19 Paid & Free Background Remover Tools for Creatives

Do you have an image that would be perfect, if you could replace the background color? Or would love to make a cutout of a person or object in a photo, to use it as part of a new design? 

Background removal is a very common graphic design task, and every day more tools are looking into making it easier and faster for you to take care of it. Using advanced tech and powerful functionality, you can now get rid of an undesired background –and replace it, too– in seconds! 

Today, we have listed our pick of the best free background remover tools, just for you!

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Pixlr BG is their awesome, AI-powered background remover that lets you erase the background from an image in just one click, and further correct details by hand (if necessary). Another cool feature is that it enables batch removal, something not many tools provide. The best? It's free! 

Awesome Paid & Free Background Removers 

While creating marketing visuals you’ll come across many instances where a reliable and quick background removal app will come in handy. 

The most common example is product images for e-commerce sites: having your product isolated on a white background –or solid color– is an elegant and simple way to make it stand out (especially on popular platforms like eBay or Amazon, but also for landing pages): removing distracting objects like hangers or supports, unattractive shadows, etc., you can make sure your product is the real star of the picture. And this is easily done through background removal. 

Another useful application for background removal is for headshots. If you have a great portrait of yourself, you can get rid of a distracting background and replace it with a solid color one, or even leave it transparent, to use the resulting image as a headshot for your bio, or anywhere you want to introduce yourself.

Background erasing is also valuable for marketing across multiple industries, for example in real estate: cutting out the property and replace the background with a dreamy blue sky or a perfectly pink sunset guarantees a higher visual impact with very little effort.

Finally, removing the background from stock photos (or turning it into a transparent background) leaves you with cutout images you can then use with more creative possibilities: you can then replace the background with a better one for a stunning result, or create collages assembling elements from various images, then insert your final result in websites, as part of social media banners, fun visuals for mobile apps, or create collages, among many more marketing visual ideas. 

The following applications let you work like a pro, not only removing backgrounds but also performing other image editing tasks like replace the background, resize, crop, add filters, and more to create lovely, complete designs. There are options for various file formats from PNG and JPEG to EPS and for online workflows as well as download-and-install fellows. They all enable work with high-resolution files and deliver high-quality results, too. Many of them are next-generation AI photo tools totally worth discovering. 

Have your pick! 

Pixlr BG

Pixlr > 19 Paid & Free Background Remover Tools for CreativesPixlr is an online image editing tool powered by AI that includes Pixlr BG, an automatic background removing tool. Using AI, it lets you erase backgrounds from images in one click, even enabling batch removal for several images at once. A  reasonn why it's in our picks of the best 7 AI photo tools!

The results can be fine-tuned with a manual removing feature, and you can also import the resulting image onto either one of their two photo editors (one advanced and one user-friendly) to complete your design.

Pixlr has a free version with access to these tools, and premium access starting at $7.99 a month with a lot of bonus features and resources. Get a premium account for free for one month with the Pixlr free trial!

Adobe Photoshop AI Background Remover

Adobe Photoshopphotoshop express > 19 Paid & Free Background Remover Tools for Creatives is a pro-grade image editing application that can efficiently handle all stages of photo editing. Background removal has never been easier since the tool now uses powerful AI technology from Adobe Sensei to perform one-click background erasing, as well as to improve results of the Quick Selection feature to manually select the background areas to be removed. 

While Photoshop requires considerable editing skills, it's by far the most professional option for making backgrounds transparent and cut out subjects from images.

Photoshop itself isn't free –you can find the best prices for it in our list of Adobe Creative Cloud discounts— but there is a Photoshop Free Trial that lets you access it for free for one week!

Adobe Photoshop Express Online 1 > 19 Paid & Free Background Remover Tools for Creatives

Last but not least, Photoshop Express online has a cool, free background removal tool that is very easy to use: Simply upload your file, sign in with your Adobe account (sign-up is also free), and select the “remove background” option. This is entirely free of charge!

Shutterstock Editor

www.shutterstock.com homepage

The Shutterstock Editor is a simple solution for quick image editing, and it comes with a great background removal tool powered by artificial intelligence. In literally two clicks you can make any image have a transparent background! The software handles everything for you, all you have to do is select your image and click on the removal feature. It’s ideal to use with Shutterstock images, but it allows uploading your own as well. And it’s 100% free. 

Canva www.canva.com homepage

Canva is the pioneer “design tool for non-designers”, and as such it’s very easy to use, and handles most image editing tasks beautifully. That includes removing background from images! The Background Remover tool is available on Canva Pro –their premium service–, and it can delete image backgrounds in one swift move. Very cool! 

Everything you need to know about this application is in our Canva review. And did you know? You can get a Canva Pro Free Trial to test the waters!

Stencilwww.getstencil.com homepage

Stencil is a very complete and user-friendly image editor, equipped with a background eraser function. To remove image backgrounds with this tool, simply click anywhere on the background and select “make background transparent” on the option box that pops up. And done!

Also, Stencil is completely free to use with limited access, if you want full editing power you need a paid plan, which starts at $9 a month with an annual commitment.

123RF Background Remover

123rf logo 590x235 1 e1585923956735 > 19 Paid & Free Background Remover Tools for Creatives

123RF is a well-established stock photo agency with a great offer in stock media and bonus creative tools, including their Background Removal Tool, which is AI-powered to remove backgrounds from images in a single click. You can use it with 123RF's stock images, or with any picture that you upload. And it's free!

Fotorwww.fotor.com homepage

Fotor image editor is a popular choice when it comes to editing images fast and easy, and for free. Their background remover tool is a tad bit more complex than others, as it requires opening your image in the “magic clipper” feature and use a “remove background” brush to manually erase the background, but it also gives you more creative possibilities when it comes to creating cutouts. Overall, a great deal!

Snappawww.snappa.com homepage

Snappa is a competent online tool for image editing, complete with a one-click background remover feature. Making a background transparent with this app is as easy as selecting this effect on the functions panel! Even better, it’s totally free to use. 


www.photopea.com homepage

Photopea is a Photoshop-like app, but free of charge. It can perform background removal efficiently, however, the process is more complex: you must manually select the background (carefully contouring the elements to cut out from it), and then erase the highlighted area. A bit more work, but with great results!

www.photopea.com homepage


www.befunky.com homepage

Being a free image editor doesn’t deter BeFunky from being super functional and useful. Their one-click removal tool for backgrounds is an example of this. Using AI technology their software detects subjects in your images, so you can get rid of the background with just one click of your mouse! And yes, it’s free to use!


www.visme.co homepage

Removing the background off of an image is easily done with Visme, a free graphic design tool you can use online, that lets you get a transparent background in seconds by simply clicking on the “remove background” option of their toolbar. Just like that!

Gravit Designerdesigner.gravit.io homepage

Gravit Designer is a free yet very robust image editor. While it has a considerable learning curve, it can help you perform all kinds of edits from basic to advanced, including background removal. The process is a bit complex, as it requires using outlining, layering and refining tools, but the results can be very professional!

designer.gravit.io homepage

GIMPwww.gimp.org homepage

GIMP is open-source image editing software for creatives needing powerful solutions, for free. It is possible to use GIMP to remove photo background, and there is more than one way to do it. All of them require a bit of work and effort, though, to outline subjects, invert selections, create layers, and finally get rid of the background. 

inkscape.org homepageInkscape

Inkscape is a vector editing tool with capabilities similar to Adobe Illustrator, but free of charge. It is a very competitive solution to work with scalable graphics, including, you guessed, removing backgrounds from images. The task demands a bit of work, outlining subjects to cut out and then erasing background, but it’s relatively easy done. 

InPixio Remove Backgroundwww.inpixio.com homepage

InPixio is a service with all kinds of software solutions for image editing, from a full studio package to mobile apps and web-based tools. The latter includes a Remove Background feature that is free, and relatively simple to use: just upload your image, select the object(s) to keep, highlight the background to erase, and hit “apply”. The tool lets you modify the size of the brushes, so you can achieve very decent results!

Apowersoft Background Eraserwww.apowersoft.com homepage

The Background Eraser by Apowersoft is a very user-friendly, specialized tool to remove backgrounds from images. Available for Windows, iOS, and Android, it uses artificial intelligence to automate subject selection with a great deal of precision. You get 3 free trial uses, and then you must pay to continue working with it.

PicMonkeywww.picmonkey.com homepage

PicMonkey is a very good photo editor, equipped with everything you need to create beautiful visuals without being a professional designer. This includes a background remover that in two steps (creating a layer and erasing background from one of them) gets rid of your image background. It is free to use up to a point: there is a one-week free trial for any of their subscription options, and you can edit and cloud-store images without paying, but you will have to subscribe if you want to download them and/or share them online.

Photomixwww.photomix.com homepage

Photomix is a free software for digital scrapbooking and collage making, that includes quite a competent photo editing functionality, namely a nice background removing tool. The intuitive interface makes it very simple to upload your images and remove the background with the Eraser or Color Eraser options. As a plus, it supports all popular file formats from JPG/JPEG to TIFF. This freeware is a download-and-install, with a free trial version that includes the remover tool.

Magic Eraser BackgroundMagic Eraser Background Edito‪r > 19 Paid & Free Background Remover Tools for Creatives

Available for iOS only, Magic Eraser Background app does what it says, efficiently. This background remover has the plus of including a magic wand option that automatically selects pixels of the same color to simplify clipping and burning backgrounds. The app is free to download, with in-app purchases.

Remove Backgrounds Easily and for Free

And that was our list of the best 18 free background removers! 

Any of them will let you create beautiful designs with transparent backgrounds in a matter of seconds. So choose your favorite and off to design you go!

More free software for image editing you can check out in one of our latest posts. 

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