Exclusive Canva Coupon Code 2023: 15% Off in Canva Pro for One Year!

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Canva is a great resource for graphic design, photo editing, and all kinds of creative projects. 

Canva Pro, their premium service aimed at small businesses, solopreneurs, and DIY professionals, is even better. 

If you like Canva Pro but are looking for ways to get it at a discounted price, you came to the right place! 

Note: At this time, our Canva coupon code is temporarily unavailable. But stay tuned, because we'll bring you a new code very soon!

Canva discount offers aren’t easy to find and are usually limited time, but here we bring you our exclusive Canva Coupon Code that saves you 15% on an annual Canva Pro plan! 

Enjoy all the benefits of Canva Pro, including unlimited stock photo downloads, magic resizing, brand kits, and more, at a cut-price for a whole year. 

Our Canva Discount Code Saves you 15% Off a Yearly Canva Pro Plan

Canva Pro is a subscription-based service that you can hire month-to-month or for a whole year upfront. Obviously, you get a better price if you go for the annual subscription. 

And now, you’ll save even more with our best discount for Canva. This deal will give all members of Canva (new and existing) a 15% off Canva Pro annual plan for one year! 

The yearly membership at Canva Pro regularly goes for $119.99/year. Using our discount, you will be paying only $101.99 – that’s just $18.00 per year. The offer applies to the first year of subscription (from the 2nd year onwards, should you decide to stay subscribed, you'll be paying the regular price).

For more info, see our breakdown of Canva Pro pricing

And here you can learn about Canva Pro lifetime deals.

This is the best coupon you’ll find and also the easiest to use!

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How to Use the Canva Promo Code

To unlock this cool Canva discount is very simple, as the promotional code is automatically applied. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 

  • Click on the Canva Coupon banner here below (or anywhere else in this article)

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  • You will land on a special Canva page that lays out the details of this offer, with login options at the bottom
  • Choose an option to log in: with Google, with Facebook, or with your Email – or use your login details if you already have a Canva account
Canva Coupon Code Landpage > Exclusive Canva Coupon Code [wpsm_custom_meta type=date field=year]: 15% Off in Canva Pro for One Year!
  • Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the detail of your purchase, including the final price (discount applied)
Canva Coupon Code Offer Detail > Exclusive Canva Coupon Code [wpsm_custom_meta type=date field=year]: 15% Off in Canva Pro for One Year!
  • Select a payment method: credit card, or PayPal
  • Enter your payment details accordingly, and hit the “Claim Offer” button. The payment processing may take a couple of minutes.
Canva Coupon Code Purchase > Exclusive Canva Coupon Code [wpsm_custom_meta type=date field=year]: 15% Off in Canva Pro for One Year!
  • Done! You have successfully subscribed to Canva Pro for one year, and saved as much as $8.25 in total!

This is one of the easiest ways to save money in Canva because you don’t have to bother to get codes and copy/paste them anywhere, it’s all done automatically for you. 

Why Canva Pro: Unlimited Downloads and Cool, User-Friendly Features

If you’re familiar with the free version of Canva.com and its cool image editor, free templates, and free imagery, you may have wondered if it’s worth it to shell out for a Canva Pro subscription. 

While only you can decide if your needs justify spending on this service, we can tell you one thing: it’s incredibly useful and packed with features that far outdo its cost. For better insight, check our Canva Free vs Paid analysis!

What Canva offers in its premium segment is a battery of features and resources to solve virtually all graphic needs for businesses, nonprofits, and creative professionals from all avenues, with the same user-friendly concept that made free Canva popular. 

Canva Pro offers: 

  • Premium library with millions of stock images, videos, illustrations, and graphic elements
  • Premium graphic templates for everything from print items to digital designs
  • Exclusive premium fonts
  • Unlimited downloads!
  • User-friendly image editor
  • Magic Resize feature to automatically resize your designs to any dimension
  • Brand Kits to the story and automatically apply your brand identity elements to all designs
  • Cloud storage 
  • Web-based access plus iOS and Android apps
  • Access to up to 5 team members to your account (you can collaborate!)
  • Publishing feature to schedule, manage and directly publish your designs from Canva onto your social media channels

And much more. For more information, see our Canva Pro review. If you are a numbers person, our Canva stats report has all you need to know.

We feel all of this, for less than 4 bucks a month, is a steal! And that’s what you will pay if you get Canva Pro with our special discount coupon.

Note: If you run a large company and/or a big creative team, you may want to explore Canva enterprise service, as the Enterprise plan has extended features. 

BONUS Canva.com Coupon Code: Canva Pro Free Trial for 30 Days

We really do have the best Canva total offers, and in case you weren’t convinced yet, this will do: a Canva Pro Free Trial for 30 days! 

With our special coupon, you can try Canva Pro for a month without paying a penny!

With this coupon, you get full access to Canva Pro, everything included, for 30 days, for free. For more details, check out our Canva Pro Free Trial offer here. 

Test Canva Pro for free for 30 days. Full access to Canva Pro features! Cancel risk-free anytime within the 30-day free trial.
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Canva Pro Coupon's FAQ

Before we go, let's answer some of the most common questions regarding the Canva discount code:

Where do I get my Canva promotional code?

This offer is automatically applied to the Canva Pro annual subscription when you click on our banner, so you do not need to copy/paste any coupon code. During the purchase process, you will visualize the final discounted price for your subscription prominently on the screen.

Can I Cancel my Canva Pro subscription?

Of course. You can cancel your Canva Pro membership directly from your account settings, and you can even pause it for up to 3 months and then resume too. Keep in mind the system cancels the upcoming billing, and in the case of the annual subscription, you are only billed once a year.

For How Long Do I Get the Discounted Rate for Canva Pro?

Our Canva coupon gives you a 15% off your annual Canva Pro plan for the initial year. From the second year onwards, you'd be paying full price. It's worth noting the auto-renewal for the plan is selected by default. So if you don't want to be automatically charged for another yearly term, you must make sure to cancel your subscription at least one day before the current annual plan expires.

Can I Use Canva Pro as an individual?

Yes, of course. Individuals can use Canva Pro for both commercial and personal projects.

Can I Add Other People to my Canva Pro Account?

The standard Canva Pro account (which is the one included in our coupon) admits up to 5 team members at no added cost. You'll be able to invite up to 4 people besides yourself and collaborate on the same account. If you require more than 5 seats, you need to look into Canva for Teams, which has different prices.

Design and Save with our Canva Coupon Code

We hope our Canva coupon code helps you save money and enjoy the great service of Canva Pro to design visuals fast and easily!

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