Pond5 releases new Website with great new Features!

Pond5 has just announced the release of their new website upgrade that benefits both buyers and contributors of stock photos and media. The media marketplace at Pond5 just got more competitive for those who contribute 3D artwork, photos, video and music to savvy buyers that know the benefits of stock media.

pond5-new-logoNew features on the Pond5 website for buyers

One of the greatest challenges when looking for stock media and stock photos is searching through thousands of contributors submissions to find the exact photo, image, video or 3D image that matches your story or concept. Pond5 has added three unique features to enhance and quicken the search process.

  1. Infinite scroll – no more page turning when searching through your results. Buyers can infinitely scroll through all their search results on one page.pond5-scrolling
  2. Better previews – larger images and watermarked videos enable you to search through media faster and download tests to see if they will work in your designs or media before you buy.
  3. Advanced search – Pond5 has created more granular search options so your image or media can be defined well and results are found faster.
  4. Drag and drop – drag your selections into your cart for easy purchasing and no waiting. This feature makes the buying experience seamless and quick!

New features on Pond5 for contributors

The contributing experience is as rewarding as the buying experience on Pond5. With three new features to enhance the contributing experience in addition to the Pond5 contribution system, artists, filmmakers and photographers will find it easy and rewarding for their brand on Pond5.

  1. Collections – Artists can now put their works into collections so buyers can review relevant material that an artist creates. This feature enables artists to share their media quickly and feature their work.
  2. Personal profiles – it is important to highlight your brand as a contributor so buyers recognize your work and continue to search for your new media. Pond5 has added personal profiles for artists who wish to take advantage of this powerful selling tool.
  3. Drag and drop – the drag and drop feature can be used in collections as well, so contributors can easily build personal collections of their work.

It is not unusual to find Pond5 media in Hollywood studios, published books and magazines, television networks and more. Their goal is to be the fastest and most efficient media maker and seller so buyers and contributors have a pleasant and useful experience. These new features are sure to get them beyond this point in the media market world.

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Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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