7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today

From reverse image search to photo editing to creating images out of thin air, AI photo tools are every day increasing the realm of possibilities and furthering efficient workflows for artists and creatives, saving time, effort, and money. 

As the options in tools and applications for deep learning, AI technology in image manipulation keep multiplying, we bring you our curated selection of the absolute best AI photo editing software that, if you haven’t yet, you must try out today. 

AI Photo Tools: Focus on Creativity

When it comes to visual design, technical and creative tasks aren’t always well-balanced, and it’s the technical aspect that usually requires a specific skill set, especially in the case of editing tools, to produce optimal results. 

And that’s the issue that AI tech is here to solve. Where before you needed to spend hours learning how to use Photoshop and Lightroom, and then even more hours carefully editing an image, you can now achieve similar results with a click here and there. 

The development of convolutional neural networks has opened up a whole world of intelligent image processing that allows you to spend your time creating, as machine learning algorithms in your photo editing software take care of the time-consuming, technical tweaks on a whim.

AI Image Upscaler (upscaling) 

upscaler > 7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today
Compatibility: Web-based
Price: Free up to 3 upscales, then from $20 for 5 upscales

Best match: Everyone needing to blow up their images without losing resolution quality

Stockphotos.com’s AI Image Upscaler is a little gem: simple, powerful, and either free or otherwise very affordable. It is a tool that, as the name gives away, upscales or enhances your photos using AI tech to avoid losing image quality. When we say simple, we mean it: all you have to do is upload your photo, select how big you want to make it, and click to proceed. That’s it: the software automatically upscales it in seconds, and you can then download your file in multiple formats including JPEG and PNG, as well as crop it or resize it to preset social media dimensions, or custom measurements (learn it all about standard photo sizes here). 

It’s a perfect solution for when you have a small or low-res image that you need to enhance, something very hard and time-consuming to do with traditional tools, that usually doesn’t produce the same results as this innovative AI approach. 

example image upscaler stockphoto > 7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today

The AI Image Upscaler is free for up to 3 images, and up to 2x enhancing. But you can blow them up to 4x and even 8x their size/resolution, as well as do many more picture processing, by buying upscales packs starting at $20 for 5 images upscales. A real bargain.  

If you like the idea of intelligent image enhancement, check out our list with the best 10 image upscalers.

Photoshop CC: Robust Editor with New AI Features

Photoshop CC > 7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today
Compatibility: Web-based (Creative Cloud), Mac, Windows, iOS
Price: From $20.99/month

Best match: Pro and serious hobbyist photographers and image editors

Photoshop CC is Adobe’s flagship product and a well-known industry standard in image editing software. This is a complete solution for photo editing, yet it is a complex software that requires a certain level of knowledge and dexterity.

In a more recent update, it introduced Neural filters, a series of AI-fueled functions to perform common but very necessary edits, such as skin smoothing and removal of elements, including background removal, automatically. Some more advanced tools are still in beta, like colorization of black and white photos, or portrait functions such as changing expressions or adding makeup to people, with very impressive results.

These AI features in one of the number one fan-favorite applications are very useful to reduce workflow load and speed up editing times while amping up visual power.

Get all details on costs and subscription options for Photoshop and other Adobe apps in our Creative Cloud pricing breakdown.

Generated.Photos: AI Photos of People

ai generated photos > 7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today
Compatibility: Web-based
Price: Free with attribution for personal use, commercial use starting at $2.99 per photo

Best match: Commercial-oriented designs, particularly on sensitive topics 

Generated.photos is a new concept in lifestyle imagery (a.k.a. Photos of people): they use AI technology to create realistic, yet fake,  pictures of people that you can download and use in your work. 

Does that sound crazy? It’s not! Their software produces these visuals of people that look real, but they aren’t, making them so much safer to use in commercial projects, and those related to sensitive subjects (imagine: no risk of sensitive use or right of privacy infringement). Plus, they include a face generator that lets you select a few preferences such as gender, age, ethnicity, and background color, and then produces an image of a person matching all those parameters. People photos on spec and within minutes, how cool is that? 

You can use generated photos for free for personal projects and providing a link back to their site. But you may also license these images for commercial use, in high resolution, and with transparent background, starting at $2.99 per image.

Learn more about creating fake photos with digital tools.

Pixlr BG: AI Background Removing

PixlrBg Overview 400x250 tn > 7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today
Compatibility: Web-based
Price: Free with limited access, premium plans from $7.99/month

Best match: Creatives needing to quickly remove and/or replace backgrounds in images.

Exclusive: Pixlr free trial!

Plxr is an image editing software suite with several apps. Among them, Pixlr BG is a very cool and useful AI tool that lets you remove backgrounds from pictures in one click, simplifying editing processes a lot. 

It’s an uncomplicated and powerful solution if you need transparent backgrounds or image cutouts. Just with one click, the system gets rid of an image’s background, and you can also fine-tune the results manually to ensure a perfect finish. Furthermore, you may also use their dedicated photo editors (there’s an advanced and a beginner one) to replace the background of your images and perform other retouching tasks such as adding text to images, for example.

Here you have a list of the top background remover apps for more options.

Luminar AI: All-Round AI Image Editing

Luminar AI > 7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today
Compatibility: Mac and Windows 
Price: $47 (Lifetime license)

Best match: Pro and beginner photographers, graphic designers, visual creatives

Developed by Skylum, Luminar AI is a game-changer: the very first, entirely AI-powered image editing software. All its features are based on this tech, making it possible to do really advanced edits in just one click. This also makes it very easy to use, with a very gentle learning curve. As a bonus, it has plug-ins for popular image editors. 

With Luminar you can do it all: noise reduction, change body shapes, enhance skin texture and highlight the eyes in people photos. Improve the appearance of, or replace, skies as well as adding ray lights and other enhancements in outdoor photos, for example. 

But by far the most useful feature for creatives is the AI templates, a selection of preset edits to enhance and modify the style of photos. This function not only analyzes your images to suggest the best template to use but also makes it incredibly easy to apply the same style to a diverse selection of photos, making them style-consistent. It is particularly great when you work with stock photos, which can be from different photographers, and it’s absolutely ideal for ensuring all your visuals are on-brand. Add the fact it’s a one-time pay tool, and you can easily see why we love it. 

Deepart.io: Turn Your Photos Into Artwork

Deepart > 7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today
Compatibility: Web-based 
Price: Free small-sized images, HD from $22 

Best match: Anyone wanting to recreate a photo in painting style

Using photos as inspirations for paintings isn’t new. Recreating a photo in painting style is also not a novelty. But using AI to automatically convert any photo into a painting of a particular style, that is quite innovative. And that’s what Deepart.io offers. 

Through an algorithm inspired in the human brain, this free tool lets you turn a photograph into a painting with literally zero effort. You just upload images to the site, select a painting style (or upload your own style) and submit the request. The software will create the digital painting and deliver it to your email. 

This is completely free, however, the image files are small at 500×500 pixels, and watermarked, plus there is a queue, so there are a few paid, premium upgrades: you can skip the queue and get your image in less than 15 minutes for $2.30. And you may also get your image in HD quality with no watermark for $22, or in super-resolution for $68. 

lensa inc logo vector > 7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today

Lensa (portraits and selfies – for mobile)

Compatibility: iOS and Android
Price: Free for 7 days, then $7.99/month

Best match: People who work with selfies or portraits

Lensa portraits and selfies – for mobile > 7 Awesome AI Photo Tools you Need to Embrace Today

From Prisma Labs, the smartphone app Lensa brings AI technology for perfect selfies. This is a very user-friendly app with quick and effective features to improve selfies and portraits directly on your iPhone or Android phone. Its intelligent feature Magic Correction automatically tunes up images, and you can also manually graduate the settings in functions like natural skin texture, face retouching, color enhancement, background blur, and more. 

Lensa is free to use for the initial 7 days, and then you can opt for a monthly or annual subscription, starting at $7.99 per month. 

Up Your Visual Game with AI Photo Tools

These are our favorites, but there are many AI-based photo apps out there to discover, and new ones being launched all the time.

So go ahead and adopt AI tools for your creative workflow. Let us know your picks!

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