7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

From reverse image search to image upscaling to creating images out of thin air, AI photo tools are every day increasing the realm of possibilities and furthering efficient workflows for artists and creatives, saving time, effort, and money. If you're interested in AI image Generation, check out our article on the best AI image generators here at AISecrets.com, or more FREE AI image generators here.

www.canva.com magic edit
Magically add to your image with Canvas Magic Edit

Shutterstock Generate – Legally Safe AI Image Generator

FREE* $29
*Up to 10 images for one month with a Shutterstock Free Trial
Shutterstock Generate is an AI image generator powered by Dall-E and trained with Shutterstock content, capable of producing fake pictures from text descriptions (even just one word) that are accurate and legally safer than other options out there.
And if you use the exclusive Shutterstock Free Trial, you can get up to 10 AI-generated images for free!

Topaz Photo AI

$199 $199
272 days left
Maximize your image quality and save time and effort with Topaz Photo AI!
Photo AI is a tool to edit sharper, cleaner, enhanced, and upscaled photos easily with the power of AI.
Don't miss the chance to get technically perfect images without any special skills needed!

AVC Labs Photo Enhancer AI: 20% OFF!

$15.96 $19.95
20% off any Photo Enhancer AI plan
Get the Discount!
39 days left
Get all the power of Photo Enhancer AI and its many features to upscale and improve the quality of your images, at a discounted price!
Use our special coupon code at checkout and enjoy a 20% discount on any plan for Photo Enhancer AI, a cool tool!
Enjoy the power of AI photo editing with a 10% discount! Valid for all Luminar Neo plans

Picsart AI Image Generator + AI Editing

*Try the full creative suite.
Free for 7 days.
Picsart is a creative design hub that recently incorporated a cool AI image generator where you can turn any text prompt into an original image, and further fine-tune it using the platform's AI-powered pictures editing features.
You use it for free, albeit with limited access, or you can try the Gold (premium) membership with full access for free for 7 days, after $4.66/mo.

As the options in tools and applications for deep learning, and AI technology in image manipulation keep multiplying, we bring you our curated selection of the absolute best AI picture editing software, image cleaners, and artificial intelligence photography that, if you haven’t yet, you must try out today. 

AI Picture Tools: Focus on Creativity

When it comes to visual design, technical and creative tasks aren’t always well-balanced, and it’s the technical aspect that usually requires a specific skill set, especially in the case of editing tools, to produce optimal results. 

And that’s the issue that AI tech and automatic tools are here to solve. Where before you needed to spend hours learning how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom (or a comparable editing tool), and then even more hours carefully editing an image, you can now achieve similar results with a click here and there. Automated image editing saves time. 

The development of convolutional neural networks has opened up a whole world of intelligent image processing and automatic picture editing software that allows you to avoid time-consuming picture editing and spend your time creating, as machine learning algorithms in your photo editing software take care of the technical tweaks on a whim. You get your edited photos effortlessly. There are even AI-generation stock image companies now, and AI video generation is already a reality as well.

The following are our picks of the best AI-powered picture editing tools to discover. Most of them are included in our big list of the best software tools in 2022!

If you're looking for a quick way to resize pictures using AI tech or similar, go straight to our list of the best online tools for image resizing, Instagram, or any other uses!

Are you into AI-generated images? Then go straight to our list of the best free AI image generators!

One field where visual AI technology was early adopted is that of reverse image search. The ability to use one image as a reference to find thousands, even millions of similar pictures has lots of useful applications in creative workflows, and AI made the results better than ever.

Read here to learn how to reverse image search can benefit you!

If all about using and editing photos is new for you, our guide on how to edit photos like a pro is a great starting point!

AI Image Upscaler

upscaler > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Web-based
Price: Free up to 3 upscales, then from $20 for 5 upscales

Best match: Everyone needs to blow up their images without losing quality.

Stockphotos.com’s AI Image Upscaler is a little gem: simple, powerful, and either free or otherwise very affordable. It is a tool that, as the name gives away, upscale or enhance pictures using AI tech to avoid losing image quality. When we say simple, we mean it: all you have to do is drag and drop, or upload your photo, select how big you want to make it, and click to proceed. That’s it: the software automatically upscales it in seconds, and you can then download your file in multiple formats including JPEG and PNG, as well as crop it or resize it to preset social media dimensions, or custom measurements (learn it all about standard photo sizes here). Talk about useful free picture editing software!

You can even display the original image and the enhanced one side by side on this tool, with a cool slider to see the difference between them.

Do you need to edit video content? Then don't miss this list of the coolest AI video editing tools!

It’s a perfect solution for when you have a small or low-res image that you need to enhance, something very hard and time-consuming to do with traditional tools, that usually doesn’t produce the same results as this innovative AI approach. 

example image upscaler stockphoto > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

The AI Image Upscaler is free for up to 3 images, and up to 2x enhancement. But you can blow them up to 4x and even 8x their size/resolution, as well as do many more picture processing, by buying upscales packs starting at $20 for 5 images upscales. A real bargain.  

If you like the idea of intelligent image enhancement, check out our list of the best 10 image upscalers.

Shutterstock Generate: Legally Safe AI Image Generator

wwww.shutterstock.com homepage
Compatibility: Web-based
Price: Free with the Shutterstock Free Trial – From $29 with subscriptions or image packs

Best match: Anyone wanting to create images from scratch with an AI tool without much fuss

shutterstock generate home > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

Shutterstock, one of the leading stock media agencies in the world, recently released Shutterstock Generate, their very own AI image generator based on Dall-E, a text-to-image generative AI model by OpenAI.

Available for all users around the world and in all languages supported by the Shutterstock platform, the new Generate feature lets you:

  • Create images from text prompts, even simple ones containing only keywords or just one word. However, the more detailed the prompt is, the better the images it'll produce.
  • Apply style filters to your generated images, including concepts like “photo,” “art,” “3D,” and more.
  • License and download a large-sized, AI-generated image of your choice.
  • Continue working with the AI-generated image in Shutterstock Creative Flow apps (more on this below!).

What sets Shutterstock Generate apart from other AI image generators is that, on one side, the tool is trained only with authorized Shutterstock content, all contributors are compensated for using their work in AI image generation, and you obtain a license to use the images you generated, if you decide to download them. And then that is a lot easier to use and requires less experience in text prompt writing.

Images created with Shutterstock Generate are paid, just like any other stock photo in their library. You can download AI-generated images using image packs (one AI image = one image download) or all-in-one subscriptions (one AI image = one credit).

However, you can also take advantage of the Shutterstock Free Trial, which comes with 10 free image downloads for one month to get up to 10 AI-generated pictures for free!

Here you can get all the details of Shutterstock Generate.

Adobe Firefly: Ethical AI Image Generation for Professional Creatives

Compatibility: Web-based, Mac, Windows, iOS
Price: Free (with watermark) – Included in your Adobe Photoshop (beta) and Adobe Express (beta) applications

Best match: Adobe fans and creatives using Adobe applications

adobe firefly for enterprise > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Adobe Logo > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

Adobe Firefly is Adobe's family of generative AI models launched in March 2023. Right now, the Firefly offer includes a text-to-image art generator, a tool to create font styles for your text, and a feature that creates color variations for vector illustrations.

All of these AI models are available on the Adobe Firefly web page, and you can try them out and even download your generated content for free –with an Adobe Firefly watermark–, all you need is an Adobe ID. Furthermore, Adobe plans to integrate this technology across their Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud platforms; there are Firefly-powered features already available in some of Adobe's most popular tools, like Photoshop and Express (see them below in this list).

With Adobe Firefly text-to-image generator, you can:

  • Generate synthetic images from written text descriptions
  • Change the visual format with quick button actions (art, photo, graphic, or none)
  • Apply filters to alter the image's style
  • Further refine the look with preset controls for color and tone, lighting, and composition
  • Change the aspect ratio from a list of standard sizes

Plus, the text style generator lets you enter your text and a description of the font style you envision, then it generates a visual for your text with those parameters that you can further refine with preset tools. Similarly, the generative recolor feature can create color variations for any vector file you feed it, provided with a text prompt of how you want it recolored.

What is relevant about Firefly isn't only its integration into Creative Cloud but also that it is developed ethically and responsibly by Adobe: the models are trained only with Adobe Stock content, with copyright-free content from the web, and with content from the public domain; this significantly reduces the risk of infringing anyone's intellectual property with your creations. Plus, all the images you generate and download include the Adobe Content Credentials that establish they are AI-generated, enhancing transparency across its usage.

Discover Adobe Firefly today!

Shutterstock Creative Flow: AI-Powered Creative Tools (FREE)

wwww.shutterstock.com homepage
Compatibility: Web-based
Price: Free with your Shutterstock subscription

Best match: Marketers and businesses of all sizes

www.shutterstock.com creative flow

Shutterstock Creative Flow is a full suite of tools based on Shutterstock.AI technology with multiple web-based resources for picture buyers and visual creatives. It includes features such as:

  • Shutterstock Create: A user-friendly image editor capable of producing beautiful and professional-like designs in minutes and without previous design knowledge. It has a background remover, an automatic resizer, lots of design templates, and much more
  • Shutterstock Predict: A program that uses AI-analyzed data from Shutterstock's massive content library to dig up and suggests exactly the type of images that will perform well, marketing-wise, for your specific needs
  • Content Scheduler: Schedule and publish your designs all in one place
  • Content Calendar: Keep all your designs organized and planned

Among other useful features.

Best of all is that Shutterstock Creative Flow is included at no added cost with your Shutterstock subscription. Be it an image subscription, a multimedia Flex subscription, an individual plan, a team, or even an enterprise membership, they all come with Creative Flow as a free bonus.

FREE Shutterstock Creative Flow+ & 10 FREE Images!

Free* From $29/mo
*One-Month Free Trial for an annual image subscription plan with 10 downloads/month, including Creative Flow + for free
Get it now!
17 days left
Enjoy all the power of Shutterstock Creative Flow+, the premium design tool by Shutterstock, included FOR FREE with your Shutterstock Free Trial!
You'll get 10 image downloads, to get any ten images of your choice from Shutterstock's library, and premium access to Creative Flow+, completely free, for 30 days!
Additionally, all Shutterstock subscriptions are 15% off with our special coupon code, and they all come with Shutterstock Creative Flow+!

Even better? You can get a Shutterstock subscription at a discounted price with our special Shutterstock Coupon Code!

And we're not done: You can also try Shutterstock for free for one month with this cool Shutterstock Free Trial!

www.shutterstock.com predict

Adobe Photoshop CC (Beta): Generative Fill + More AI-Powered Features

Photoshop CC > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Web-based (Adobe Creative Cloud), Mac, Windows, iOS
Price: From $20.99/month

Best match: Pro and serious hobbyist photographers and image editors to use machine learning image processing.


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Photoshop CC is Adobe’s flagship product and a well-known industry standard in image editing software, chosen by most professional photographers and advanced users. This is a complete solution for picture editing, yet it is a complex software that requires a certain level of knowledge and dexterity.

In its latest update (still in beta), Photoshop has introduced an integration with Adobe Firefly: the Generative Fill feature that lets you select an area or object in your photo and transform it with AI-image generation using text prompts. For example, you can select the subject's shirt and change it from an informal blouse to a professional-looking shirt and jacket; you can select a day-light sky and convert it to a dusk scene. You can “zoom out” an image of a bear in a forest, to show more of the forest. And so on. All with simply writing down your visual needs in the text box of Generative Fill.

In a previous update, it also introduced Neural filters, a series of AI-fueled functions to perform common but very necessary editing tasks, such as skin smoothing in portrait pictures and removal of unwanted elements, including background removal, automatically. Some more advanced tools are still in beta testing like one to perform color correction and colorize black and white compositions, or functions to retouch portraits such as changing expressions, removing dark circles, or adding makeup to people, with very impressive results.

These AI features in one of the number one fan-favorite applications are very useful to reduce workflow load and speed up editing times while amping up visual power. And most of them are available on Adobe mobile apps as well.

Get all details on costs and subscription options for Photoshop and other Adobe apps, including ways to save on your products, in our Adobe Creative Cloud pricing breakdown.

Topaz Labs: Multiple AI Image Editing Tools like Gigapixel AI

topaz labs > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Mac, Windows, PS plugin, Web-based
Price: At least one free trial image. Lifetime access (one-time fee) from $79.99

Best match: Serious hobbyists and pros looking for unlimited image processing

NEW Topaz Photo AI

Maximize your image quality on autopilot and with minimal effort, with Topaz Photo AI, a tool to edit sharper, cleaner, enhanced, and upscaled photos easily with the power of AI.

Topaz Labs is a platform that develops various image editing tools for visual creatives, all on the base of the latest deep learning technology and machine learning image processing. Right now they have four really useful, really cool software apps:

  • Gigapixel AI – An intelligent image upscaler that enhances image resolution instead of simply enlarging pixels, resulting in larger and higher resolution pixels
  • DeNoise AI – This tool lets you remove noise and recover image detail in one step
  • Sharpen AI – It's an innovative editor to add sharpness to images on the basis of three AI-trained models based on different types of blur: motion, focus, and softness
  • Video Enhance AI – An AI-based video upscaler to enhance, denoise, deinterlace, and restore videos

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2021 11 18 11 05 48 > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

These solutions are accessible via web browser, but you also have downloadable apps for Mac, Windows, and even a Photoshop plugin.

You can access a free trial for these tools, all you have to do is register with your email address on the website, and your processed image will be delivered to your inbox, completely free.

2021 11 18 10 36 11 > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

But to get unlimited access, you need to pay. The good news? They're all lifetime and unlimited access fees, some including up to one year of free upgrades. So you only have to pay once and get to use the app forever, and for as many images as you want. Plus, in the apps, you can edit photos in batches.

Prices start at $79.99 for DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI and can go up to $99.99 (Gigapixel AI). You may also get the three apps in a bundle for $199.99. The Enhancer AI is the priciest tool, at $199.99.


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Mokker AI – An App to Make Perfect Product Photos

Compatibility: Web-based
Price: 40 free credits upon signup – Free 7-day trial for subscriptions
From €6.00/month (with an annual plan)

Best match: Brands and businesses wanting to enhance and speed up their product photography production.

mokker ai logo > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

Mokker is an AI application that combines two automatic image-editing tasks to help you produce amazing product photos quickly and easily. All you have to do is upload your product photo, and the software first removes the original background and then replaces it with an AI-generated background of your choice.

This app offers lots of background templates you can try, as well as photo props to add to your images (think of elements like plants. vases, bottles, and containers) to make your product images look different and high quality. All pictures created with this tool come with a full-coverage commercial license, letting you use them wherever you want.

mokker ai > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

When you sign up for an account on Mokker, you get an initial allowance of 40 credits for free that you can use to create product photos. Each image equals one credit, but every time you hit the “Generate” button, the software synthesizes four different image variations for you to choose from, so each generation takes up 4 credits. Once you use up all your free credits, you must pay for a subscription, which comes with unlimited photos and unlimited downloads. There are two options:

  • Monthly plan: €9.99/month
  • Annual plan: €6.00/mo (billed annually at €71.93)

With any of the options, you'll get unlimited access to Mokker AI. But the month-to-month plan includes a 7-day free trial, worth checking out!

Sign up for Mokker AI here!

AVC Photo Enhancer AI: Complete AI Image Enhancing Tool (NEW)

Compatibility: Web-based / Windows and MacOS
Price: Free download and initial trial picture
From $19.95 a month – From $15.96 a month with our special coupon code

Best match: Users needing to improve the quality of their images without learning specific skills


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avc labs logo > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

AVC Labs is a platform offering multimedia editing tools powered by AI technology. Their Photo Enhancer AI app focuses on improving the quality of pictures using different AI models. The upscaler feature increases a photo's resolution by 400% while removing defects and keeping image details for a natural, enhanced appearance.

avc labs photo enhancer ai image upscaler > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

There are also other features you can apply, such as a noise and grain remover, a portrait enhancer, a color-correcting tool, and more. All AI-powered and automatically applied with just a few clicks.

After an initial trial image, you have to pay to use this software. But it's rather affordable and has various payment options:

  • Monthly subscription for $19.95 per month
  • Annual subscription for $79.95 a year
  • Lifetime for $159.90 (one-time purchase)

Any of these plans give you access to all Photo Enhancer AI features, for one device, and with free support and updates.

The best, however, is that you can get it for much less using our exclusive coupon code with a 20% discount on Photo Enhancer AI!

AVC Labs Photo Enhancer AI: 20% OFF!

$15.96 $19.95
20% off any Photo Enhancer AI plan
Get the Discount!
39 days left
Get all the power of Photo Enhancer AI and its many features to upscale and improve the quality of your images, at a discounted price!
Use our special coupon code at checkout and enjoy a 20% discount on any plan for Photo Enhancer AI.

Generated.Photos: AI-Generated Photos of People

ai generated photos > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Web-based
Price: Free with attribution for personal use, commercial use starting at $2.99 per picture

Best match: Commercial-oriented designs, particularly on sensitive topics 


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Generated.photos is a new concept in lifestyle imagery (a.k.a. Photos of people): they use AI technology to create realistic, yet fake,  pictures of people that you can download and use in your work. They're all in a collection appropriately named Generated Humans.

Does that sound crazy? It’s not! Their software produces these visuals of people that look real, but they aren’t, making them so much safer to use in commercial projects, and those related to sensitive subjects (imagine: no risk of sensitive use or right of privacy infringement). Plus, they include a face generator that lets you adjust a few preferences such as gender, age, ethnicity, and background color, and then produces an image of a person with a unique style, matching all those parameters. Additionally, the images come with a green background, so you can easily remove the background if needed. People photos on spec and within minutes, how cool is that? This service is a real finding!

You can use generated photos for free for personal projects and provide a link back to their site. But you may also license these images for commercial use, in high resolution, and with transparent background, starting at $2.99 per image. Make sure to read all about AI-generated photos here.

Learn more about creating fake photos with digital tools.

Pixlr BG: AI Background Removing

PixlrBg Overview 400x250 tn > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Web-based
Price: Free with limited access, premium plans from $7.99/month

Best match: Creatives needing to quickly remove and/or replace backgrounds in images.

Exclusive: Pixlr free trial!


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Pixlr is an image editing software suite with several apps. Among them, Pixlr BG is a very cool and useful AI tool that lets you remove backgrounds from pictures in one click. Automating this common task simplifies editing processes a lot. 

It’s an uncomplicated and powerful solution if you need transparent backgrounds or image cutouts. Just with one click, the system gets rid of an image’s background, and you can also fine-tune the results through manual work to ensure a perfect finish. Furthermore, you may also use their dedicated photo editors (there’s an advanced and beginner ones) to replace the background of your images and perform other retouching tasks such as adding text to images, resizing images, and more typical adjustments.

Here you have a list of the top background remover apps for more options.

Luminar Neo by Skylum: All-Round AI Image Editing (New Extensions!)

Luminar AI > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Mac and Windows, Android, and iOS
Price: From $6.21/mo (bi-annual plan)
Free 7-Day free trial
Extra 10% off with our special Luminar Neo coupon code!

Best match: Pro and beginner photographers, graphic designers, visual creatives


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Developed by Skylum, Luminar Neo is the latest version of a game-changer software that was the very first entirely AI-powered image editor for real artificial intelligence photography based on machine learning image processing. All its features are based on this tech, making it possible to do really advanced edits in just one click because of deep-learning photo analysis. This also makes it very easy to use, with a very gentle learning curve. As a bonus, it has plug-ins for popular image editors. 

And now it also comes with a pack of Extensions: single-task, AI-powered apps to edit your images quickly:

  • Upscale AI to improve image resolution
  • Background Removal AI to automatically remove image backgrounds
  • Noiseless AI to easily remove noise from pictures
  • Supersharp AI to quickly correct motion blur and misfocus
  • Focus Stacking to stack up to 100 similar images and intelligently select and combine the best in-focus details on each one into a single, pixel-perfect image

The Luminar Neo extensions are included for free in all subscription plans. These are already quite affordable: $11.95 per month if you hire it month-to-month, but you can cut it down to just $8.25/mo with an annual subscription and even to $6.21/mo with a bi-annual membership! Even better? We have a special Luminar Neo coupon code for you, that will save you 10% off any subscription plan!

Enjoy the power of AI photo editing with a 10% discount! Valid for all Luminar Neo plans

With Luminar, you can do it all: noise reduction, change body shapes, correct colors, enhance skin texture and highlight the eyes in people's photos. Improve the appearance of, or replace, skies as well as add ray lights and other enhancements in outdoor photos, for example. 

Luminar Neo Easy Photo Editor Software for Mac PC > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

But by far, the most useful feature for creatives is the AI templates, a selection of preset edits to enhance and modify the style of photos. This function not only analyzes your images to suggest the best template to use but also makes it incredibly easy to apply the same style to a diverse selection of photos, making them style-consistent. It is particularly great when you work with stock photos, which can be from different photographers, and it’s absolutely ideal for ensuring all your visuals are on-brand. You can easily see why we love it. 

Picsart: AI Image Creator and AI Writer (NEW)

www.picsart.com homepage
Compatibility: Web-based + mobile apps
Price: Limited free access to basic tools and features – Full premium access for $11.99/mo (or $4.66/mo billed annually at $55.99/yr)

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Picsart is a user-friendly creative platform with multiple AI-powered tools for everyone to fulfill their vision without the specific skills needed. Combining a website and installable mobile apps, Picsart gives users everything they need to create unique content.

And recently they've introduced two relevant AI features: an AI image generator that transforms text prompts into images aka computer vision imaging (using a combination of Stable Diffusion's software and native tech), and an AI writing app that can come up with slogans, social media bios, advert copy and more, from just a descriptive prompt.

The images you generate with the AI tool can also be edited using Picsart's photo editing apps which include automatic background removal, photo effects, a cartoonizer, and much more. The platform includes lots of images, graphics, templates, and more resources, too.

You can use Picsart for free forever but with access to only the most basic functionality. You also have the option to upgrade to a premium membership, with an initial 7-day free trial. After that, you will pay $11.99/mo if you subscribe month-to-month, or $55.99/yr –which breaks down to $4.66 per month) if you're willing to pay for a whole year in advance. There is a Team membership for Picsart available too, at higher price points.

Vance AI: Multiple Picture Tools

vance ai logo > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Web-based 
Price: Limited free access to some of the tools – Paid access starts at $9.99/mo

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Vance AI is a cloud-based service that offers various image editing tools, all powered by AI technology, as the brand name gives away.

Their suite includes things like an image enhancer, image enlarger, image denoiser, image sharpener, as well as a background remover, portrait retoucher, and even tools to turn your photo into a cartoon, restore and colorize old and black-and-white photos, to turn a portrait into a line drawing, and more.

A cool feature of theirs is that you can create a “workflow”, to process an image by combining different tools for an optimal result, automatically. For example, you can apply restoration, denoiser, and colorizing tools to one old photo in order to enhance it and make it color. And you will only need to upload and process the image once. It also enables batch photo editing, letting you apply automatic settings to multiple images at once. Very cool.

Vance AI has a free trial account that gives you three free credits per month. Each tool has a different credit pricing so how much of them you can use for free varies. Their additional features like the photo editor, image resizer, and such, are free as well. If you want more than this free account enables, you have different paid options: pay as you go, or a subscription with 200 credits per month, which goes for $9.99/mo or $59.88/yr (which breaks down to $4.99/mo).

Datasetshop by vAIsual: Clean Datasets to Train your AI

datasetshop logo 1 > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Web-based + Downloadable Datasets
Price: Custom pricing – Pre-made bundles from $9

Best match: Anyone wanting to train AI software with legally-clean and completely safe images

datasetshop bundles > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

Datasetshop is a service by the pioneer in AI-generated imagery vAIsual, and it's oriented to software developers mostly. Basically, what they offer is multiple pre-made or custom datasets –bundles of images– for you to use in the training of AI software (which you need to do if, for example, you want an AI model to be able to generate images from scratch).

They have a growing library with over 500,000 images, both organic –real-life– and synthetic (or AI-generated), ready to be licensed and used in your projects. The pre-made sets are all focused on people, but you can request personalized datasets for different needs and subjects, including objects and scenes.

There is a variety of bundle sizes and resolutions, with prices starting at $9 for 1,000+ low-res synthetic headshots, with a standard license. Pricing can go up to tens of thousands, depending on how many files the set includes, and the license type that covers your intended uses.

What really sets Datasetshop apart is that all their images are produced in-house by vAIsual, following their unique, legally-clean approach to AI software training and AI image generation: all their organic photos are wholly owned by the company and all the models featured in them have signed model releases that authorize the use of their biometric data –a.k.a. their features– in AI visuals.

This makes their images –and thus any AI software tool trained with them– a lot safer in terms of legality and copyright, something that is currently concerning most developers and users of AI images.

Wirestock: Sell Stock Photos Online Easily

wirestock logo > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Web-based 
Price: Free – Premium Plan (optional) starts at $12.99/mo

Best match: Creatives wanting to earn passive income from their images, illustrations, and videos through stock photo sites


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This one is a little different. Wirestock is a service that uses AI tech to help stock media contributors upload, manage and track sales of their content on the best stock photo agencies online, easier and faster.

They have a platform on which you can sign up and upload photos, illustrations, and videos to a list of popular stock media sites –Shutterstock, Adobe, Alamy, Dreamstime, Pond5, Depositphotos, and 123RF–, as well as Instant Pay sale points like Freepik, and even Extra Channels that they add through private partnerships and distribution deals.

The AI comes into play to provide automatic keywording, thus completely eliminating one of the most time-consuming tasks of the contributor workflow. But the service also tracks all your sales, as well as manages all your portfolios across the different agencies. Furthermore, they give you a portfolio page where you can sell prints.

Wirestock is completely free to sign up and start contributing, however, they cut 15% of all your earnings. You also have the option to upgrade to a Premium Plan and get preferential treatment in terms of keywording and review, customer support, and more. Premium membership is $12.99/mo or $119.88/yr.

DALL-E: AI Images for Commercial Use

OpenAI Dall E 2 logo > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]
Compatibility: Web-based
Price: 50 initial credits for free + 15 free credits every month – credit packs for 115 credits for $15

Best match: Creatives wanting to generate images without using a camera or photo editing software


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DALL-E is an AI image generator by OpenAI –Elon Musk's AI tech firm– that recently opened to the public in beta test, inviting people from its waitlist. This intelligent software can create photorealistic and illustration or painting-styled images from written descriptions. Additionally, it can also make edits to images, or create variations of an image, all using written instructions. For example, you can instruct the software to add contrast, change exposure settings, or modify the color temperature on your photo.

From now, the user-generated images from DALL-E come with full usage rights, enabling you to commercialize the visuals you create with the tool.

With a considerably flexible free allowance and the chance to buy credits for more image creations if you need them, DALL-E is certainly an exciting tool to try, since it allows you to create any kind of image you dream of without having to shoot it with a camera or draw it or paint it.

lensa inc logo vector > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

Lensa (portraits and selfies – for mobile)

Compatibility: iOS and Android
Price: Free for 7 days, then $7.99/month

Best match: People who work with selfies or portraits

Lensa portraits and selfies – for mobile > 7+ Awesome AI Photo Generators & Photo Editors [Latest Generation]

From Prisma Labs, the smartphone app Lensa brings AI technology for perfect selfies. This is a very user-friendly app with quick and effective features to improve selfies and portraits directly on your iPhone or Android phone. Its intelligent feature Magic Correction automatically tunes up images, and you can also manually graduate the settings in functions like natural skin texture, face retouching, color enhancement, background blur, and more. 

Lensa is free to use for the initial 7 days, and then you can opt for a monthly or annual subscription, starting at $7.99 per month. 

BONUS: Spawning.ai's Have I Been Trained

As you probably have heard –and we have covered recently– one issue that has been rising in the creative community since the spreading of AI tools is that of the human-made images that are used to train AI visual software, so it is later capable of using “scraps” of those images to create entirely new pictures.

Some artists see this as a violation of their copyright, some models also see this as a violation of their biometric data. And in any case, most of them believe that having their photos included in training datasets should require their permission – something that not all AI image-generating tools seem to have done.

In this context, Spawning.ai has come up with an interesting resource. Their “Have I Been Trained?” feature lets you enter either text or an image into a search field, to be correlated against a database of 5.8 million images that have been used to train different AI software. It's a way of verifying whether your images have been used to train other tools or not.

Given how many photographers, visual artists, and content creators have voiced their concerns over how their work is used by AI software, this could be a valuable tool.

AI Photo Tools FAQ

Let's quickly address the most common questions regarding AI photo tools!

What is photo AI?

Photo AI is a term that often refers to photography-related technology with AI capabilities. It can be AI-generated images, it can be AI tools for image search, it can be an AI powered tools for background remover, and it can be AI picture editor software, among other applications.

What is AI in photo editing?

AI is artificial intelligence. In photo editing, this means software with intelligent functionality and constant training through use, that can recognize visual elements and/or predict visual results or enhancements, and perform edits semi-automatically with minimal input on your part.

How is AI used in photo editing for my benefit?

Photography tools let to automate (or semi-automate) different tasks: image culling, image editing –including batch editing–, image enhancement or upscaling, and more. This way, you can outsource time-consuming and uninspiring steps in your workflow to the “machines” and focus solely on the more creative aspects. Plus, you can achieve professional results even if you're not a skilled image editor.

What is an AI photo enhancer? What is AI photo enhancement?

An AI photo enhancer is a tool that uses AI to make your photos the best they can be. There are different types of AI photography enhancement tools, from apps that suggest you the best angles to take photos in any scene, to editing software that improves your image's settings in a few clicks, to web-based tools that increase your photo quality and size in seconds. Tools that increase image resolution with AI are called image upscalers.

What is the best AI image upscaler?

In our opinion, one of the best AI image upscaling tools is, ironically, Stockphotos.com's AI Image Upscaler. It's web-based, it has a free trial, and it's incredibly effective, fast, simple to use, and affordable. Can hardly ask for more!

Is there an auto photo editor?

Yes, there are apps that perform automatic image editing with just a few clicks here and there. Adobe Photoshop is constantly updating and adding AI automatic photo editing features, but tools like Dall-E, Luminar AI, and Vance AI are full-blown automatic photo editors.

Is Dall-e free to use?

At the time being, yes. Dall-e is giving its invited users free access to the platform and its tools, with a limited free allowance in the form of credits. There is also the option to buy more credits if needed.

How much does luminar AI cost?

Luminar AI, the powerful AI image editing software, costs $47 in a one time payment.

Up Your Visual Game with AI Photo Tools

These are our favorites, but there are many AI-based photo apps out there to discover, and new ones are being launched all the time.

So go ahead and adopt AI tools for your creative workflow. Let us know your picks!

Not found about AI what you were looking for? Just ask!


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