10 Stock Photo Agencies you never heard of but need to check out!

Beyond the well known stock photo agencies such as iStockphoto or Shutterstock, there is a world of images waiting for you to be discovered. Find 10 agencies you probably have neard heard of but need to check out soon: Each of them offers a different speciality, a different view to the parts of the world or topics you are looking for.

1. IngImage.com

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Ingram Image is a subsidiary of the well know British publishing house Ingram Publishing and offers a simple approach to the market: Instead of crowded masses, IngImage offers a handpicked collection selected by editors. And their offer is simple as well: At £ 589 their 12 months subscription is very competitive in the market. And they offer a trial subscription for 7 days totally free.

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2. Photospin


Photospin offers easy and cheap access to a huge database of 2.3 million images. The annual subscription for page sized images costs only $429 for a whole year – and you can add users for only $49.95 each to your subscription.

More information about Photospin:

3. Stockfresh


Stockfresh is a young agency led by industry veterans: The founders already started stock.xchng and stockXpert in the past. The pricing is simple and starts from $1 for websize images. Alternatively, subscriptions are available from 5 to 25 images per day, lasting a month or up to a year.

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4. YAYImages.com


YAY Images joined the stock photo market five years ago and offers an impressive 4 million images in their database today. They offer a completely different approach to image licensing: Instead of restricting access to a number of files or introducing complicated file sizes, they are offering three usage based subscriptions for web, digital or print users with unlimited access to their library. The prices start at $9.90 for unlimited web sized images.

More information about YAY Images:

5. Mostphotos


Mostphotos is a Swedish agency with more than 5 million images in their library. Their offer ranges from a small team package for 10 image downloads within a month costing $39 up to large team offer containing 700 images a month and costing from $356 a month. Most special about their offer is the allowance of unlimited subaccounts, so only one person per company needs to buy a subscription and everyone else will be able to access the library as well.

More information about Mostphotos:

6. Shotshop


Shotshop is a German designer-centric stock library, offering simple licensing and direct image sales. No complicated credit packages or subscriptions have to be purchased, just download the images you need right now and pay for them directly.

More information about Shotshop:

7. Pixta


Pixta is a stock photo agency based in Japan and has focused on the Asian market but started to reach out to North America and Europe this year. Their licensing system is simple and they offer either a straight-forward single image purchase or a prepaid credit system. Especially when you are looking for images with an Asian look and feel, you will find Pixta worth a try.

More information about Pixta:

8. Photodune


Photodune is part of the Envato group of Marketplaces, offering a variety from photos to audio files or videos. More than 3 million marketplace members are using their files to create designs, websites or products. Their image library contains millions of files, available at prices ranging from $1 to $9 for a extra extra large resolution.

More information about Photodune:

9. GL Stock Images

Gl Stock Images

GL Stock Images started out as GraphicLeftovers and has developed into a full blown stock agency with a fair trade approach: While they skip the credit systems most other sites are using and show prices straight in their dollar values, they also offer participating artists a market leading 52% of all image sales.

More information about GL Stock Images:

10. Stocksy United

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Stocksy United is a new approach to stock photography: iStock founder and former manager at Getty Images and Saatchi Online, Bruce Livingstone is leading the photographer co-op that offers authentic images without clichés. You will not find images on white backgrounds or smirky smiles in the collection on Stocksy. Instead the site is full of scenes just if you happened to be there right now.

More information about Stocksy United:

Image: IngImage.com

Amos Struck
Amos Struck

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