Depositphotos Celebrates 100 Million Files Milestone and Shares Trendy Insights

depositphotosThese are exciting days at Depositphotos! The well-established stock photo agency reached a significant milestone this month: 100 million files in their library! Between photos, vector illustrations and stock footage, this vast pool content means you now have a lot more variety to choose from when buying stock media for your projects.

The agency celebrated this achievement sharing an insider scoop on the impressive success history of their nine years in business, along with valuable insights on the type of content that is most popular in their platform.

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But now keep reading to learn all the hits in Depositphotos' service!

100 Million Files in Nine Years: a Successful Global Stock Photo Agency

From its beginnings in 2009, Depositphotos has amassed this colossal stock media library with contributions from artists from all over the world: they have over 500 million contributors are spread across 173 countries, with most of them concentrating in the US, Ukraine (where the company started) and Russia.

One thing you might not know about Depositphotos is that in their first three years of life (from 2009 to 2012) they were the fastest growing stock photo agency in the market, collecting 10 million files in that time. However, their most uploads day was more recently, in November 2018. Today, they're pushing up to 3 million new files into their library every month!

The 100 million files they celebrate are composed mainly of stock photos: at 73 million files, they represent almost three-quarters of the library. The rest is made up of 23 million vectors, and 4 million videos. Overall, it is an impressive collection with large pools of content in the main media formats any creative needs.

All-Time Trendy Topics in Stock Photos

Although they already disclosed which styles will make for the most popular images this year (you can see them all in our full Photography Trends 2020 Report right here!), in this occasion the agency chose to share insights and collections on the base of their most popular and sought-after categories in imagery.

authentic stock photography people > Depositphotos Celebrates 100 Million Files Milestone and Shares Trendy Insights

#1 People

Lifestyle images are an evergreen topic across the industry, and of course, they are also Depositphotos' top category. Photos of people are essential in designs for pretty much any theme, brand or purpose. Right now it's all about inclusion, diversity and outstanding subjects and moments.

authentic stock photography business > Depositphotos Celebrates 100 Million Files Milestone and Shares Trendy Insights

#2 Business

Another constant in the market, imagery that represents business, commerce and all the activities we make for a living are always in high demand at this agency. Today the focus shifted towards entrepreneurship and creativity.

authentic stock photography textures and backgrounds > Depositphotos Celebrates 100 Million Files Milestone and Shares Trendy Insights

#3 Textures and Backgrounds

Multipurpose, abstract and artistic images like these are also prevalent as they enable creatives and graphic designers to realise their vision in unique ways.

authentic stock photography holidays and events > Depositphotos Celebrates 100 Million Files Milestone and Shares Trendy Insights

#4 Holidays and Events

As so many companies and individuals need and want to celebrate the important calendar dates in their social media channels, their ads and visual campaigns, images that represent celebratory occasions and seasons are very much wanted.

authentic stock photography nature > Depositphotos Celebrates 100 Million Files Milestone and Shares Trendy Insights

#5 Nature

These are a staple in inspirational visual designs, and that's why they are so popular. Currently nature imagery centres in highlighting the everyday beauty in both accessible and remote parts of the globe.

Join Depositphotos in Celebrating 100 Million Files

As you see, this microstock agency is as reliable and resourceful as ever. They've been in business for almost a decade and, as it shows, in constant and healthy growth. Their well-known quality in images and customer service is now increased by an extensive catalogue of media to explore!

To see it for yourself, go ahead and sign up for free at Depositphotos to browse their library! If you see something you like, make sure to buy it using our Depositphotos Coupon Code for freebies and extra discount!

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