Earn money with you smartphone photos using Clashot Mobile App!

UPDATE - 2019.07.08This App and Service is no longer available!
Do you think that somebody would buy the picture you've just shot on your smartphone? Imagine that you get to sell that picture right away and start earning money. You think it's just wishful thinking? No, Clashot Mobile App is here to help you to do exactly that and much more!

Clashot Mobile App from Depositphotos

Our friends at Depositphotos microstock photos agency are constantly pushing the limits of our imagination with the help of their new initiative called Clashot which rises the mobile photo sharing to a new level. With their Clashot Mobile App which is now available for both iPhone and Adroid platforms not only helps you share and get positive remarks but also earns you money!

What is special about Clashot initiative?

Have a look at Clashot initiative

Depositphotos with this new Clashot initiative encourages a new approach to the mobile picture socialising. With their new concept of photobank and simplified registration you get a generous motivation program which includes all the usual social media encouragement features (likes and shares) plus selected group of reviewers (Expert) would rate your photos financially. This would mean each “like” from an Expert will be converted into cash that accumulated for contributors and can be withdrawn in a variety of convenient ways.

This new financial rating system is unique and is based on the notion that every person who spends time in making their mobile photos available for their photobank deserves a financial reward.  This is quite attractive approach since at Clashot everybody can potentially become and “Expert” and participate in this process of evaluation and financial rating.  This would mean your Clashot friends will have an opportunity to receive financial gain at your recommendation, beyond typical “likes” and comments. Clashot will cover the expenses by offsetting it from their advertising and photograph purchases.

Get the Clashot App

How to get Clashot Mobile App?

To get Clashot Mobile App you can visit their special download page where you can choose to go with iOS or Android platforms. You can also scan the QR codes with your mobile device.

Mission Center

Clashot has also a feature which helps to coordinate efforts of photographers in the different parts of the world with use of Mission Center. Here all the contributions are sorted by the subject and the particular region so that the interesting contributions in your local neighbourhood can be available easily for you. This is one more step of socialisation helping you to get-to-know your area amongst other things and enjoy those special moments together with you friends.

Clashot is your doorway to a community of creative and gifted people earn the money that is due!

Everybody can get theit exposure at Clashot since the don't perform any examination and any potential user can register in just tow clicks. This ease of registration doesn't mean carelessness. In fact quite the opposite Clashot publishes only legally produced works regardless of subject and matter of category and there are always safeguards in place to prevent the opposite.

All the product publishes at Clashot are immediately available for a purchase so your work becomes part of photobank where not only individual photographers have their works but also large studios and groups of authors. So Clashot is not just a professional, multifunctional and convenient photobank accessible on your smartphone but a community for creative and gifted people who get paid for their work!

Are you ready to become a member of this community of gifted individuals and earn the money that is due? Then download the Clashot Mobile App for your smartphone and let the journey begin! In the end remember – at Clashot your every image is valuable!


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