New Extended License Packs at SPS Shop: Great Images for Commercial Use!

StockPhotoSecrets-Logo-WhiteWe have awesome news at StockPhotoSecrets Shop! Our new Extended License image packs let you acquire any of the images in our library with an Extended License that enables unlimited copies and use in products for resale. This means you get Royalty Free images for commercial use at very low prices!

Not only we have images for commercial use with one of the lowest price points in the market, but we also have a great discount for subscribers to our monthly and annual plans!

If you ever wondered where to buy images for commercial use, now you have an obvious answer: At SPS Shop you can purchase stock photos for commercial use fast, cheap and easy!

Visit SPS Shop and buy your Extended License Pack right here!

Images for Commercial Use: What Does Extended License Do?

All images in SPS Shop are approved for commercial use, meaning they can be used in designs with a commercial or for-profit purpose. Marketing and advertising, branding and promotion are some of the most common examples of this usage.

But our Standard Royalty Free license does not allow to use our images in designs you will resale multiple times for a profit. For example, you can use one of our photos in an advert for a web banner, but you cannot use that photo in a coffee mug that you offer for sale in your e-shop.

That kind of commercial use (what we call use in products for resale) requires additional rights, which is exactly what our Extended License provides.

SPS Shop's Extended License gives you all the rights included in Standard license, plus unlimited copies/reproductions and commercial use in products for resale. This includes designs for t-shirts an any kind of apparel, mugs, calendars and other print items, wall decor and other decorative elements, web templates and other digital products. For a one-time fee, you get the right to use stock photos for commercial use forever!

To see more details on the use of Extended License, see this useful license comparison table. 

Extended License Image Packs at SPS Shop

We are introducing Extended License option in the form of on demand image packs: you pay for the downloads in advance, and use them to get images whenever you want. Here's our prices:

  • 1 image: $80
  • 5 images: $300 (only $60 per image)
  • 25 images: $1,100 (just $44 per image)

SPS Shop Extended License Price > New Extended License Packs at SPS Shop: Great Images for Commercial Use!

These are some of the lowest price points in the stock photo market to purchase images for commercial use. As always, our offer is thought specifically for small and medium sized businesses who need high quality images for their projects at budget-friendly cost.

Special Discount for Customers: There's even more good news. All subscribers to any of our monthly or annual plans (including our popular 99club deal), get a 50% discount over all Extended License packs!

Get your SPS Shop subscription and Extended License packs now! 

What Can I Do with an Extended License?

In brief: everything you can do with an Standard license, plus unlimited copies and use in products you will then resale to gain profit.

When licensing images for commercial use under Extended License, you are not giving up to any of the rights you get in the default, Standard license. You can still use the photos forever, in as many designs as you want, for marketing, advertising, branding, promotion, decoration, personal use, etc.

Standard license limits how many copies of the image you can print/reproduce, to 300,000 units. With an Extended License you can print as many copies as you wish, without restrictions.

Standard license also forbids to use the photos in items you will resell for a profit. The greatest added value in Extended License is to let you do just that: use the images in designs you will sell repeatedly for an income.

And what these designs can be? Anything you imagine. T-shirts, hats, jumpers and any other apparely. Mugs, mouse pads, and other physical items. Packaging for your products. Wallpapers and decorative elements. Screensavers, digital cards, web templates. The sky's the limit!

Get your Creative Business Going with SPS Shop Extended Licenses!

If you want to make money by selling products with awesome images designs, this is your chance to maximise your gain by buying stock images for commercial use cheap.

If you're already a customer to our convenient monthly plans or our great 99club offer, you have the unique opportunity to save 50% in the cost for Extended License images! If you don't have a subscription with us yet, you can learn all about them here.

Already thinking on how to increase your incomes using stock photos in commercial projects? Then go ahead and buy your Extended License pack right now! 

Do you have any suggestions or comments on this new offer? Let me know in comments!

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