How Much Are Adobe Stock Images? – Your Questions Answered!

Way back at the beginning of 2015 Adobe bought out the Fotolia Stock Photograph Marketplace, not long after, Adobe Stock was born, Adobe's own take in the already competitive stock photography market.

Coming with some important features including deep levels of integration with their Creative Cloud Suite and Services, Adobe instantly made 10's of millions of images available easily to their entire subscriber base with just a few clicks of the mouse. And soon they got to position themselves amongst the best of the industry. Learn more about the service in our dedicated Adobe Stock Review.

So just how much are Adobe's stock images? Read on and I'll give you the breakdown on their annual deals and month to month subscriptions. And now you can even test the service for free with our Adobe Stock Free Trial!

Get 10 Adobe Stock standard assets with your free trial. Cancel risk-free within the first month.

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What Is The Price Of Adobe Stock Images?

So as I mentioned, Adobe has various plans and options that you can choose from, each coming with their own pros and cons that you will have to look over in order to decide what is best for you, but I'll lay it all out here for you in an easy to understand way so that you can make a quick and easy decision and get back to the designing that you love!

Before diving into Adobe Stock pricing, let us quickly remind you that while Adobe Stock is fully integrated into Creative Cloud (which we have a discount for), it is not included in any of Creative Cloud subscriptions. You need to hire it additionally. For more info on this and the different Creative Cloud plans, check our complete Adobe Creative Cloud pricing breakdown. You can also check out our Adobe Stock Alternatives if you like.

Adobe Stock Annual Pricing

So let's start out with Adobes Annual Subscriptions, check out the quick table I whipped up for you below!

Assets Per Month

Price Per Month

Price Per Asset

10 Standard Assets 



40 Standard Assets 



750 Standard Assets 



Adobes Annual Subscriptions are based upon your basic subscription model, you pay a monthly allowance but also agree to do so for a minimum of 12 months. On top of the base assets that each pack allows, they also allow you to purchase additional assets at different price points depending on your subscription. With prices ranging from $2.99 all the way down to $0.99 per individual asset, your more than able to augment your plan to suit your needs!
Also, both the 10 Standard Assets and 40 Standard Asset packs allow you to rollover a percentage of your unused assets into your next year if you continue on with your subscription plan!

Adobe Stock Month to Month Pricing

Moving on to Adobes Month to Month Plans, a little higher in price but with much more flexibility, giving you more control over your money and your assets. Check out my table on Adobes Month to Month Pricing!

Assets Per Month

Price Per Month

Price Per Asset

10 Standard Assets 



40 Standard Assets 



750 Standard Assets 



Month to Month plans also allow you to rollover a certain amount of images at the end of a 1 year period into your following years plan if you have leftover images and decide that you'd like to continue with your subscription or even upgrade it to another!

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Design Easier and Cheaper with Adobe Stock!

So as you can see, Adobe's pricing is pretty reasonable, following along with other price points available in the market, but with the added value of their integration into Creative Cloud along with the ability to purchase team and enterprise plans, year to year or month to month subscriptions, additional purchasable assets and more all lead up to a pretty compelling product that is definitely worth your time checking out.

Go ahead and jump directly over to Adobe Stock and grab your subscription now! And don't miss the chance to test their service for free with the Adobe Stock Free Trial with 10 Free Photos!

Get 10 Adobe Stock standard assets with your free trial. Cancel risk-free within the first month.
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  1. Assets? Credits? This article–just like multiple others that I have read in recent days–fails to answer the most important question: How do “assets” factor into the purchase of images. Or, to put it another way, how many assets does it take to purchase a standard image license? Without an answer to this question, it is impossible to determine the cost of using Adobe Stock. Does one asset equal one standard image? Or does the purchase price vary from image to image? Is there a range of costs (e.g., one asset to three assets)? Competitors (such as Istock) make it easy to determine actual costs. Adobe’s lack of transparency on this matter has been frustrating and serves to dampen any desire to try out their product.

    • I agree with Steven, everything is very confusing. It is simple, I want to buy stock whatever, there should be a price and license. Here it also does not explain, the license properly. If I buy a stardard asset as they call it, is it a standard license? Can I use that asset for ever with paying for it again either by renewal of subscription or needing to buy more credit? All this is so unclear in any of these stock image websites, just beating around the bush and making simple things complicated. If anyone has an answer for this, please answer as soon as possible. Thanking you everyone in advance.


      • Hi Ashwin, I think this explains the license very properly: – what needs to be understood is, that Royalty-Free means that you DO NOT NEED to pay again for the image usage after you paid once. With most stock agencies you only pay once (or pay for subscription and download once) and then use the image forever. That is the most non-understood issue I see with many stock photo users. Very few stock agencies have some limitations i.e. you can not download all images from your subscription and never use them and “stock” them on your harddrive. Then after your subscription is expired you are not allowed to use non-used images in a new design. But that is very rare. I hope that helps!

    • Hi Steven. Firstly, in Adobe Stock “assets” refers to media files. A “Standard asset” does equal a Standard image indeed.
      The price of Standard images with subscriptions (the only type of assets you can download with these plans) ranges between $0.26 and $9.99 each. Our article focuses on these as they are the best prices, and we display them on tables to make them easier to identify 🙂
      If you use credits for Standard images, 1 image = 1 credit. That would be $8 – $9.99 per image depending on what size of credit pack you use.
      All this info is properly displayed on Adobe Stock throughout the buying process, as well as on their pricing page. In the case of Standard images, you must do a little calculation if you wish to know the price per unit because they no longer sell them individually, but the info is there.
      Lastly, the price of the assets does vary but depending on their status and value: Premium images, Premium 3D designs, Stock Video, Extended License and Editorial License have different price points than Standard images (they cost more). These can only be bought on demand, be it one by one or with credits.
      I hope to have helped clarify this for you!

  2. Hi Amos,

    Thank you for your in-depth information. Quick question – we’re currently building a couple of websites. I don’t want an annual or monthly subscription. Could we opt in for the month-to-month subscription, the largest one, download as many assets as we are entitled to and then cancel after one month?

    • Hi John, Adobe (and most stock agencies for the matter) have policies against stockpiling, meaning they put a deadline to when you can use images you downloaded from their site after your subscription ends. Each agency has its own limit, but it is usually not very long around 30-60 days. After that, the license for images you haven’t yet used is considered invalid. If your intention is to download images to use them later on, this deadline gets in your way.
      So, I would advise contacting Adobe Stock directly to find out what their deadline for unused images is, and based on that information see if a one-month subscription is worth your while.
      Hope this helps!

  3. What is confusing is terms like “subscription”. If I “subscribe” to something, I expect to be paying each month for the use of the product. What am I buying with a subscription of 10 assets per month? The right to use 10 specific assets for as long as I continue to subscribe? Or, is it this simple: give use $50 a month and for each month you can buy an additional 10 assets. If that is the case, and I want 7 assets, then I’d buy a single month’s “subscription” for 10, never use the additional 4, and never pay another month. Is that it? Why can’t someone then just say “Adobe charges you $50 for up to 10 images” and be done?

    • I know this can be a bit confusing. You must separate two things here: Usage License aka Royalty-Free License of the images and the Subscription to the Images. The Royalty-Free License does allow the usage usually forever for most stock agencies. The subscription, therefore, is exactly how you described it: Pay X$ to get X amount of downloads per month at some specific terms (at some Agencies unused downloads might expire, some other Agencies roll them over for X amount of months as long as you subscribed). I hope that helps.

  4. I’ve just been told in the adobe live chat that once your monthly subscription expires you lose the right to use the images, so you can not use the images forever. You seem to be selling smoke here Amos.

    • Hi Joss, thank you for the clarification. That’s the reason why I have written in all my comments, that they are always exceptions i.e. “Very few stock agencies have some limitations i.e. you can not download all images from your subscription and never use them and “stock” them on your harddrive. Then after your subscription is expired you are not allowed to use non-used images in a new design.” Usually that applies only to images you have downloaded but never used in any design. If you use an image in a design it should last you forever (in that design). I always recommend to double check with the stock agencies because they might have limitations on certain of their subscriptions or plans. Regards Amos

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