva Pro: 15% off on the Canva Pro Annual Membership! Now you can get this low-cost graphic designs solution, at an even lower price!

Get a 15% discount on your Canva Pro annual membership! The offer is valid for the annual subscription only.

Canva Pro Free – Is This Even a Thing?

Canva Pro Free Trial 45 Days Temporary Header > Canva Pro Pricing Analyzed: Is Canva Pro Worth It? Find Out!

It is! There is a way to get all the features in Canva Pro without paying, albeit for a limited time: our exclusive Canva Pro Free Trial

It is a special deal from us and Canva, that lets you enjoy a Canva Pro subscription free for one and a half months before committing to it. The free plan comes with absolutely everything we listed and lasts for 45 days, in which you won’t pay a dime. After that initial period, if you wish, you can stay subscribed, and your Canva account will upgrade to an annual Canva Pro plan. 

Whether you’ve been using Canva free or never heard of this platform until today, the free trial is a perfect opportunity to test the waters with this graphic design tool and all its applications, and see firsthand if it’s worth paying for it in the long run.

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Canva Pro Analyzed: What You Get for Your Money

Canva aims to be a complete graphic design tool for the non-graphic designer. The idea is that you can create designs like a professional, without being one. 

The most attractive of Canva features for users is the image editor, which combines an intuitive layout, simple drag-and-drop and one-click concepts, and powerful visual functionality. 

And they add a library of stock media and design elements for you to create all kinds of marketing materials such as social media graphics, online ads, blog post headers, website images, Pinterest graphics, and so much more.

With Canva, creating a new visual is very simple: select a template, choose a color palette, pick and place stock images and graphics where you want them, apply filters as needed, add text in your preferred font and download the final work, just like that, no complications.

Canva for Free is Good

Canva Free Features > Canva Pro Pricing Analyzed: Is Canva Pro Worth It? Find Out!

While signing up is a requirement to use Canva, payment is only optional. A free Canva account will give you access to the image editor and a limited selection of free templates, free photos, graphic elements, fonts. Plus, you get unlimited folders to save your work on the cloud –which must not be mistaken for unlimited storage! Canva free only has 1 GB–, and the ability to download and use your finished designs. 

With the free version of Canva, you can perform light photo editing and image manipulation. Using the free images and resources available, you can create simple things like invitations, flyers, a social media image to beautify your channel, etc. 

In general lines, Canva free is ideal for small personal projects. You can also use it to test the waters with the platform or to kickstart your new brand visually.

Canva Pro is Great

Canva Pro Features > Canva Pro Pricing Analyzed: Is Canva Pro Worth It? Find Out!

If you are running a business with decent traction and want to gear your visual strategy up, Canva Pro is worth your time and your dime.

The premium segment of Canva adds considerable power to the service, with: 

  • Over 60 million premium images (photographs, vector illustrations, and graphic elements)
  • 42,000+ premium templates 
  • More than 3,000 custom fonts – and you may upload your own fonts, too
  • Unlimited downloads of stock media
  • 100 GB storage
  • Brand kit: Upload your logo design, brand colors, and other custom elements to brand all your visuals automatically
  • Magic resize: one-click resizing of images to perfectly adjust to preset dimensions, such as a social media platform, or a custom dimension
  • Custom templates: turn your personalized edits into a reusable design template
  • Background removal: create elements with transparent background instantly
  • Team members: you can add users to your account to work as a team (up to 5 for the same price, for more seats the price increases accordingly)
  • Publisher pro: Manage and publish your designs on various mediums 
  • Animation: Create an animated GIF in simple steps
  • Extra file formats to download your designs (from JPEG and PNG to PDF and GIF)

All these features are added to those of Canva free and are all intended to improve your workflow and your final designs for commercial purposes.

Want a complete look at Canva Pro? Check out our Canva pro review!

So Is Canva Pro Worth It?

Canva Photos > Canva Pro Pricing Analyzed: Is Canva Pro Worth It? Find Out!

A glance over Canva pricing and that list up here is enough to see a lot of value in this membership. Canva Pro has enough editing power to ensure you can successfully create graphics for anything your business or project needs, even if you're not design-savvy. Images for your website, to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, for a banner or ad, for packaging. Name it, Canva Pro can do it.

While you could still use the free version to get this done, you would be limited in terms of images and functionality. It’d take you more time, and the results wouldn’t be as significant. We think Canva Pro is worth it, considering:

  • A Canva Pro account comes at just $12.99 per month or $119.99 a year –which breaks down to $9.99 a month.
  • In contrast, the single app Adobe subscription –say, for Photoshop or Illustrator– is no less than $20 a month. The cheapest stock photo subscriptions go around $25-$30 a month but for just 5 to 10 downloads, and the high volume ones have better per-image rates but start at $199 monthly.
  • Our special Canva Pro Coupon gives you a great 15% discount on the yearly Canva Pro subscription.
  • Finally, most stock agencies have team accounts available, but at a higher price point.

More powerful, professional services are a hit when you have a considerable need to scale up your visual resources. But if you run a small business or personal project, a one-stop shop like Canva Pro can be a lifesaver.

Who Should Get Canva Pro

Canva Pro Templates > Canva Pro Pricing Analyzed: Is Canva Pro Worth It? Find Out!

For serious business owners and large creative teams, a Canva Pro plan is often a no-brainer, because:

  • The unlimited downloads mean you can quickly amortize the cost of the plan just by using more and more images
  • The team feature lets you use the tool to collaborate for the same price as a single user plan
  • The image editor has a very gentle learning curve and you don’t have to be a graphic designer to use it
  • The brand kit is great to save time in applying your brand colours, brand fonts, logo and more to every design easily
  • There is a Canva template for nearly every occasion. Nothing is as fast and easy as selecting a template, editing it with a few clicks and have your visual ready
  • The stock media is high-quality and integrated into the platform
  • The different features allow you to streamline your creative process and produce images for anything from a social media post to a business presentation
Anyone can get Canva Pro and see value in the offer, but the ones using it to power up marketing for their business are who will get the most out of it, for sure. 

We said before this is an excellent fit for small businesses, and it’s true. But that doesn’t mean the big fishes can’t use it! Moreover, Canva has a whole offer focused on large business needs: Canva Enterprise, of which you can learn more about on their website.

Canva Pro – Design Better for Less 

In closing, Canva Pro is worth it every time you want to have professional-looking, engaging visuals for your marketing strategy, can’t afford a designer, and you –or your team– aren’t Photoshop enthusiasts. 

For less than $13 a month, Canva Pro lets you handle media design effortlessly, saving you many trips to Google for design software tutorials and FAQs, and come up with beautiful graphics on your own. Rumor has it, it’s even fun to use! 

Grab your Canva Pro Coupon Code before you leave:

Get a 15% discount on your Canva Pro annual membership! The offer is valid for the annual subscription only.

We hope we helped clear if it’s time for you to give Canva Pro a shot. Would you let us know?

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